Snape And Hermione Redux


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Summary: Ava and Seth bicker in a fashion not unlike that of another pair of famous magic users.

Date It Happened: December 9, 2001

Snape And Hermione Redux


The little shop known simply as "Gregoire's" sits in one of those fun little side-streets that riddle L.A., and is usually difficult to find unless one knows exactly what is being looked for. It's a cramped space, just a hole in the wall that's been stuffed full of mystical odds and ends that most modern-day magicians wouldn't dare touch, and amongst the musty shelves stands Seth Ward, his cane hooked over his right forearm while he holds an old-looking book with disturbing illustrations on its cover up to his face for inspection, following the lines of text with the aid of a piece of carved bone. Gregoire, the shop's owner, is situated behind the counter and doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything other than the inked human skull sitting on the counter itself.

Ava slips into the shop, perhaps a bit young for the place, but looking perhaps surprisingly unruffled by its contents. She spends a bit of time meandering the aisles, but eventually she makes her way to the counter and waits patiently for the attention of the owner. "I need a drachm of Y'Elestral river water." she says, apropos of nothing. "Do you have any in stock?"

Seth has a memory for voices, and the sound of Ava's brings his nose out of the book. He looks for the source and spots her just as Gregoire manages to tear his eyes away from the skull for all of two seconds. "Maybe. Check the shelves under 'liquids'." And that seems to be it, as far as his attention span goes. As for the other warlock in the otherwise deserted place - well. He's a more obsessive personality. "More gypsies! A great day for your people when you can afford stuff that classy."

Ava might be a gypsy, but the look she gives Seth despite being petite is rather reminiscient of a queen considering a groveling peasant. Then she slinks her way to the liquids shelf, and begins inspecting the contents. Not a word is said to the man.

Let the silence be not a deterrent. Seth sets the bone piece down on its appropriate shelf and starts limping his way along after Ava, apparently intent on his mission to annoy. "Nothing to say, honey? I thought there was something up with you that went beyond just tarot cards."

Ava favors Seth with a smile. "Aren't you late for your Potions lesson planning at Hogwarts?" she purrs before resuming her attention on the shelf. Seeing something she wants, she takes it off the shelf, weighing it obviously in her palm.

It takes a moment for Ava's question to trigger the appropriate pop-culture memories repressed in Seth's mind, but trigger they do. "Can't say I hold much with that sort of nonsense. I'm not such a fan of cheap fortune-telling gypsies either, unless they have something else to offer. Such as actual talent." He edges a little bit closer to the woman, sliding his free palm across the leather cover of the book in his hand.

Ava gives a one-shouldered shrug. Apparently she doesn't care if she impresses him or not. She already got his money, after all. Another vial of liquid is found, and she takes that too.

"Nothing to say? Cat got your tongue?" The faintest wisps of malice tinge these latest words from the warlock, and something charges the air - just a tiny bit. It's probably not even noticeable to someone unfamiliar with magic. To those who meet it day to day and wield its power for themselves, however, that's another story. Seth just smiles through it all.

Ava stops in her steps, head whipping around to stare briefly at Seth. Then, in lofty tones, "I don't have much to say to gajo perverts who can't even keep their woman because they're about as emotionally open as pond scum."

Seth's influence on the surrounding atmosphere abruptly dissipates, ruining whatever vague magical compulsion he may have been building when Ava turns his way. "It's not fair to judge without knowing," he says, a chuckle in his tone. "Most men wouldn't appreciate it. You should probably mind what you say and how you say it lest you annoy the wrong people."

"That's good advice." says the young woman. "You should follow it." Her hackles are up, but she deliberately turns her back on him and heads to the counter, placing the vials there.

Seth grins at Ava's back, shaking his head. "Half-pint gypsies don't really scare me, but they do give me cause for interest. Have a good day, won't you?" He tosses the book he was looking at onto the nearest empty shelf space, nods at the shop owner (who doesn't care) and then turns towards the door, removing his cane from his arm so he can use it as it was meant to be used.

Ava pays for her vials, sees them wrapped in tissue, and takes a breath. Tonight, she's going to add some additional mojo to the apartment wards. And maybe juice up her own a bit more.

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