Plan A


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Summary: Reggie hips Gunn to what's happening… down on Skiiiiiid Rooooowwwww o/~

Date It Happened: December 26, 2001

Plan A

Team Gunn Lair

Reggie makes her way into the main part of the lair with a large, heavy duty garbage bag slung over her shoulder, one that might well have been liberated from a public trash can by the looks of it. Since it's quiet in here now, she makes her way over to an empty corner and sets the bag down, sitting before it on the floor and beginning to dump it out. Inside it is an incredible array of wires, all different lengths, colours and gauges, all of them old and used. But most have been carefully sorted, untangled, and bunched into groups. It's the remaining snarl that Reggie sets to work on now, murmuring something to herself as she works. "But if you increased the torque enough… No, because then you'd have… Okay, so you increase the flow of power too…"

"You know. Just because we're homeless, doesn't mean you can just drag your trash in here, Reggie." Gunn's kidding, but at least he's in the mood to be kidding. He comes out of the shadows… or at least the hallway, because he's decided to slide into the main part of the lair himself. And this is where he's going to be taking up residence for the next little while, since he's now interested in what the heck Reggie has brought home this time. Flashing a smile, he kind of stops to toss his finished off soda can into the actual trash can, which is off to the side and his attention is drawn back towards Reggie.

"It's not trash," Reggie replies simply, looking up from her work at the sound of Gunn's voice. "Though the bag smells a little," she must allow with a shrug. "I found too many to fit into the shopping bag I was using. You can never have enough wires." Well maybe /he/ can, but she can't. She doesn't stand up, but shifts so that she's now sitting facing him, her attention divided between the snarled wire and her fearless leader. "I'm glad you're in though. I wanted to talk to you about something. You have time?"

"I'm afraid to even ask what you're gonna' do with all those." Gunn says, before snatching up one of the folding chairs and spinning it around to face Reggie and her pile of wires. This, of course, allows him to pay more attention and his head ends up tilting at the prospect of whatever it is that she may want to try and talk to him about. Thoughts go back to Ava and her card reading and instantly, he's starting to get anxiously worried. "Yeah. Always got time for my crew. What's up?"

"Then don't ask. Though I don't think the answer is scary," Reggie replies with a bit of a grin, innocent, of course, and having no idea what on earth he could possibly be worried about. But as he settles in and gives her the go-ahead to share, she turns more serious, thoughtful as she watches her hands do the nimble work of untangling the old wire. "I've been hearing some things out there. People are going missing. More than is usual."

Oh. It's business. This is a bit easier to deal with and thus the reason why Gunn seems to relax after a brief moment or two of listening to this craziness that is coming from the Reggie. Which is not good. "It's messed up that we even /have/ a usual ratio of people missing in this city." His side comment out of the way, he nods along with this information. "Just around here? Or we talkin' a city wide epidemic?"

Reggie seems oblivious to Gunn's tension about this 'talk'. "I haven't spoken to the whole city," she replies with a shrug. "I only know that some of the people I know from around Skid Row and other places, they're gone. And people are starting to talk. From what I hear, it's got something to do with this florist down on Skid Row. But I don't /think/ that makes sense." She's never entirely sure when it comes to people though, if things do make sense and she's just not getting it.

"Florist? Skid Row?" Gunn is already starting to have a bad feeling about this. Almost like this is some bad musical or something. Still, with a shrug, he figures it's something worth looking into. If people are disappearing, there's got to be a reason. And nobody's going to actually care about the Skid Row or Badlands people except Team Gunn. "I'll see what I can find out. Maybe the guys over at Angel Investigations have heard something.."

Reggie nods her head, seeming satisfied at this level of action. "People don't believe me when I tell them to steer clear. But you should probably tell the people here to stay away from that florist. They'll listen to you." Of that, she has no doubts. "If you believe me," she goes on. "I'm not sure I believe myself. But since I don't need flowers, I'll stay away just the same." She finishes with the current length of wire and begins winding it around her hand to bundle it up like the others.

"I've seen a lot of things in this town. A florist shop that makes people disappear doesn't sound to crazy." So yeah, the Gunn is believing of the Reggie. And already he's standing up from the chair. "I'll see what I can figure out. In the mean time, you think maybe you could whip something up that could maybe make people think twice about buying flowers? I dunno, like a trip wire that's connected to a fire extinguisher? If people are already missing, we don't want to add to the numbers…"

"You want me to booby-trap the store?" Reggie asks, sounding maybe just a little surprised, until she thinks about it and nods. "Yeah, I can do that. And hey, if you hear anything, let me know? These people are kind of… I know some of them." She wouldn't go so far as to call them friends, but still. "I've got a bad feeling about it. And I sleep around there sometimes too," she adds as an afterthought, realizing that maybe her own safety is also at risk.

"I'd rather have a few pissed off customers than any of us going to buy flowers and never being heard from again." comes the justification from Gunn, as he turns to head for the door. He has, of course, already started to plan to get this case under control and solve it. "Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of this, Reg. You have my word." And he looks all heroically serious about that too.

"I don't really mind if the customers are pissed off. They're not /my/ customers," Reggie points out with an easy shrug, watching as Gunn begins his heroic march to the door. "Just be careful. We're screwed if you end up disappearing," she adds, but she doesn't sound too worried about that. Because he's Gunn. She turns back to her wires, expression growing thoughtful as she begins to mutter about some plans for this trap on the store.

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