Textual Healing


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Summary: When I get that feelin'… I want… Textual Healing… Textual… o/~

Date It Happened: December 30, 2001

Textual Healing

Team Gunn Lair

Gunn texts: "Bld Blk Male seeking Buxom Vision Girl." Send.

Cordelia texts back: Buxom V-girl. W up?

Gunn texts: "Miss U. Want 2 C U."

There's a delay, but finally a reply: Where 2?

Gunn speedy text back: 'my place. C U soon. wear red.'

It's kind of quiet in Team Gunn's Lair at the moment. Most of the teens are off at the East Hills Teen Center for some shindig that Anne's throwing and the others are out and about in the streets, trying to gather food or preparing for patrolling. It could be any number of reasons. There's a couple of stragglers hanging around the lair, but Gunn is more focused on the cell phone in his hands than anything else. And he makes faces as he reads back through the texts he just sent and received. His body even shudders a little bit, while he's seated on the sofa, trying to look: cool.

Cordelia comes in. Sure enough, she's got a red dress on, a stretchy lycra-type number that hugs every curve she's got. Heels, 4" red and matching. Movement: Damn slinky. She comes inside, looking very much on the prowl, and smiles. "One vision girl, as requested."

Gunn looks… well… the same as always. And as Cordelia makes it into the main area of this delightful place of grunge, the black man finds himself hopping up off the sofa and fumbling, slightly, with the cell phone. "I can see that." And then he remembers that he's supposed to be pulling a Barry White and changes his tone, deepening it for the moment. "You look amazing." Unfortunately, Gunn doesn't really have much of a plan at this moment. Other than stall her until he can get her close enough for a little lockdown.

Cordelia takes a few steps closer, hips swiveling in slinky fashion. "Soo…I have to admit I'm surprised. What has me on your brain?" She's at least a little wary.

"Those." Gunn is quick on the uptake with this particular answer, pointing right towards the proximity of her chest and the curve huggingness of that dress. Those are a couple of good curves being hugged anyway. Ahem. "And the fact that I've got this whole big factory all to myself tonight…" Yeah, that's right. Pour it on, Gunn.

Cordelia smiles. It seems she likes that answer. "These?" She reaches up and hooks a finger into the neckline of the dress, tugging it down just a bit. Not enough that she's going to pop out or anything, but that's a NICE display. "Seems kind of open for that. But, that could be interesting too." Another couple steps closer.

Gunn just keeps moving backwards, though trying to be as teasing as possible as he makes these movements. His eyes very obviously wandering all over 'those' and anywhere else the slinky body that's slinking his way has decided to slink. Mmmm. "I've got a room. You've got a hotel. We don't have to stay here." Gunn is grinning at this moment, wondering if he's going to be able to pull this off.

Cordelia smiles. "Mmmm…here works." The Hyperion might have a Wesley. And Dennis has been…less than welcoming to DemonCordy. "What's the matter? Big Bad Gunn afraid of little ol' Vision Girl?"

Gunn finally backs up against the table nearest to the wall and something clinks. But it was probably just his belt. Or something. No other reason than that are his hands behind his back. Honest. "Maybe I'm just playin' a hard to get." And there's another smile, as he glances over near him and there's a solid pipe running down the wall and everything. Perfect. "Vision Girl can't handle a little cat and mouse?"

Cordelia smiles, but there's just a little suspicion in it now. "You don't seem the type to play hard to get. You seem like the type who goes after what you want. Or don't you want it?"

"Oh, I want it." comes the remarks from the Gunn as his own smile turns into something of a mischievous smirk since he's trying his hardest to make sure he looks like he's coming after what he wants. And there's his hands coming from behind him as he pushes off the wall and into steps that are fully headed towards the DemonCordy and such. His suspicions were correct. She does have the same Slut Disease that Fred has. "And I'm comin' to get it." He really needs to get himself some sort of new material, but an arm is reaching out to grab at hers so that he can pull her in close to his Token Black Body. Rowr.

The brunette smiles. She's willing to run with that so far. She moves to meet up with him, and she'll reach up in an attempt to hook her other arm around his neck, in preparation for a kiss.

Clink. But hopefully the close proximity of Gunn's lips are enough of a distraction that she won't notice the clinking sound until too late. For you see, Gunn has slipped a pair of handcuffs (recently acquired from aforementioned table) from his pocket and is attempting to latch one of those cuffs onto her and make with the locking up of one arm. That should be enough to make her stop wanting to kiss him… or, well, maybe she'll just find it kinky. If he's fast enough.

Sure enough, he's got the one wrist cuffed. But rather than make her want to stop, she just growls a bit, and uses a combination of going up on tiptoe and pulling with the arm hooking at his neck to get her lips to his and make with the kiss.

Tiptoes. Off-Balance. This is good. Gunn's mind is working pretty quickly as he pulls his head back and uses Black Strength to back up towards the wall and that pipe of doom. Which is definitely part of his plan. One hand pulling at her waist to make sure she tiptoes with, whilst the other is holding onto that free cuff and trying to get it locked onto that pipe.

She manages to touch her lips to his, and in that moment, there's a surge. Energy begins to flow from him to her, as he gets weaker and she gets stronger. But it's at a cost; her wrist gets locked to the pipe. Another growl, as she tries to keep the kiss going. If she can hold it long enough, she'll be strong enough to break out anyway.

This is bad. This is good. This is bad. This is good. This is… Gunn pushing on Cordy's um… well, they're RIGHT THERE… to see if he can't get himself free of her lips. Definitely with the pulling of his face away from hers to help add to the fact that he can feel the strength kind of doing that think where it's going away. That sucks. Black Power Push! Go!

OW! Push-up bras don't mean they're for doing push-ups ON! It manages to distract her enough that her grip slips, and in that moment, he can get loose. She yanks at her cuffed wrist. "Let me out of here!"

Oh like she needs anything pushed up! Anyway, Gunn is sliding himself out from between her and the wall and the pipe and stumbling to get away. Stumbling because his legs are a little weaker than they should be. "What the hell…" Shaking his head a bit and trying to get his composure back, "Thank god I don't believe in mistletoe."

Another angry slam of metal on metal as the cuff rattles. "I mean it, Gunn! Put the bondage fun times somewhere else and let me out of here!!"

"Not happenin'. After that kiss of death? You're lucky I'm not breakin' out the chains and master locks." Gunn is already heading for another room, where he can tell people to keep guard and not go near her at the same time. Something about anyone disobeying having to answer to him should make things clear. But as he leaves, "I'm gonna' get you some help, Cordelia! Just… chillax."

An angry shriek, and for good measure, she pulls off a heel and throws it at his head. It won't hurt even if it hits him. But it'll make her feel better.

Gunn is gone. Long gone. In the other troom. But then: "Ow! Hey!" Guess it hit home. Geez, the appreciation that he gets for doing all this crazy stuff for his friends. He really needs to get his own spinoff.

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