Vivian Beauregard
Portrayed By Amy Adams
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Vi, Viv, Vivi
Place of Birth Fresno, CA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Doctor
Known Relatives Mother, Father, Brother
Significant Other Niet
Special Powers None!
First Appearance Nobody Expects the Hero Inquisition

Vivian is a doctor at the Good Samaritan Hospital. She does volunteer work at the East Hills Teen Center and sings songs for the children in the pediatric ward.

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Vivian grew up middle class in Fresno California. Her mother was a nurse, her father a pediatrician. It was a loving family, the typical suburban sheltered life. She and her younger brother argued a lot, but didn't hate each other. ow in She thought he was thoughtless and callous. He thought she was a prude and boring. Throughout high school and college, Viv spent most of her time studying. All her life she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her family and become a doctor.

By all accounts, Viv has lived a pretty sheltered and boring life. When she was in college, she didn't party too much or too little. She made friends easily and never really saw much in the way of people in desperate straights. She wasn't stupid, of course, she knew that it was a problem and that she should help when she could, but with college and her posh neighborhood, she never really came face to face with it.

That all changed when Vivian got her internship at Good Samaritan Hospital. After moving to LA, she saw poverty all around, people in need of medical care and just plain old help. Though her schedule was back-breaking, she still started to volunteer medical service help to the East Hills Teen Center to give teens routine check-ups and make sure they were healthy (or at least as healthy as they could get). As a resident, she would dress up with other colleagues and go to the pediatrics wing to entertain the children. She'd sing Disney songs dressed up like a princess and do a few magic tricks that she learned to put the kids of her patients at ease.

Vivian is just out of residency. With her hectic schedule and extensive volunteering regimen, she doesn't really have many friends outside of work. Though she still keeps in touch with a few people from college, her whole life is mostly about being a doctor and helping people.


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  • Vivian dresses up in costumes and sings Disney songs for the sick kids in the hospital. She can also do a few magic tricks.
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