Samuel Jai
Samuel Jai
Portrayed By Hrithik Roshan
Gender Male
Species Naga Demon
Date of Birth August 30th, 1895
Age 106
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Sam, Sammy
Place of Birth India
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation N/A
Known Relatives Dispwned
Significant Other When you live this long, who needs monogamy?
Special Powers Tri-form(human, Naga, serpent), Snake speech/senses, Magic Resistance
First Appearance Fresh Meat

A foreign Naga demon, Samuel is a relatively new immigrant to Los Angeles; he is rather neutrally aligned by default and does what he sees as benevolent, but in that there is also malevolence in the eyes of some. Not all of his decisions and actions are universally good, but he will see them as such. Sam is a quite vain creature, but wise and curious at the same time; born and raised into tradition, he can also be very spiritual.




At a little over 6' tall and around 180 pounds, he has a top-heavy, muscular build. He appears to be of west Indian descent, with smoothly tanned skin, and classically handsome facial features; a straight nose and profile, thinner, somewhat sculpted lips, a blazingly white smile, a masculine jaw, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped eyes of a honey-tinted green. His jaw tends to be covered in carefully kept stubble, matching in color to his dark brown, wavy hair that falls around his neck; he does style it, and sometimes highlights it. In terms of airs, he prefers to be well-dressed, vain, and clean in his appearances; generally, his clothing and anything else that he wears appears to be expensive, tailored, and fitted, no matter what it may actually be.

In his serpent form, he is around 6' long and can weigh up to 50 pounds. He retains the same Cinnamon Pastel markings as he does in his true form, save that the whole of him is reptile rather than most. The color of his eyes also remains present. He looks to be like any other snake, save more hefty and dense, and with a more human personality than most others that might be similar species; in terms of that, he looks almost like some manner of undefined constrictor species to any snake experts or those with good eyes, which in itself is odd.

In his true form, he is a little over 21' long, from head to tail, and at most 2000 pounds. Those handsome features can still be called handsome in certain aspects, but now they are snake-like and streamlined, and his skull now somewhat elongated and jaw lengthened. His nostrils and nose are flattened and form an almost perfect curve with the top of his skull; the lips retain that sculpted look, but the actual mouth is now longer and capable of an extremely larger bite. His eyes are the same brilliant honey-green color, but now with the slitted pupil and no actual eyelids. There are no ears behind a set of angular, jutting cheekbones, but from the top of his head and behind hidden eardrums he has kept the mammalian feature of hair. In this form, his hair is the same dark brown, almost black, yet it is now coiled into tapered dreadlocks down past the end of his humanoid back; they are often decorated in various ways. In certain lights, these coils also give the illusion of having been patterned much akin to his actual scales. And those scales are many, and cover his entire body, from the tips of clawed hands to the very last inch of the tail; below the waist, the demon's body changes from humanoid into serpentine, and the girth and weight of this half is rather monstrous for any type of constricting snake. As per color and pattern, he is much like a Cinnamon Python morph.

Social Circle

Friends & Associates

  • Edgar: Edgar Montero is the lawyer with Wolfram and Hart that both officiated Samuel's immigration and is currently assisting him in his everyday legal shenanigans. Not that he has had anything larger than citizenship and papers to handle. Samuel finds him polite and easygoing even outside of the firm. Edgar did not seem too disturbed by the results of a Kissing Curse either, which holds a remote curiosity in itself. It's not surprising that Sam is one of a few names being tossed when it comes to Montero and his Demon Fetish.
  • Ezekiel: Samuel first met Zeke on a visit to the hidden Inari shrine, to relocate one of his many old possessions to a place where it might have a better life. The offer of a bronze fox with bejeweled eyes led him to meet Ezekiel, the young demon taking care of the shrine. They spoke together about the ghostly young woman residing there, and the kitsune left the naga his calling card. They met a second time at the Moon Pie Cafe; Samuel likes the young man so far.


  • Naga rarely appear outside of their home countries or exclusively in human cities; in this, Sam is unique. Anyone having done any reading on them would know this; researchers and scholars might as well ask for a field day.
  • Samuel has pyrophobia and selaphobia; fear of fire and fear of flashes respectively, and has a growing uneasiness with noises associated with such. Fireworks are hell, as is lightning. It extends so far as to include camera flashes, which do alarm him more than they may a normal person.
  • His scale patterns and colors are based on the Cinnamon Pastel Ball Python.
  • Drives a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja, in Electric Blue. Vroom vroom!
  • He has a slight learning disability according to the tribe from where he came, not to mention they found him socially inept and probably not discerning enough with his privacy; according to human standards he is quite normal socially, yet he does take somewhat longer in being educated. Despite his problems, he does like learning.
  • Samuel does speak with an accent; it sounds much like one from Western India, though with certain influences of British speech.
  • Client of Wolfram and Hart through their immigration and foreign divisions; if he knows of their less nicer influences and actions, he does not pay them obvious mind. Edgar Montero acts as his attorney and legal adviser.
  • Sam knows a literal list of languages; the snake language comes naturally, and he has learned the official 22 languages of India, and some other common languages of his particular region. He has a good grasp of Latin, in respect to it having been taught to the Western world for so long.
  • From an early age Samuel was steeped in clan tradition; whether through religion, the arts, survival, or war, the ways in which he was taught and the areas of which are commonly seen as archaic, but universally useful in some cases.
          • While he knows both ends of a gun, Samuel's nature finds him favoring less modern weapons and mixed martial arts/acrobatics. Samuel knows how to use a blade or a staff, but he is most proficient with ranged weapons and has rather excellent aim.
  • OOC Note: While Hrithik has his fused thumbs, Samuel does not.

Fergie - Glamorous
Scissor Sisters - Lights
Heidi Mollenhauer - God Help the Outcasts
Abney Park - All The Myths Are True
Judy Kuhn - Just Around the Riverbend
Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun
Michael Jackson - Thriller
E.S. Posthumus - Harappa
A. R. Rahman ft. M.I.A. - O Saya
A. R. Rahman - Jai Ho
Thriving Ivory - Angels on the Moon
The Jungle Book - Trust In Me

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