The Silver And Gold
The Silver and Gold
Located In Chinatown
Type Club
IC Owner
IC Employees None IC yet

A popular club in Chinatown, The Silver and Gold is the place to go if you want to dance and drink all night long.


The Silver and Gold is a dance club nestled on an offstreet in Chinatown. Despite it's name, there is little in the space that is silver or gold. In fact, it's hard to see just what any of the fixtures are made of, the lighting is so dark. The ceiling has bright strobing lights of different colors that spotlight random people on the dance floor for quick bursts. Trendy, but uncomfortable tall stool-like metal chairs crowd around tiny high tables meant only to hold a round or two of drinks. This is not a place where sitting down is encouraged. The music rotates around whatever is trendy at the moment - European trance, electronica, loud pop music and there is rarely a quiet moment. When most evenings are winding down, Silver and Gold is just starting to get into gear, some partying until dawn.


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