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Summary: Lilith and Gunn do a little catching up while getting ready to hunt.

Date It Happened: December 16, 2001


Team Gunn Lair

Team Gunn's Lair. As usual, it's fairly hopping right about now. There are teenagers all over the place, most of them are just trying to stay alive and things of that nature, but this happens to be the safest place in the Badlands for people of these ages. After all, they are led and protected by the great and legendary Charles Gunn.

Speaking of sexual chocolate, he's coming out of one of the back rooms at the present moment, carrying a box. It's a box of old clothes that he drops down in the center of the room, so that a couple of new teens can have their pick through it. Charles Gunn doesn't have much, but he sure as hell shares what he has.

Another new addition to the room is Lilith Talin, she walks in soon after Gunn does. Wearing a snug black tank top and tight dark jeans along with a pair of sneakers, the young woman sneaks up behind Gunn saying softly, "Hello there Santa, see you brought the kids their gifts early." She teases lightly and then walks around to stand in front of the taller man. "Always the generous one." Her dark brown eyes look at Gunn as she speaks.

"Yeah, well, you know how I do. Give, give, give." Gunn remarks with a bit of a smile himself. Though, he has to move himself out of the way as some of the new teens are in a hurry to go through the cool wardrobe of Charles Gunn. At least, the wardrobe that he used to wear. He's dressing a lot more colorful these days, now that he has a bit of income from Angel Investigations coming in. A helpless shrug comes from the leader's shoulders as he watches the newbies search through his attire.

"Never take, take, take." Lilith smiles softly at Gunn and then looks at the teens going through the clothes. "You haven't been by the bar lately." Lili says as she steps to the side so the teens won't run her over. "That vampire, what's his name, keeping you to busy to come and visit me at work?" Lili is just a flirt. Most people don't take her to seriously. Except for when she flirts with Gunn, she actually means it.

"Angel." Gunn says, making sure that she knows what the vampire's name is. He really wants both his crew and Angel Investigations to get along, but he's not even sure of how to go about trying to mesh the two, vastly different groups. He's tired of being pulled in both directions. Somewhat oblivious to the flirting, Gunn has turned on his heels and started off towards the Weapon Wall. "Jus' been busy. There's been a lotta' crazy stuff happenin' lately. I almost got ate by a giant worm." Pausing as he reaches for an axe to sharpen, he smirks. "/That/ was kinda' cool, though."

"Angel? Ok noted." Lilith would be one of the most accepting and willing to work with Angel seeing as she is a 'freak' herself. Not a vampire but still, not a natural human. "A giant worm. Damn should have called me, I bet that was fun." She follows leisurely and examines one of the daggers on the wall. "Going hunting tonight?"

"Always." Gunn remarks, taking the axe to the side where a makeshift sharpening rock has been built into the floor. Gunn immediately gets to work on making the axe's blade sharper. "Somebody's gotta' keep the vampire population down. And since Angel's flew the coop, I guess the city's gonna' have to settle for someone a bit darker." A sly wink is tossed up towards Lili before he focuses on his task once again.

A light chuckle escapes Lilith and she grabs the dagger she was admiring off the Weapon Wall, running her fingers up and down the flat of the blade. "Mind some company?" Lilith is always itching for a chance to fight or get her adrenaline pumping somehow. Lilith grins wickedly at Gunn and walks up close to Gunn, "We haven't hunted together in awhile." Her eyes are alight with excitement.

"More the merrier." Gunn doesn't exactly fall into the category of wicked grinners, but he has a pleasant enough smile that he's quite going to enjoy the whole dusting of vampires. "But you know the routine. If it gets too crazy or somethin', you gotta' get to safety." Again, he can't help but to feel somewhat responsible for the lives of members of Team Gunn. Tis the only thing that's keeping him grounded in the reality of this all.

Lilith just nods her head. "I got it, come on with what I can do? A few vampires are nothing." She puts the dagger into her waistband and then ruffles her long hair before looking around the lair and then centers her gaze back onto Gunn. "Shall we go? And by the way, when can I meet this Angel? Looks like he is going to be sticking around for awhile so I might as well meet the guy right?"

"Not so sure that's a good idea. He's kind of allergic to fire." Gunn wouldn't want any accidents to happen and thus he's going to have to keep Lilith a bit out of the way, in case some things go down in regards to Angel. For the moment, he's getting himself all nice and geared up so that they can head out and destroy some vampires. "Let's just get this done. Passions comes on tonight." Maybe he's kidding.

"Alright, but if you makes you feel better, I would be /super/ good no fire." Lilith's says in response to what Gunn said. "If you ever change your mind, let me know. It would be cool, meeting a vampire that's different than the others." With that Lilith finishes getting her gear on as well. "Hmm, haven't watched that show in awhile. I might have to join you for a bit of that." She teases and then dons her leather jacket. "Alright then, ready to kill some nasty ones."

"Vampires are evil. All of them. Even Angel." Gunn has to say this, just to make sure that everyone else listening in doesn't fall for the 'good vampire' trick. "He just happens to be neutered. Don't mean I won't dust him if I have to." And this is the part where Gunn straps some stakes around his leg and starts for the exit to make with the cool slow motion walking.

"Whatever you say Gunn." Lilith says quietly to herself and sighs as she begins to exit with him. She puts her hair into a tight ponytail as they walk and then cracks her neck from side to side. "How have you been other than working with Angel? I've been so busy at the bar lately." Lilith asks as they leave the room, she follows Gunn ready for wherever he takes her.

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