The Research


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Summary: Angel finally lets Wesley know that he is officially back in down. He immediately gets down to business and asks him to do some research.

Date It Happened: February 2, 2002

The Research

Hyperion Hotel, Los Angeles

For the last three days or so, the Hyperion Hotel has seemed a little haunted. Well, it may always seem a little haunted but over the last few days it has been marginally more noticeable. The truth behind this is not a ghost or extra-dimensional creepy, but Angel. He's had to have somewhere to hide during the day but he's not been quite prepared to actually come out and tell everyone that he's there. The only real evidence has been some late night arrivals and departures as well as a steady decrease in the amount of blood stored in the fridge.

Except for now when, without checking to see who might be in the lobby, Angel pushes the front doors open and steps inside.

With a crack team of supernatural investigators, those little things add up and at lease one person at the hotel has an idea of just who might be home. This probably explains why Wesley is at the lobby desk. Albeit, asleep, face pressed down on the papers in front of him. His glasses are askew, and there's a little bit of snoring going on. The slightest change in the lobby is enough to have the man bolting upright. Snorting awake, bleary eyed and looking wildly around the room, that piece of paper is still stuck to his face.

Angel pauses once he's inside. Well, he's caught. He can't exactly run outside and pretend he isn't back in Los Angeles. He is quiet and even a little awkward for a moment, hands in the pockets of his coat. Finally, he points out the bit of paper stuck to Wes' face.

"You've got a thing … "

Wesley's eyes pop open and his hands fly up to straighten his glasses. ".. I knew that," he says, pulling the paper away from his face and dropping it onto the desk. His hair is sticking up every which way, so he was probably taking that impromptu nap longer than he meant to. Then of course, comes the inevitable and slightly delayed welcome home. Coming out from around the lobby desk, his smile seems filled with relief at the vampire's return. "I see you are finally letting us know that you've returned, rather than sneaking about," he says without accusation in his tone.

It was an accident.

Okay, so Angel doesn't say that but he is certainly thinking it. He wasn't entirely ready to talk things out but he's in that position now anyway. And he doesn't worry too much about being asked to talk about his feelings by the repressed Englishman - chances of that are rather slim.

"I figured you'd work it out before too long."

Wesley slips his hands into the pockets of his slacks, "You've a point about that, still, a hello would have been nice." There's just a slight bit of chastising there, but not by much. His expression and tone turn to one of concern, "How are you feeling? Are you still needing more time to yourself?" He won't pry too much deeper than that as he is worried about his friend, and how he's coping.

"I'm fine," Angel lies, but he's of the opinion that if he needs alone time he can just disappear into the night for several hours, "And we've got some work to do. I need you to do the research thing. Werewolves. Trying to eat kids. I, uh, brought a couple victims back but I think they were cursed by somebody else. Maybe another guy who was at the scene - walked with a cane. Abrasive."

Wesley can be fairly perceptive about things and he picks up on that all is not 'fine' with Angel. Yet, he doesn't press. If Angel needs to vent, Wes has a ready ear. He gestures back to the lobby counter, "I was reading into the situation with the werewolf.. or wolves. Hopefully there is just the one… victims?" He blinks once, twice, then adjusts his glasses, "We'll see that they are comfortable and looked after. What kind of cu.. oh bollocks. This chap didn't happen to give a name did he?"

"He probably does," Angel says with a shrug of his shoulders, "But I didn't catch it. Far as I know all he did was show up and offer some unfriendly advice about avoiding the cops. Hit a woman with his walking stick."

Wesley rakes a hand through his untidy hair and exhales audibly. ".. I think I might know who you are referring to. I know of a rather peculiar warlock with an ill temper. Limps, has a cane. Insufferable fellow, but a bit of a mad genius." So far, the vague way Angel is describing Seth? It suits the man to a 'T'.

"Right, so whats his name and where can I find him? If he's a warlock then I'm going to assume he's got something to do with that curse." Angel doesn't seem to feel like beating up on a disabled warlock would be misuse of his time.

"I'll speak with him. Find out what curse he used, and work on removing it myself. It would be a waste of time to try and beat it out of him, or persuade him to remove it." Wesley isn't exactly protecting anyone here, the energy is just better spent elsewhere. "It doesn't sound exactly like him to curse innocents, but at the same time, I can't put it past him."

"As far as I can tell," Angel begins, "This 'Jack' who was trying to kidnap the kid is a werewolf from out of town trying to muscle his way in on Griffith Park and generally promote the whole 'Lets eat people!' thing. Didn't look to me like the cursing type so I'm going to assume it had something to do with this Warlock. Although it didn't look like he's a particularly fond of pain."

Wesley frowns as Angel speaks. "Why would a vampire kidnap a child? Unless it goes with what you're saying about 'lets eat people', and they want to raise their own utopia." There's a slight pause before he adds, "Disgusting." He gives a shake of his head and continues, "It's a safe assumption about the cursing. I shall contact the Warlock first thing, harass him for answers. In the meantime, I'll proceed with research on our new 'friend', Jack." He hesitates a moment before clapping a hand to Angel's shoulder in a brief display of fraternal affection before removing it, "It's good to see you back, Angel."

Angel glances sidelong at the hand on his shoulder and actually doesn't shrug it off or get bothered by it. Hey, at least Wesley seems a little more trusting and friendly which is a step in the right direction. He nods his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah. While you're looking for anything about Jack … look for anything about someone who might be working with him. The name was Hanna. Might be another werewolf."

Wesley mentally files that name away with a nod as he returns to his abandoned papers behind the counter. He adds those names to his notes as a precaution against forgetting them later. Also, having them written down helps his thinking process better. "We'll get to the bottom of this." They always do. While gathering his papers to take with him into his office, he glances across at Angel, "There's a fresh supply of blood in the refridgerator, by the way."

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