Sasha Chaikovskaya
Sasha Chaikovskaya
Played By Ewa Sonnet
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate March 8th, 1988
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases None (currently)
Birthplace Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Stripper
Relatives Father
3 siblings
Boyfriend None, sadly.
First Appearance

Stripper with a Heart Of Gold(TM), innocent girl in a demon world, and token exotic human in a club full of demon dancers, Sasha is really in so far over her head that you'd need a submarine to reach her. But, when you're sinking, all you can try to do is swim. And sometimes, if you don't know you're sinking? That's enough.


Sasha Chaikovskaya was born in what would become Kyrgyzstan, one of the post-Soviet Baltic States. She missed the timing to be born outside the U.S.S.R; she was born on September 7, 1988, when the country wouldn't declare its independance for another 3 years. Her family lived in Bishkek, and the early years of her life were fairly chaotic…all the strife and struggle one would imagine in a newly independent country. That was too early for her to remember, thankfully, and by the time she was ready to go off to school, things had settled into a fairly quiet, ordinary life.

Her parents both worked the factories there, working alternating shifts; one morning, one evening, so there was always someone with the children. Her childhood wasn't a terribly pleasant one; the hard work and long hours, combined with the stresses of raising four children made her parents very short. On top of it, money was tight and luxuries at a minimum.

Sasha was a small child…never tall, and not particularly strong. And as such, clearly was not going to have much of a future working the factories. She paid attention at school when she was young, but more than once, her teachers were chastizing her for daydreaming in class. She was a dreamer, wanting to be a princess, wanting to be someone famous, someone important. Her childhood games were ones of that sort…make-believe, fantasy sorts of things.

Things got more and more strained between her parents, and they decided, almost in desperation, that even with money tight, they had to take some time away. If they didn't, the family was going to disintegrate and they knew it. Both saved money, cutting corners here and there, for almost two years, to manage to take the family on a vacation. Sasha was thrilled…the resort, a tourist town, was like something from a fairy tale…NO FACTORIES!! And with the four children to watch, and Sasha's tendency to daydream…well, it wasn't entirely unsurprising that she wandered off.

Fate and genetics had been kind to Sasha; while she wasn't tall or strong, she was quite attractive and shapely. And the sight of her in a swimsuit was enough to catch the eye of someone on the beach. He wanted to hire her to be a model, he said. As should surprise no one at all, the modeling pictures he wanted to take weren't exactly family-friendly…but they did pay well. The money from a single modeling stint was almost as much as her father made in a month. And it whetted her taste for better things.

For two years, she continued her modeling, and what started off as a simple way to make some money rapidly expanded into her becoming one of the top men's models in that part of the world. She always avoided dipping her toe too far into the seedy side of the waters, and kept things strictly to pictures. And pictures of her alone. But after two years, her looks had attracted the attention of some of the American magazines, who wanted to fly her over for a photoshoot.

America! Land of opportunity, of material wealth and more. Sasha knew what her plan would be. She went over and did the photoshoot…but when the time came to fly back, she sort of…intentionally missed the flight back. Unfortunately, it didn't take too long for her to realize the flaw in this plan…with no legal paperwork, it was going to be hard to have any kind of a legal existence.

Still, she had money. And she had her looks. And there were always people willing to pay to see a pretty girl. She found she could make plenty of money as a stripper, and it really wasn't very different from the modeling shoots she'd already been doing. And she also found that her looks were good enough that even without legal paperwork, she was able to start working her way up the foodchain, to better clubs.

That was where she was when Carlton spotted her, and made her an offer she couldn't refuse. The clientele was going to be unusual. But just as human men have a taste for the exotic…so do demons, sometimes. Which means there's more than a few that are into human women. A pretty human girl, without a legal leg to stand on, and with a taste for money, more than willing to do the job? Match made in L.A., as it goes.

She's been working for him ever since. She's just a human; completely off-the-shelf. No powers, no magic, and no plastic surgery. But you'd be amazed what people will say to a pretty girl. She's found that a great many people will tell her a great many things…and she's only just now starting to make the connection that THAT could be a source of money all its own.


Sasha is a nice girl, to be honest. She's friendly, she's open, and she's not at all mean-spirited. She's still a dreamer and still wants all the bright lights, the shiny, pretty expensive things. She recognizes that she's in an "adult" business, and yet her approach to it is surprisingly matter-of-fact; she's pretty, people will pay her for being pretty, and she can use that money to get herself the things she wants. If she were a little more world-weary, it might be called cynical, but honestly, she has little to be cynical about; as far as she's concerned, she's living the life she wants! All the jewelry, pretty clothes, and fancy things she wants, just for showing herself off.

Sure, she gets propositioned for more, but she just chalks that up to men being men; she's declined those offers ever from the start and been adamant on that line, so it's just become an annoyance…and honestly, a pretty small one compared to all the good things. The new job, with all the weird monsters, demons, and other patrons…THAT would be sort of offputting…if it weren't for the exceptionally good money she's making doing what she's doing. She can overlook some scales and horns when she can walk home with several thousand dollars cash at the end of a night. A SLOW night.

In the end, she's an odd combination of innocence and greed. It's a combination that usually leads someone to a bad end in L.A., and it still might here…but the fact that she keeps falling in with people who can look out for her helps offset it. Sometimes, people just lead a charmed existence. Even in the City of Angels.


January 2002





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