Simone Muldoon
Simone Muldoon
Portrayed By Sophia Myles
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Date of Birth July 28, 1771
Age 230
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Many
Place of Birth Pondicherry, India
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation ???
Known Relatives James Muldoon, Hyacinthe Muldoon (parents, deceased)
Significant Other Julian Tiggs (former), others (deceased)
Special Powers None
First Appearance You've Got Red On You

A haughty, violent vampire born in colonial India, Simone revels in chaos and bloody destruction. Over the centuries, her travels have taken her through Europe and America to Los Angeles, where she is currently hunting for more of the same.




As a vampire, Simone is subject to the standard strengths and vulnerabilities of that species, though her advanced age gives her physical power and resistances superior to that of younger vampires. She has no heartbeat, generates no body heat at rest, casts no reflection, cannot have her thoughts read, has a 'vampire face' she can switch back and forth to at will, and requires mammalian blood (preferably human) to stay functioning. Other physiological adjustments include strength great enough to hurl bodies across a room and mangle metal, enhanced reflexes, agility, and endurance. The two senses of hearing and smell are also sharpened far beyond the level of a human, as she is able to distinguish between a vampire and human by scent alone and is sensitive to even very faint traces of blood. Additionally, as a nocturnal predator, Simone is gifted with night vision.

With regards to injuries, Simone will regenerate any and all wounds as long as they do not involve the complete loss of a limb. However, the healing takes time in proportion to the severity of the wound; very serious injuries, such as a spinal break, can leave her weakened for months. Direct sunlight, decapitation, and wooden pointy objects through the heart are lethal to her. Fire will consume her upon contact, though once again thanks to her age, the immolation process would take longer for her than it would on a younger vampire. Like her unholy brethren, she experiences smoking flesh and pain when exposed to crosses and holy items, though she seems to have developed some degree of mental tolerance to the former over the centuries.


December, 2001
21st: You've Got Red On You - Pity about that poor dead girl in Alice's Teacup. Though nobody really seems to care except Julian. Go figure.
24th: You're Sick - Daisy is very nearly eaten outside a church, though at the last minute, Simone is deflected by disgust. Jeebus, Jules.
January, 2002
12th: Flame Wars - Simone pays a visit to Seth's home to ask a favor, and they get along wonderfully. That is, Simone's hair ends up on fire, and Seth is smacked around.


Julian_icon.gif This guy is living proof that old flames and old habits die hard, even after seventy years. Unfortunately, that's the problem; as far as Simone is concerned, his little undemon-like habits need fixing, and fixing soon. Why? …Because she cares about him. Duh.


  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • British Gentlewoman - Speaks with a fairly noticeable upper-class British accent, though she can get rid of it in favor of an American one if she's thinking about it.
  • Languages - Thanks to so many years and places of living, Simone has picked up a few of these. From most fluent to least, these include French, Hindi, German, and Dutch. She is also quite familiar with one or two of the demonic tongues.
  • What's In A Name - Simone's father James was close to her when he was alive hundreds of years ago, which is part of the reason why she hasn't chosen to ditch her given name in favor of a cooler vampiric nickname like "Spike" or "Angelus". Not to say she doesn't have plenty of aliases, however.
  • Keep That Soul Shiz Away - Being a vampire is something Simone enjoys. Very much. It empowers her both physically and psychologically, and she has no idea why any vampire would want their soul back. Being a full-blooded human again would stink even worse.
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