The Fred Before Christmas


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Summary: Gunn takes Fred on a magic carpet ride… to the basement. He's on a mission to find out what in the sam hill is wrong with Fred.

Date It Happened: December 23, 2001

The Fred Before Christmas

Hyperion Hotel Basement

Going Down? The basement of the Hyperion Hotel is probably not what Fred had in mind, but Charles Gunn has decided that this is the safest place for the woman. She is, after all, losing her mind even more than normal, based on the most recent of events. Not that the trip down the stairs is an easy one, what with Fred trying to climb all over him and what not. He's hoping the bag of tacos in his hand will keep her attention off his sexy chocolate bod. He is dressed extra cute today, though. But then again, well, he's Gunn. Somehow he's capable of having a crazy expensive wardrobe while being a street post-teen. Huh.

Maybe crazy expensive, maybe not. While the normal Fred would follow that bag of tacos just about anywhere, this Fred is more following Gunn, still attempting to wrap her arms around him in any sort of way and get get close to him. "Oh, come on Charles, just one little kiss. You won't regret it, I promise you that. You're not having any fun. Put down that taco bag and lemme show you a real good time." Heading down the stairs may otherwise be precarious when not looking where one's going, but the woman doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it. Instead, she's quite graceful in avoiding any of those pitfalls.

"Damn straight I'm not. The Fred I want to have fun with musta' left the building. Let me know when she gets back and we'll talk about that kiss then." Yeah, Gunn can tell there's something very wrong with this Fred… mostly due to her sexual attraction. But also there's some of this graceful movements down the steps that's not adding up. She was kind of clumsy before. Hrm. At the bottom of the stairs, he spots the cage and immediately heads off in that direction, just knowing she's going to be following him.

There's a pout. "Oh, don't be such a sour puss. The Fred before couldn't even leave the building. This Fred is actually having fun with what she's got." There's a bit of a glance down. "What there is of it." Yes, that was a joke at herself for being flat chested. And, it's true, the woman just keeps following Gunn as he moves toward the cage, not really seeing where he's leading her. "Why don't we just skip the IOU and move right on to the you and me?"

"I like being in the building with The Fred Before." Gunn quips just as easy we he can, before he gets an idea. A lightbulb actually makes his shaved head brighten up a bit. Within the next moment, he's turning around to look at her and plastering on a smirk of his own. "… But The Fred After just may have a point or two." His grin has switched, mostly because he's suddenly become more interested in what she's talking about. The tacos are dropped as he slides into the open door of the cage and he motions for The Fred After to come on in closer. Personal Space invasion is okay. "Come to Big Daddy…" What.

What indeed. Maybe this should set off some alarms, the normally protesting man finally caving in to his baser urges. Fred is still a smart girl, and while she does start to move closer to Gunn, she's a little more cautious. "Now you're all excited? What's with the sudden change of opinion. You're the one dragging me to a basement. If you really wanted to make me comfortable or anything, you'd have taken me upstairs. There's some nice rooms up there." The tacos are ignored, because that's not really what the woman followed Gunn here for in the first place. "But I'm not about to disagree that my points are sound."

"We're not where Wesley can hear us now, are we?" Oh yes. Gunn is improving his ass off, but he's also lowered his voice and cast a glance up towards the stairs to make sure that Wesley isn't coming down to check on them or anything of that nature. At least, that's what it looks like he's checking to see. "I had to make sure to cover my bases. If anybody found out about us… I'd probably get fired. Fraternizing on the job and all that, y'know?" Sounds like a legitimate enough excuse, right?

There's a conspiratorial look toward the stairs and the door to the lobby. "I don't think so," the woman tells Gunn with a wicked sort of grin. "He's such a stick in the mud. I tried to show him a good time, but he wouldn't know one of those if it bit him in the—-us?" There's a raised eyebrow. "What about us." Now, the woman takes a decided step closer, smiling, moving again to put an arm around his waist. "I like the way you say that. The us thing. Makes it sound all us-like and together." Certainly sounded convincing to Fred, it seems.

Gunn lets himself be wrapped around by The Fred, since he's just trying to make sure she's in the cage. And already he's moving his feet at a pace that's not really noticeable because he's going to be talking as he turns himself in a circle to make it easier to get out of here when he has the moment to make his move. "Good. Because that's what I want. Us. Together. And…" His face scrunches up and he gets a wicked grin on his features. "… Chocolate Syrup." Eyebrow raising as he looks down at the Fred that's clinging to his body. "We need chocolate syrup for this. You strip, I'll get the toppings?" Wow.

"Chocolate syrup?" Maybe Fred has just been in Pylea too long, but the confusion written on her face is much too easy to see when Gunn makes that suggestion. However, after a moment, it clicks and she gets the reference. "Oh! I get it. Like a game. And like whipped cream. I like it. Sticky and clinging." Now that she has her arms around Gunn, though, she's not quite so willing to let go. Instead, she moves herself even closer, raising up onto her tiptoes just slightly so that she can bring her face right up near Gunn's, if he'll allow it. "But, who needs all that? It's already just us together. And why'd you want to miss the stripping? That's the fun part."

Gunn wasn't ready for this. And he's not going to be pulling away but he's got to get himself back on the other side of these damn bars. Hm. He doesn't think long because some of this is just coming from what he was already wanting to say. At least now, though, he can say it and then pretend like he didn't mean it after all this craziness is over. "Because, Fred, you look good right now…" And here's where another wicked grin forms onto his lips. "But I wanna' make you taste even better." He's willing to compromise on the stripping part.

Whether or not Fred will actually remember anything that Gunn says now later will be up for debate. But, she's certainly enjoying the compliments for what they are at the moment. "Oh, honey, but I taste good already. Why don't you just take one. Little. Taste." As she says this, she moves millimeters closer each time. That's all she really needs to do, since they're already close together. "And then, we can see about that chocolate syrup." The stripping can come sooner or later. Fred is open to debate on that.

Even Gunn is leaning in at this moment… but he can't. A finger of his comes up to stop their lips from touching. Mostly out of respect for Fred, but he plays it off with a reluctant shudder through his body that can't be faked. "If I kiss you now, I'll never stop." Gunn's eyes look like they want her, but they're also fighting with themselves for the moment. Or, rather, they're fighting with the rest of his body. Ahem. "Gimmie one minute, baby. Just one. And then I'm all yours…"

"Why stop?" Fred breathes, barely above a whisper. This is so close, she can feel it and she's very reluctant to let go now. "Who needs a minute? Be implusive, just stay in the moment, Charles." She can tell that he wants to continue, he's even leaning in! So all she has to do is amp it up a little. Trying to push herself a little against him, she just smiles. "Come on, just stay."

"Fred." Gunn sounds like he's fighting every fiber of his bodily needs right now. Which could be part of his trick or the truth. It's hard to figure this much out. Still, though, he's looking at her like he's never before. "If you want me, then give me this. I promise, it'll be well worth the short wait. I want you… but I want our first time together to be more than just bumpin' and grindin'. I want it to be… magical." God, somebody's been all up in the Hallmark Card section of the drug store!

"But that's all it is, Charles. Bumping and grinding. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's fun." Fred loosens her grip on him just a little, though, with a sigh. Whatever his willpower, it's quite something to fight back all of these magically enhanced advances from the woman. "If you're so convinced a second to wait is really what you need, take your second." She's pretty convinced that she's got him now, so waiting a few moments until she actually gets what she wants is a luxury she can afford.

Gunn has Willpower +20. It happens when you have to fight the urge to become a vampire to be with the sister you've spent your entire life protecting… and then dusting her ass. It's crazy. And now he's pulling himself out of Fred's grasp, if only to make sure his fingers are lingering on her arms and fingers as he backs away. "Besides. The more props we have, the more fun we have, right?" Looks like Charles isn't planning on One Round, here. Rowr. Oh look, his butt is close to the cage door exit.

As Gunn makes his way toward the cage door exit, Fred continues to follow him. It's not that she hasn't realized where she is, and she's not about to be left in this are all by herself with someone who's starting to pull away from her. She may not be herself, but she' snot stupid. "I can make it all fun without the props, sweetie." Starting feel like something's slipping away from her, she attempts to move herself closer to the vampire hunter. "Where're you goin', anyway?"

Gunn only needs a moment. Because he's black. And fast. And he may go to hell for this, but it's for her own good. And with a quick shove to push her back a bit, he's diving backwards out of the cage and reaching back to throw the cage door closed, leaning into it to try and make sure that this keeps some space between himself and The Fred After. "Bathroom?"

Though it's not exactly the last thing that Fred was expecting, getting shoved and then locked in a cage wasn't very high up on her list of what was going to happen in the next couple of seconds. "Hey!" Though she lunges for the cell door, it slams shut without any impediment from her. Now, though, she starts tugging and yanking on it. "What's the idea, here? Lemme out of this thing, Charles!"
Gunn is quick with this. What with the sliding of the lock into place and the securing it. "Can't do that, Fred. Not until I get Wes." Gunn's lingering for just a moment, considering if this is the wrong thing to be doing. "We gotta' figure out what's wrong with you. And fix it. I want my— I want Fred back." There's a helpless shrug as he pushes the key of the lock into his pocket.

There's a glowering, a useless tug on the steel bars as Fred realizes that it's going to do her no good getting out of there without some help. Or getting that key back. "Wes isn't about to be able to help you. He couldn't even keep himself away." She gives him a smirk. "This is the new Fred, Charles. And you'll just have to get used to liking her and getting me out of this cage. I promise, you'll like her even more than the old one if you just take a few moments alone with me."

"I'm sorry." Gunn looks apologetic as he turns and starts to jog up the stairs. He stops halfway up, looking back at the cage and the woman inside. "Nothin' ever beats the original. Except for Back To The Future 2." And that, of course, is a trufax. And Gunn is on his way to go find the white boy that can look up 'spells that turn cute wholesome women into whores.'

From behind the bars, the now-caged bird Fred frowns and grips onto one of the steel rods that is keeping her in place in the basement of the Hyperion. There's nothing she can really say about this, now, as she let the opportunity slip through her fingers. Annoyed just as much at that as getting locked into this box down here, she glances around, already trying to devise a way out of here. As soon as Gunn's gone, she'll start getting to some brainwork on how to do just that.

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