Stupid Cat Tricks


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Summary: Ezekiel shows up with info for Hannah, and Junayd performs a stupid cat trick.

Date It Happened: February 15, 2002

Stupid Cat Tricks

The Moon Pie Cafe

Its funny, because Zeke doesnt even really have much affinity for pie. Logic tells us that thusly he should be able to sit down, and wait to find Hannah without eating pie but this is not the way of things. He does indeed scarf pie, because of course this is delicious pie and pie is one of the chief weaknesses of all ninja. Anyway, scarfing aside.

Zeke's parked up at the bar with a slice of coconut creame, glancing almost longingly outside to his Honda for a moment before returning to the distraction of pie and a nondescript glossy magazine. He was waiting for Hannah of course, because at least by his measure he owed her an apology and of course he had more questions to ask. Mainly questions about another wolf he'd met.

Hannah has been circulating through the cafe, saying hello to people, asking how they are, if the pie's alright. She seems to know almost everyone, and at last and finally, she gets to Zeke. "Hey, Foxy." she says with a grin. "And here I thought you weren't the pie type. You seem to be doing a good job with that coconut cream!"

The last time Junayd was here, he left in a big hurry and vowed to himself never to return. Ever. But things change, and in he walks with a wary glance cast about the place as though half-expecting to be pounced on at any moment. He's dressed in typical cargo pants and a black shirt with an overcoat over the ensemble, and he carries a bag of something in one hand.

Ezekiel smiles pleasantly at least, setting his fork down. "Hey, well yeah I have a weakness for coconuts you know. Its the secret ninja weakness.
"Shouldn't the ninja thing be a secret?" Hannah points out with a smile. And then Junayd's in the door, and she can't look anymore surprised. He's been told he's not welcome unless he intends to follow the rules, but so far he hasn't started mowing people down, and she gestures to a stool at the counter for him.

No attacks, no curled lips. Junayd is safe for now, it seems. Not that he actually feels in danger — just uncomfortable. Spotting Hannah and her gesture, he slowly makes his way over to the counter, but he doesn't sit down. "Hi," he says eloquently. "I brought you something." He drops the bag on the counter unceremoniously. It smells like chocolate. "Enjoy. I'll get off your turf now." Then he turns as though to leave again.

Ezekiel isnt quite sure what to make of June, but well he just keeps his mouth shut for now. About June that is"If you told a hundred people what I was, how many of them would believe you?"is his retort to Hannah as he pointedly ignores June. "I have some matters to chat with you, but I feel they'd best be discussed in private. Especially considering present company."Yeah ok pointedly ignoring no more.

Hannah inclines her head to EZ in acknowledgment, but for the moment seems curious about the bag. "You're welcome to stay and have a slice of pie." she informs Junayd, and takes the back, opening it up to peer inside.

Inside the bag are three chocolate truffles. Nothing horribly fancy, really, but fancy enough. Junayd does pause at the offer and glances around again. Is it a trap? Should he do a barrel roll? "What've you got?" he asks. He is, of course, completely ignoring Ezekiel.

EZ is a patient man, so he lets Hannah do her thing, as he quietly returns his attention to his favored reading material. He wasnt about to give June the satisfaction of letting him riled up in Hannah's backyard, especially when he actually had somewhat legitimate business to attend to rather than mere offerings of personal ninjery. So he waits, suddenly wishing he'd brought something of Matthew's to prove his suspicions to Hannah.

Word of mouth does quite a lot to put Samuel's curiosity to rest; it's how he actually ends up finding a lot of things, listening into something. If it wasn't for that quality, he would never have gotten to L.A. in the first place. Today it obviously finds him sauntering unexpectedly up to the Moon Pie Cafe. The door opens to admit him, the naga coming with whatever bells or ding-a-lings that the entrance makes in a diner. Samuel takes a moment to gather his wits now that he is inside, scanning the walls, that tacky moon hanging up on the wall, and the matching countertop. Hippy Chic isn't exactly his thing these days, but having lived with it for at least fifty years, he can't say anything bad. "Oh, how rustic." He only mutters it, but it's not with contempt. Only bemusement.

"You see that thing in front of you, shaped like a set of placards bound together? It's called a menu, June. That will tell you what we have." Hannah is deeply amused, and even goes so far as to give him a patpat on the shoulder. "Hello," she calls out to Samuel. "Seating for one?"

Double blink for effect, "Hello Samuel."Ezekiel doesnt give any outward indication of where the heck he knows Sam from, no he just offers a smile and a polite little nod to try and act as welcoming as possible. He'd explain later of course."Why dont you saddle up with me buddy?"The voice of course, wouldnt seem unfamilar.

"Oh, gee. How novel," remarks Junayd with a twinge of sarcasm and a faint smirk. He doesn't correct Hannah about the use of the nickname, nor does he flinch away from the pat. He just sits and picks up a menu. Still ignoring everyone, though Sam gets a brief glance and a raised eyebrow.

Buddy? Oh, that is sweet. "Yes- and… I know exactly where." Sam sends a curled smile in Hannah's direction as he makes his way over towards Ezekiel; on his way over, both eyes swivel to gaze at Junayd for a few seconds, the lids down in mid-thought. They zip back to the young kitsune soon, and the relaxed way that Samuel walks lands him fluidly in the seat beside him. The man seems to settle on the stool with a see-saw of his shoulders, some part of his brain still inhuman coiling up subconsciously. Of course, there is really nothing to coil.

Hannah lays down the utensils and plucks up a menu for Samuel to peruse, her nostrils flaring brief as she stands in front of the man. OHNOSITSASNAAAAKE. "I'm sure EZ can tell you what's good here." she says to the naga, and looks back to June, her expression mildly reproving. Manners matter!

Ezekiel nods gently "Anything made out of pie, is pretty great here. My name, is Ezekiel. I believe we met at the shrine?"He offered a hand, and yet more of that delicate smile. His free hand moving to scoop up his mighty tome and slide it aside, but hey who can knock a guy for national geographic atleast right?

As usual, Junayd seems interested in everything here — food-wise, that is. This this this this this, that, this, that. This. When he's decided on an order, he raises his head from the menu and glances toward Hannah — only to be met with a reproving look. His response is one of mild confusion. What? What'd he do? He slowly points to everything on the menu listed under "meat". "I want these."

As an afterthought, he adds, "… please."

"Thank you." Samuel extends a hand to accept the menu offered, eyes on Hannah and lips pursed in that continuously smug expression. A snake, yes. And you, you are something more furry. His head tilts towards Ezekiel, fingers carefully flicking open the cafe menu. "Mhmm." The naga's hand lifts up for the offered one. "I am lucky that I have good ears, or you might have been more of a stranger." Samuel raises his eyebrows to Zeke, hazel eyes darting towards Junayd when he adds a 'please', but back to the plastic pages soon after. "…I do not eat pie enough to have a favorite." He mutters to himself again, and it is uncertain if he meant for anyone to hear it.

Hannah looks faintly amused. "All of them?" she queries curiously. Blonde hair is pushed back from her shoulder and she swivels to regard Samuel. "Do you prefer sweet tastes, or savory?" she asks. "We've some excellent meat pies if the latter, and if you like sweet, the dark chocolate strawberry is popular."

Ezekiel nods softly"The coconut is excellent, but really you should seek to know them all in due time."He finishes up his own coconut meanwhile, addressing Hanah quietly for attention but she'd gotten busy again. Busy with the god damned cat, oi. "Thank goodness for sharpened ears, I figured you'd noticed my bike in both places. Its really an awful tell, but I cant justify buying another one."

"Right, all of them." He pauses, eyes the menu, then adds, "And one of those dark chocolate strawberry ones too, I guess." Junayd is hungry, and any leftovers will be buried (literally) in the back of the fridge when he gets home anyway. Food for a few days.

Samuel cannot remember the last time he had meat pie. "If I learned to recognize anyone by what they owned, then I would never learn to notice them. Belongings come and go, but generally voices do not." Not that he doesn't notice what they own- he's a sucker for a Ferrari and some Bling just like most of Los Angeles. After peering over the menu, Sam shuts it under his fingers. "I second the dark chocolate strawberry." Aw, listen, he says 'strawberry' in the British way. Straw-bree. Say it with me.

"Alright."she says to them both, and taps into their order computer with a few quick flips of her fingers. Junayd's going to have something like six slices coming to him of various pies, and Sam his single one. "Ezekiel," she calls out, "Did you invite your friend here? I'm surprised he hasn't been before, honestly."

Ezekiel inhales a touch "Not really, to be honest. I'll explain in private, that bit is a little more sensetive. I also want to talk to you about this kid I found, I think you really need to talk to him."he peers sidelong "I hope you dont think it rude I invite you to sit beside me and then I go and request a private audience with somone else."

He's not showing it, but Junayd is listening and in spite of himself, his interest is piqued. Though it's anyone's guess as to why. He could be wanting to kill said kid for all they know. For the most part, however, he just watches Hannah, probably not even realizing he's doing it.

Samuel searches a moment in the back pocket of his jeans, fingers wrapping over his wallet. In a dose of humor, it is black, faux-snakeskin. "Oh, I have a feeling that you will be back. A sensible man has seconds." Sam predicts there will be More Pie. "You were here first, Ezekiel, you cannot expect me to try and keep you." The naga's lips split in a light laugh.

"Why don't we step to the back booth for a moment?" Hannah suggests to EZ. "That way, the sooner you're back. Gentlemen," and it's clear for June that term is used loosely, "Your orders should be up shortly." With that, Hannah leads the way to the aforementioned back booth.

Ezekiel clears his throat before rising, offering Sam a curious little nudge before slipping quietly along. "So, anyway. You know the first night we met that rogue, and that younger one took off? I think I found him, and he's really pretty feral. I dont think he knows anything about the nutjob though, but then again I didnt really ask either."He waits until the booth is shut of course. "I havent found the rogue yet however, and apologise for my shameful failure in that reguard."Eyes downcast, shoulders slumped. Jesus Zeke really -was- taking it sorta harsh.

Hannah shakes her head. "The younger one was one of mine." she says. "But if you found a new arrival…why didn't you bring him to me? It's dangerous, with Spratt out there." A pause. "That's your rogue. Jack Spratt. He's a psychopath. We hope to trap him, come the full moon."

Junayd raises an eyebrow at the address, but he has nothing to retort, so he just watches until Hannah and Ezekiel have disappeared into the back booth. Then he interests himself by pulling out a pen and jotting something down on a napkin in Arabic. Scribblescribble.

Samuel busies himself with further examinations of his surroundings; the cafe tables, the walls plastered with hanging things, that big moon up there- and Junayd. Now for a third time, anyway. His forearms on the edge of the counter, Sam is obviously watching him- whether or not the other man cares is another matter entirely.

Ezekiel clears his throat "ehm, well he's very unsure. I dont think I could get him to come, but I think I could get him to come to the Inari shrine in China town. He'll trust holy ground, but he's very mixed up inside. He got some sort of curse thing going on I think, he smells very different from a regular wolf. Like he's too many people, anyway would you be amenable to that?"

"To coming to a shrine in Chinatown? I don't see why not." Hannah says affably. "This probably isn't the best time to discuss details, though - perhaps later?"

Scribblescribblescribble. Junayd can feel eyes on him, but he doesn't seem to care much, really. He finishes whatever it was he was writing, puts the pen away in one of his many pockets, and folds the napkin. "If you stare long enough, I might do a trick," he informs Samuel without looking up. Despite the phrase, he doesn't sound annoyed or confrontational. He's very neutral, actually.

Ezekiel nods, providing his card again with the typical snap of his fingers"My cell is on the back, and Sam there. He's good people, he was expressly considerate to Inari and so I believe that he's a good person. "as if She'd asked, no he just sort've volunteers that. See what giving tribute to inari gets you, thankful foxes thats what it gets you. "also, I shot the rogue. I shot him alot actually, but I dont think I used enough gun. I think you should post guards at the cages, or at least like a bear trap."Yes, bear traps in the park. You can see how much Zeke's thought that through.

"Delightful. I was hoping that was the case." Samuel isn't jarred much by that, smirking at the man down the counter as he speaks. Can Junayd roll over? Play dead? Fetch?

"Shooting us does little good unless it's silver." Hannah says to the fox demon pointedly, and then with a faint smile, heads back to the counter. "Junayd, are you upsetting my customers?" The two men's chocolate and strawberry pie slices are ready, each with a dollop of a whipped cream called 'schlag', known for its neutral taste and creaminess. Three of Junayd's meatpies are ready as well, and it all gets set in front of him.

Junayd smirks a bit at the response, amused, and tucks the napkin away in one of his pockets. Any retort he had, however, is cut off when Hannah returns, and the smirk disappears into a deadpan expression. "I was about to do a trick, but you spoiled it. So it's you who is upsetting your customers, not I." He smiles sweetly. And speaking of sweet, there's pie. But he goes for the meat ones first, eyes lighting up at the sight. Foooooooood.

Oh, look at this. If it tastes as good as it smells, this is going to be awesome. Sam mutters a thank you, glancing up at Junayd. "I was looking forward to that." He lets out a long, exaggerated sigh. "Maybe next time."

Of all the truths Ezekiel has discovered, he realizes immediately that one is infinitely more true than all the others. Stupid often hurts, cats rarely cared for gold coins and fish never came with excuses sure but really more true then all of those? Girls, are scary. Wolf girls, are thusly even more scary. Not that you can tell Zeke's scared, no he tends to operate with this sort've sudden detachment thats evolved into his favorite fear response. Anyway, he slips back out to the bar. Sipping absently at his soda for a moment, before offering Sam a smile"I said good things about you."Yes, see you dont even need to ask him questions.

"Oh, well. It all depends on the trick, doesn't it?" Hannah retorts sweetly. "Perhaps if you roll over, I'll rub your belly." She looks back to Sam. "Open mic nights are Wednesdays, if you really want to see Junayd do some stupid cat tricks."

That would almost be enough incentive for Junayd to roll over, just to see if she'd go through with it, but he'd much rather other things get rubbed. Besides, cats don't roll over for bellyrubs. It's beneath them. But he does smile wider and intone, "Let's see if you can do a trick and roll me over instead." Because as he recalls, he was the one who did that to her earlier.

Good things? You met him once before! Granted, it was a pretty good moment. Samuel by now is watching this all transpire from afar, only glancing at Ezekiel sidelong as if to ask if the two do this bantering(and Junayd's obvious flirting) a lot. And yeah, maybe he'll come by on Wednesdays for cat tricks.

Ezekiel just smiles "Dont mind him, he's an asshole."yes, biting his tongue right? "He'll kill you on sight for princepal, because he has this really fucked up superiority complex and a whole bunch of other issues most of which I think relate to his mother. "Smiles all the while"so anyway, you know any good libraries around here? I'm sorta knew, and all I can find are the public sort."

Hannah peers at Ezekiel. "It's not my sort of thing, I'm afraid. But Emeline over at Lin Sister Herbal might be able to make you a few reccomendations." At Junayd's sneering challenge, one brow lifts, and then, well…suddenly she leans forward across the counter, her face just an inch or two away from Junayd, wearing an expression that suggests she might want to devour him and he might like it. The majority of males in the room and a few of the females find themselves pausing to look at her longingly - and indeed, pretty much anyone present who's inclined toward women in the least little bit will feel the effect. "Junayd," she says, giving him her sole focus of attention, "Roll over for me."

Oh goddamn it. Poor Junayd is not even prepared for that. It's like getting hit with a mack truck. A sexy mack truck. A mack truck with nibbleable breasts and kissable lips and legs that could juice lemons with a squeeze of the thighs. Junayd drops the fork in his hand with a clatter and grips the countertop tightly when he realizes what's going on, but he just … can't bring himself to fight it. The nearness doesn't help either. He wants to lunge forward, close the distance, and go in for a passionate kiss — but she wants him to roll over. It takes a few moments of internal struggle before the Israeli finally moves forward — not for a kiss, but to hop over the counter and roll onto his back. Damned if he doesn't care, either. In fact, he's purring. Oh dear god.

"No sir." Samuel doubles on the Don't-Know-Libraries, lifting a piece of pie to his mouth just as Hannah decides to permeate the room with- well, whatever that is. The naga looks at her with intent, honey-colored eyes, his lips still around the fork and his teeth inside actually biting onto it. There's a shudder under his skin, then Junayd… listens to her and clambers up to the counter. Samuel lets out a tiny hiss of air that quickly turns into a short, low-volume laugh, but he still finds himself watching this.

Ezekiel just winces, and winces -hard-. "See, this is why wolves are creepy. I just cut people and look cute."he cant watch, its terrible and horrible and so very wrong. Girls were scary and wrong, and generally you know unnatural and stuff. "I think I need to find a gay bar."

And it's like the girl with all the candy just snatched it away. Whatever she did, it turns off, causing some folks to blink, a few to shake their heads, though some are staring at Junayd. For her part, Hannah sighs, indulging in a rare bit of selfish pleasure, and proceeds to rub his belly. "Good kitty." she says, amused. "Your chocolate and strawberry pie is on the house." she tells him. After all, every pet deserves a treat after a trick. She flashes a smile at Ezekiel. "Don't worry." she says. "I use my powers for good."

The purring increases at the bellyrub. It's an odd sound coming from a full-grown man: a throaty, breathy rattling sort of noise. It soon dies off, however, when the fun haziness goes away and he comes back to Planet Earth. His hand shoots out to grab Hannah's wrist, but any further action he had planned stops immediately and he hesitates, then releases again and rolls onto his belly. He'll just … stay here for a little while. And breathe. "Funny," he grunts, only he doesn't sound all that amused. Not exactly annoyed either. It's a strange tone.

Samuel pries his eyes from Hannah and Junayd long enough to change tracks, and just in time. He had turned his head to look at Zeke, but when that fog from Hannah leaves, the demon blinks as if to clear himself of it. Oh yeah- there was this. "Now, I cannot tell you much about libraries-" Samuel bounces the tip of the fork in the air, his hand practically flicking. "-but those, on the other hand."

Ezekiel smiles thinly, producing a few bills from his jacket pocket. "Indeed, I'm going to go get a drink and watch handsome men strip. Call me sometime alright, we'll go looking for a library."he pauses, pulling his shemagh from a jacket pocket to loosely loop it round his neck. "I may need you, I have a task of great importance you might be able to help me with."

Hannah gently eases her wrist from Junayd's hand, rising and ignoring him - not in the dismissive sense, but the sort of ignoring you do when a cat has done something spectacularly embarrassing and they want to pretend it never happened. "Are you a scholar?" she inquires to Samuel politely. "As I said, I'm surprised you haven't been here, sooner. It's something of a haven for our kind. At least I hope it to be." There's a pause. "There's been some problems of late." She smiles over at EZ. "Enjoy your night, Ezekiel." she calls after him.

It takes Junayd a few moments to recover and then get onto his feet. Once he's upright, he brushes off his shoulders and then bounds back over the counter again. "And that is how females cheat," he informs Samuel matter-of-factly. He could be ignoring Hannah now too, in the same manner a cat ignores something that has caused him embarrassment and he wants to pretend it never happened.

Samuel picks up another piece of his pie (which is delicious, by the way), putting it to his mouth as the kitsune appears to be getting ready to depart. He only nods in response, personal amusement glittering in his eyes. "Not in the most technical sense." He turns a smile to Hannah. "But when one gets so far in life, there is sometimes not much left to do." He's going to hopefully live for hundreds of more years. He'll hit 1k if he is lucky enough. Study helps his boredom. "Oh, yes dear, I know how much they cheat." Sam nods in understanding, but the upward brow and tone of his voice betray him as handling this response to Junayd as he might with a kid.

Hannah lets out a little laugh, and offers her hand to shake to Samuel. "Hannah Cooper." she says. "And you are…not from around here."

Junayd just lets out a quiet snort and settles in to silently eat his pie and try not to stare at Hannah again. It's a lot harder than one would expect and he pretty much fails at it after a little while. At least it's not oggling.

Samuel holds out his hand to hers after switching the fork over to the other. "You would be… quite correct. My name is Samuel. Jai." Just in case she missed all the other times it was said. But, at least he adds his last name to this one. "And this pie is delicious."

Hannah beams. "Thank you. Old family recipe. Well, most of them are. Do know that you're welcome here, Samuel." The statement has a slightly formal edge to it. "But if you'll excuse me, I've got to tend to one of my people. I hope you'll come by again, though?" The smile she gives him is warm, and meant to be attractive, but lacking in the sort of feral power that caused Junayd to roll onto his back. At the moment she's just a pretty California girl. Woman. Whatever.

Junayd continues to remain silent and eat. Nomnomnom. He's still listening, but his focus is food.

And he's just another foreigner with an accent and a charming little smile. "Thank you. I certainly will." Samuel even makes a point by ticking his fork once. First stop here, and already he seems to be acclimating to the place.

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