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Summary: Ezekial comes to the Moon Pie with formal greetings, sushi, and an offer.

Date It Happened: January 19, 2002

Personal Ninja

Moon Pie Cafe

As usual, the Moon Pie is busy on a gibbous night, when most shapechangers of various sorts don't tend to have a need to fight off any kind of change. There's a mix of humans in with the weres of course, but for the most part the place is populated by those who generally have fur at he right time of the month. Hannah herself is working between counter and kitchen, trusting the baking of the pies to the cooks rather than her own two hands just at this moment. She's in the usual uniform for the cafe: jeans and a Moon Pie tee shirt. At the moment she's providing directions for an elder touristy couple who've just finished their meal.

Ezekiel sort've slips in when nobody is really looking, filtering out of the faceless crowd with a soft smile and a shemagh pulled low around his neck. He waits patiently for Hannah to notice him, hands holding his helmet in one hand and a tall narrow brown paper bag in the opposite. He'd brought food as promised, now only regretting the fact it'd taken so long for him to get back to her. Hopefully the "alpha wolf" wouldnt take offence.

Hannah tends to notice people coming into the cafe, because hey, it's part of the job. But it's true she seems surprised when she catches sight of him. "Zeke." she greets, shortening his name cheerfully. "Did you bring food? No need for that honey, plenty enough around here. Would you like some pie?"

Ezekiel nods softly"I promised you a trade of food, and so I brought food."he smiles brightly in return, well she seemed well. "Please, everyone just calls me E-Z. I would love some pie though, where would you like to sit Hannah?"He threads an arm through his helmet, stuffing his hand in a jacket pocket to let it hang.

Hannah seems gently amused by the young man's gallantry and notes, "There's a bit more privacy in the back booth. "What kind of pie would you like?" she gestures to the menu, which lists a crazy amount of pies. The current specials as noted on the chalkboard are 'Bad Baby Pie' and 'Kick In The Pants Pie'.

Ezekiel all but beams as he takes a step that way"Easy question, I'm a simple fellow. Cherry, plain and simple. I'm a fan of the classics you know."Says the guy who thinks little debbie cupcakes are a food group, and that jolt is a fine substitute for water. If only he could cook with the stuff!

Hannah calls out the order, and goes to take a seat at one of the back booths. "So what can I do for you, E-Z?" she asks in a relaxed manner. She practically screams California, except screaming doesn't suit her mellow.

Ezekiel lays the bag out and then in a flourish gives it a firm tug, leaving a little tray of sushi in its wake. "These are Inarizushi."he notes, providing a pair of wooden chopsticks before finally fwumping down. "They were created by a sushi chef, for my sort of people." He doesnt call them -his- people, because they arent. "Well I was hoping you would be so kind so as to tell me whats going on in this town. Who's doing what, wheres good places to hang out or get whatever. I just came here by way of Chicago, so I'm a little overwhelmed."

Hannah accepts the chopsticks, wielding them comfortably. After all, sushi is practically an LA staple. It doesn't take long for EZ's cherry pie to come and be set in front of him. Now she with her Japanese meal, and he with his American one, may eat. "Well, let's see. Los Feliz and Griffith Park are considered our territory. Shapechangers. I don't truck with violence here or within our boundaries, unless it's to deal with someone who isn't playing nice. There are other creatures out there, but so far no one's challenged us on our own ground."

Ezekiel nods softly, digging in with no small amount of gusto with a savoring suckle to finish. "Its probably best I dont hang around a whole bunch anyway, you know I've got a particularly nasty reputation."He begins gathering another fork full before pausing"I do of course assure you, that reputation is not of my doing of course. Its why I'm here though, to put things right."

Hannah says delicately, "All shapeshifters are welcome here, so long as they behave. You seem quite civil to me. I'm usually fairly well informed, but I'm afraid your situation's new to me."

He almost doesnt want to say, similar talks have gone less than civil in a hurry. "I am also known, as the Demon Fox of Hokkaido."Ezekiel's voice is low, measured with no small amount of caution. Fork neatly severing a little section of pie for forkfull scooping soon after. "does that ring any bells?"

<OOC> Ezekiel says, "The original demon fox was something of a jack the ripper figure amongst shifters, vampires and everyone else. If you know much about the occult history the name should atleast be familar. He slaughtered men, women, children and paranormals with absolutely no reguard for good, evil or too young to know."

Hannah looks a askance. "You look a bit young to be our equivalent of Jack the Ripper." she remarks. "But then I also don't know much about how you lot age. I presume if you were he, you wouldn't just waltz in here and announce yourself."

Ezekiel shakes his head"No, I did not do those things. My father did, its sort of a complicated story but I ended up with the mantle. I'm here to try and undue some of the damage he did, and return honor to our ancestors as well as our patron. I do not wish to shame others with my presence, so I think its probably for the best I dont associate in your territory openly. Not until I have proven my intentions at least, wouldnt you agree?"

Hannah cocks her head. "I'm not exactly sure what you mean by way of 'associate'." she says. "As long as you obey our rules within it, we have no quarrel with you. What you do outside of it is your problem."

Ezekiel hmms, pausing to munch a little more pie. "Then I will do so, some are a little more posessive of their territory. I didnt want to offend or aggrivate, you've been very kind to me thus far." He finally lifts his gaze at least, smiling at least a little again. "If you like, I would like to offer my services as tribute for your kindness and hospitality."

Hannah cocks her head to the side. "In what way?" she inquires politely. "I'm somewhat confused, as a moment ago you claimed you didn't want to be seen associating with the territory, and I assume, the community."

Ezekiel leans back and fourth a little "Well thats complicated. I dont want others to assume you condone what has happened before, I dont want to harm your reputation. That said, if you desire I can offer my services. I am a classically trained practioner of Ninjutsu and all that comes with it, though I prefer to be known as a Demon Fox you could call me a Shinobi with equal truth."

"So what exactly are you offering?" Hannah's smile widens a touch. "To be my personal ninja?"

Ezekiel lifts a hand in his defence"To a point, yes. I will perform actions you require as I am available, and be as reliable an ally as I am able. In return I would like to operate freely without fretting over your feelings over my actions, and I will occasionaly need help finding resources and contacts. Does this sound like a tennable agreement?"

Hannah lifts a brow. "That's a bit vague." she says. "To operate freely leaves a very broad definition about what you can do within our territory."

Ezekiel nods, working at a little more pie. "I am a Shinobi, not a ninja. I am also trying very hard to be a good person, so if you ask for it I will give you a vow to do no evil. That said I steal from, sabotage and kill those who do evil to others either by physical or less obvious means. In Chicago I stole from mobsters killed murders as I found them, I intend to continue that work with your blessing. Half the funds I liberate may be donated to the charity of your choice, and I give the rest to my patron's shrine. I will not steal in your territory for profit, unless you ask me to do so though."

Hannah cocks her head. "I don't want you leaving bodies in the park, or otherwise drawing attention to it."

Ezekiel waves dismissively at that. "I'm no simple swordsman, I am a Shinobi. People, bad people will vanish without a trace. I leave nothing but messages and silence in my wake, I am very good at what I do. If you are doubtful, then you are within your rights to request a demonstration of my skill."

"As long as you don't bring trouble to the park, I don't care if you dance naked down the Walk of Fame." Hannah says frankly.

Ezekiel nods softly"Your a gracious host, it would be a dishonor to bring you any trouble Hannah. You just need to tell me what I can do for you, and I would be happy to attend to it as soon as I am able."he inhales softly, pushing an empty plate away. "THat was excellent Pie Hannah, thankyou."

Hannah inclines her head. "You're quite welcome. Should you choose to socialize, you're welcome here. One of your own frequents the place, but she hasn't been about lately. Perhaps we'll get you two together sometime soon."

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