Promised Treats


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Summary: Angel, still lurking mostly-undetected about the Hotel, encounters Lilith who comes bearing cookies.

Date It Happened: 1 February, 2002

Promised Treats

Hyperion Hotel, Los Angeles

It has been a little while since everybody split from the scene in Los Feliz and Angel is back at the Hotel, blinded mother and child resting in one of the rooms upstairs. He's once again by himself, sitting at the desk in the foyer going through one of the 'mystical texts' they've got lying around due to a distinct lack, for the moment, of Wesley.

The door to the lobby is opened and in walks Lilith, she smiles after Angel and nods her head. "So that werewolf thing.. it was pretty crazy huh?" Lilith leans against a table and she looks at the vampire. In her hands is something wrapped in foil, what coul it be?

"Yeah," Angel answers, not looking up from the book for the moment as he's on a particularly informative paragraph, "To say the least."

After a moment he just shrugs his shoulders, closes the book and pushes it to one side with an exasperated sigh, "I hate research."

"What are you researching?" Lilith asks and walks over closer to Angel. Her hands set the foil down in front of Angel and she grins as she waits for him to open the gift. "Guess what."

"The whole lack-of-eyes thing," says Angel, glancing at the book once more and turning his attention to Lilith, "But I'm getting nowhere."

He glances down at the foil-wrapped gift and furrows his brow in confusion, "What?"

"Yeah, that was a weird little thing." Lilith admits and then grins to Angel. "Well those are the cookies of course."

Angel looks at the cookies, lifting up the foil to take a look at them, "I thought you were joking when you said you'd make cookies." Hmm, well, she knows he can't eat them but maybe he can leave them out for the others.

"I told you, that you could smell them." Lilith says and grins widely at the vampire. "So, what is going to be done about that werewolf?" she tilts her head and puts a hand on her waist. She doesn't like the idea of him getting away.

"I couldn't say yet," Angel admits with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "But I'm thinking it'll probably be involve a beatdown of the larger proportions."

With the foil peeled away, he sniffs the air, "What kind of cookies are they?"

"A beatdown and a little bit of burning I would think." Lilith crosses her arms and looks at Angel. "No motive for taking that kid?" She taps her foot and bites her lip. Puzzled she is. When asked of the cookies, the young woman grins. "Chocolate chip, my favorite."

Angel looks as though he's suddenly remembered something, reaching into his pocket and producing a crumpled note with red handwriting that reads: 'deliver 2 grifith park 2 hanna <3 jack' which he lays out on the desk for Lilith.

"I'm thinking he put that in the kid's pocket - I found it with her in the dumpster. So I'm guessing that the guy's name is Jack … guess we're looking for werewolves named Jack."

"There is a motive, I'm sure. But I don't know what."

"Ok, I'll keep my eyes and ears open." Lilith nods and looks down at the note, "And whoever this 'Hanna' is? I'll leave her to you." She says with a smirk and ruffles her hair a bit. "Maybe that kid was more special than we already think."

"Maybe," Angel answers a little grimly, "They don't have eyes for one thing … or the skins grown over them. Which is, if you can believe what they're saying, is a pretty recent development. Bad magic, I'm guessing. Thats what the book is for but I don't do the research thing for a good reason."

"No eyes.. yeesh." Lilith likes to see so the idea of no eyes.. freaks her out just a little. "Someone cast an evil bout of whodoo on them." Lilith nods to herself and is pondering the situation.

"The technical term," says Angel dryly, leaning back slightly at the desk and looking towards Lilith, "I didn't see the werewolf casting any magic while he was running around. So it could be someone else … " And here he is spilling all the information to someone who doesn't even live at the hotel. He goes back to looking at the tray of cookies, "So do I get to keep them or did you bring them by only for smelling?"

"Maybe some local witch with a grudge." Lilith shrugs her shoulders lightly and looks to the cookies and then Angel. "You can give them to the other people you work with." Lilith offers and nods her head. "I'm sure your human staff would enjoy it." Lilith winks, looking around the place. "So this is what you and Gunn do on the regular? Stalk the city and kill all the baddies? Kind of like us.. but on a more professional level."

"We generally go with 'helping the helpless' in terms of a job description … looks better than 'we kill the bad guys' on the business cards. Or so I'm told."

Angel picks up one of the cookies from the plate to give it another sniff before he deposits it right back where he found it.

"That's a nice slogan. So people actually come to your office and tell you that they need some supernatural problem fixed? You must make tons of money from that." Knowing how much of the supernatural is in Los Angeles. Lilith settles into a chair opposite of Angel's desk and crosses a leg.

Angel just lifts a shoulder in reply. To be honest, the helpless aren't typically loaded so they aren't all enjoying gold-plated bathroom fixtures. Lilith's getting comfortable causes a brow to lift slightly - generally the hunter-types don't warm up to the former bitey-type so readily.

The fact that Lilith can and would dust Angel's ass if she were given reason gives Lilith comfort around the 'good' vampire. An eyebrow is raised at Angel and she stares back, without blinking.. staring contest now? Lilith's hands are placed on her knee.

"I've got to admit," Angel finally says after staring for a considerable amount of time, "There aren't a whole lot of people who bake me cookies." There are precisely zero people who bake Angel cookies.

"I think you deserve a reward for being on good behavior. How long have you went without drinking from a human? Cookies is the least I can do." Lilith replies to Angel and looks down to the cookies then back to the vampire.

"A while." Three years. Twenty-six if you go by whether or not he was permitted. That is Angel-only information, though.

"Well, thanks," Angel says, putting the tin foil back over the cookies to keep them from going stale.

"No problem." Lilith shrugs and looks around the lobby as well. "The rest of the team would probably think I'm crazy for even talking to you, but since I'm a freak of nature myself.. why not?"

"You're not the only one who talks to me." Another bout of mysteriousness from Angel, how surprising. And there is definitely something in his tone that suggests he isn't talking only about Gunn.

"Oh? Another one of us does? That's interesting.. but their business I guess." Lilith smiles softly in Angel's direction. "You're weird you know that right?" Lilith's eyes twinkle in the light of the room.

"I've heard that before," Angel answers, "Usually I just don't say anything and disappear into the shadows."

"So why didn't you just leer at me and disappear into the shadows then?" Lilith says evenly and bobs her foot up and down.

"I might if we weren't in the middle of a well-lit hotel lobby." He pauses for a moment, before coming up with a query of his own, "Whats the reason for all the questions?"

"I was talking about at the harbor." Lilith shakes her head and shrugs. "I'm curious, never met.. wait let me change that.. never talked to a vamp before. Sure the little 'I'm gonna kick your ass' and such but not like I'm talking to you now."

Angel simply nods in reply to that, remaining quiet. He doesn't usually talk, really. Well, he talks but he doesn't get into long conversations about himself because they're generally unpleasant for everyone concerned.

Lilith nods as well and she is comfortable with the silence between herself and Angel. She closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them again to stare at Angel.

"I guess you're free to stick around here if you'd like," Angel begins, at last, "But there are some things I've got to do." Namely, leave the Hotel before one of the other Angel Investigations members returns. As chatty and casual as he's being, he still hasn't really made his presence known to any of them.

"Yeah because I live here." Lilith rolls her eyes with a chuckle and stands. "Have fun with whatever is it, you are doing then." Lilith grins and waves to the man.. er vampire as she begins to leave the hotel.

Angel's brow knits and creases as he watches Lilith go. She doesn't seem like she's genuinely wary of him but at the same time he gets the feeling she isn't beyond trying to stake him if the need arises. The need won't arise, of course, but the thought is still there nonetheless. Maybe he should've talked to her about what Ava told him? Maybe. Maybe not.

Lilith confuses Angel.

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