What's With All The Werewolf Synchronicity?


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Summary: Dajan looks up Cordelia in hopes of finding a safe place to put Matthew when the moon goes full. The ensuing conversation is — rather confusing.

Date It Happened: February 4, 2002

What's With All The Werewolf Synchronicity?

The Hyperion

Evening. Cordelia's wrapping up at the Hyperion. Paperwork has been finished up, invoices sent, filing done, and the brunette is getting ready to go home. She stands from her desk, shutting off her monitor and picking up her purse.

Dajan straightarms the door open. "'Delia. There you are." Not that Dajan called ahead or anything. "Was hoping to catch you here. You don't have a hot date with Muscles I'd be keeping you from or anything, do ya?"

Cordy looks back at Dajan and tenses up just a little. "No…Groo's been missing a while." Which has her stressed, though she's sure he can take care of himself. Plus, there haven't been any visions relating.

"Wait. Muscles is missing, and Angel is back? What the hell, 'Delia?" She takes a moment to look sympathetic, and sighs. "I'm sure he's exploring or beating up on ROUSes or something. Or trying to find something else to slay to bring to you." She wrinkles her nose, apologetically. "Sorry. Didn't mean to come off all attitude at you like that. So — bad stuff aside, is everything else okay?"

Cordelia nods. "Mostly. It's been mostly same-old, same-old around here so far. I get blinding headaches, Angel goes and slices, dices, and makes julienne fries. How about you?"

"Angel." Dajan shakes her head. "I met him the other night." Her expression says the meeting did not go well. "Bit of a prick he is, but thanks to him, I also have a new puppy. His name is Matthew. I'm gonna need someplace to put him in two weeks or so, if you get my drift." A significant eye-meeting gaze.

Cordelia blinks. "He…sometimes he can be a little tense. He's not a people person. A pu—OH! Yeah. The basement. We can do that." she says, nodding towards the stairs.

"He's not even a person," Dajan remarks, drawing up her legs to hover-sit once she's out of view of the front doors. "But I guess I can forgive him. He was trying to find the Dingo-Ate-My-Baby guy. I lost him myself." She glances toward the stairs. "You have werewolf restraints in the basement?" Her tone is sort of surprised. As in surprised she is surprised to find this out.

Cordelia looks confused. "Oz? Why was Angel looking for Oz?" Oz supposedly has control of the—oh. "Oh. That's probably a good idea. Oz is the local expert on all things werewolfy."

"Oz is a werewolf expert?" Dajan asks. "Cool," she declares. "But no. He was looking for this dude with an 'Oi mate, Too right, the Energizer!' type accent. Who wants to actually eat. babies. Was trying to get Matthew to eat one. Matthew, thankfully, prefers burgers. Mostly."

"Yeah, he went off to Tibet to study werewolves. And he used to play in a band. Called Dingoes Ate My Baby. Which is really kind of creepy when you consider some of the stuff from our high schools. Do we have a name for Werewolf Dundee?"

"I don't know it. That's why I called him Dingos-Ate-My-Baby. He's an Aussie. I mean a genuine person from Australia." Which is also called 'Oz.' "Too many damn coincidences, 'Delia. What the hell is going on with all the werewolf synchronicity?!"

Cordelia laughs. "I don't know. I don't think there's any coincidences in life anymore. I was just gonna head home. Wanna come with me? We can talk it there and I have coffee."

"I could use coffee. I pissed off my boss bigtime bringing him back to her place, but…and this you gotta keep between us…she's gonna try to work a spell to find the Big Nasty." New nickname, so as not to cause people confusion about the Australian Bad Werewolf and Oz. "Based off the fact that Matthew was in contact with him for a bit."

Cordelia blinks. "Why keep it quiet? I mean…if she can track him down, then I can put Angel on the whole beaty-the-bad-guy thing." She heads doorwards towards her car.

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