Seth Ward
Seth Ward
Portrayed By Mike Schendel
Gender Male
Species Human Warlock
Date of Birth January 19
Age 39
Aliases Ward
Place of Birth Salem, MA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Warlock-For-Hire
Known Relatives Patrick Ward (father), Emma Simmons (mother)
Significant Other Mildred Blackwell
Special Powers HE'S MAGIC
First Appearance N/A

A tall, lean man approaching middle age who walks with a limp due to an injury sustained by his left leg. Seth – who is often known simply by his last name, Ward – is a warlock who specializes in making the lives of others miserable for a hefty fee, and is generally Not a Nice Man. He is currently living with his ex-wife. It's complicated, okay?




Strengths and Weaknesses

Skills and Equipment



Angel_icon.gif Despite being a fascinating piece of walking history that Seth is absolutely dying to talk to (as far the vampire's time as Angelus goes), Angel is Not To Be Messed With. Well. As much as Seth can avoid messing with anyone. The warlock has a healthy respect for Captain Forehead and has only had the misfortune of meeting with him once thus far.
Ava_icon.gif WOOP WOOP WOOP, ALERT. This gypsy's got actual magic and Seth is also not at all happy with the way she's treated him, which makes him want to, uh. Curse her and her entire family. He's been pondering the pros and cons of doing just that and is in fact very likely to go ahead with his plans in the near future.
Emeline_icon.gif The Plant Hag. This woman keeps trying to insist that Princess is her cat, which is utter bullshit. She seems to have some magical ability and could be trouble.
Francis_icon.gif This is Crazy Fire Man. Seth does not like him.
Simone_icon.gif Holy Moses monkey mullets, Simone is scary. Though he has only run into her once thus far Seth has developed an acute sense of fear as far as this obviously inhuman woman is concerned. To begin with, people aren't supposed to be that flammable. Or that strong. All signs point to vampire, and she's been asking about soul removal. Seth sent her along to Wolfram & Hart.

Log Timeline

RP Hooks

  • [Customer] Maybe you've got a grudge, or maybe someone you know has a grudge. Whatever the case may be, your search for vengeance may have led you to Seth's door.
  • [Knowledge Seeker] Need to know some trivial but absurdly important detail of some magical text? Can't find details on a particular breed of demon? Want to know what your Ancient Scary Dagger of Stabby Horrible Doom says on it in ancient gobbledygook that no human in their right mind should be able to read? Look no further. Seth is the geek patrol for the underworld, and his name gets dropped on the subject of occult knowledge quite a bit. He is sometimes used as a information source by Wolfram & Hart when they are particularly desperate.
  • [Magical Community] Seth is very active in L.A.'s magical community. He circulates himself through various covens (usually by bothering them or interrupting them) and is a frequent visitor of haunts that cater to the magically-talented and not-quite-human.
  • [Massachusetts] If you've lived in Massachusetts or have connections there, you may have heard about Seth's fantastic youthful escapades. You may have even suffered through it, or were told of it secondhand if you're one of those Seekers Of Justice. Chances are, whatever the case may be, that you're not happy with him. Or maybe you want him to do it again. He'd probably prefer the latter.
  • [Mutual Aid] Seth is interested in collecting a group of practical-minded and morally-grey (or morally-black, whichever) magic users to create a support network in L.A.. It's a big bad world out there, after all, and sometimes a helping hand is necessary to staying alive. The members of this group may not get along or like each other – there may even be some hated rivals scattered around – but when things get down to the wire, no warlock or witch likes to see another's power bound. It might end up happening to them, too. There are a few rules when it comes to this organization: no amateurs, and no backstabbing other members in a crisis. That's pretty much it, though.
  • [Victim] Is someone you know cursed? Are you cursed? Is your brother cursed? Is your entire family cursed? Seth may be to blame. His father also might be responsible for your pain, and the only reliable way to get to Patrick Ward is through his son.


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