Team Gunn Lair
Team Gunn Lair
Located In The Badlands
Type Abandoned Building
IC Owner Gunn
IC Employees Ava, Nicolae, Fat Albert

Hidden within the empty streets of The Badlands of Los Angeles, this Unrequited Haven of Justice lurks in the shadows. There are those that know what lies behind the barred windows, while others continue to bypass the building without ever giving it a second thought. Which means its doing its job.

Behind Bars

From the outside, this building looks empty. However, upon inspection, it's quite heavily fortified and hard to break into. Those who know how to get in will find it decorated more for utility than comfort: concrete walls, large open spaces, entrances always guarded. The rooms immediately after entering give the look of most of the abandoned buildings in the area - decrepit and covered in colorful graffiti. That's because most of the operation happens underground in an almost maze-like hallway, with rooms for weapons and fighting practice as well as others for sleeping and eating. Though it's quite clear the space is used for business, the kitchen and rooms for sleeping also have touches of warmth - pictures of family, a quilted bedspread - to remind that this space is also home.

Back In The Day

This abandoned building used to be some sort of plant or factory, from the looks of things. Stone walls and everything, with access to the sewers and things of that nature. Located in the center of the Badlands, it became the prime breeding ground of teens and homeless, allowing them to band together against the invaders that threatened their lives and their neighborhood. Charles Gunn used his own two hands to help move this structure from the classic factory to something more that they can all call home.


With the lair being located in the heart of the bad part of the city, there has to be some sort of security that goes on. At any given time, there's always four members of Team Gunn, armed and patrolling the perimeter. That's the first line of defense from both vampires and crooked cops or other criminals that may want to exploit the members of Gunn's family. On the inside, the maze of corridors are littered with traps and false directives that will be quite the deadly hindrance to those trying to infiltrate the safe haven. Only members of Team Gunn know the ins and outs of this building.

Trivial Pursuit

  • Hidden within the depths of the factory's labyrinth style structure, there's a small shrine dedicated to those fallen in battle. Possessions are stockpiled here, along with their names being etched into the large wall to preserve their memory. RIP.

Ish Happens

Date Log Players Ish Happened
11/28/01 Slaying After Supper Gunn, Ava, and Nicolae Team Gunn leaves a message for the new vamps on the block.
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