North Hollywood Regional Library
North Hollywood Regional Library
Located In Hollywood
Type Library
IC Owner City of Los Angeles
IC Employees Mrs. Bradley (NPC)

The North Hollywood Regional Library is a respectable place to find books, find access to the internet, and everything one could ever expect from a library.


The North Hollywood Regional Library is not much different than any other public library. Out front is an American flag flying proudly, and the front of the building is well-lit during the day by the many windows on its face. It's easy to see inside and outside through them. Inside are shelves and shelves of books. In the back is a computer lab for research and general computer-related things (heavily protected though they are). In the far corner is the children's center, where there's reading and activities every day. And standing at the front desk is usually a frowning, bespectacled older woman with a severe glower that could put any demon in its place. Mrs. Bradley will not have any tomfoolery in her library, thank you.


  • Interesting miscellany.

Notable Logs

  • A list of notable logs that have occurred within this establishment.
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