Nadira al-Sabah
Portrayed By Dina al-Sabah
Gender Female
Species Jann Half-Demon
Date of Birth December 15, 1980
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases none
Place of Birth Las Vegas, NV, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Over-educated desperado
Known Relatives Wasim al-Sabah (father), Daisy al-Sabah (mother)
Significant Other none yet
Special Powers Invisibility
First Appearance Directions

Nadira al-Sabah is a recent college graduate who has moved to Los Angeles to get away from her father. So far, this is working.


Nadira is a jann, in her case a half-djinn. The djinn is her father, Wasim, who took the name al-Sabah because mortals insist on such nowadays. Nadira's mother is a perfectly mortal ex-showgirl named Daisy.

Nadira was left to her own devices for much of her childhood. She didn't lack for material goods. Whatever her mother couldn't earn in a variety of ways , her father could produce from thin air. Wasim spent much of his time in the realm of the djinn, but kept track of his pretty jann daughter. Nadira, on the other hand, took years to figure out that she wasn't really human.

Adolescence usually brings emotional storms. These aren't pretty when the teenager is half a creature of the air. In particular, Nadira fought with her father over just about everything: clothes, religion, going to college, which college, having a career, which career, a possible arranged marriage… (Her mother really didn't care all that much.) Nadira managed to win enough arguments to go to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, majoring in mathematics of all things. (She wanted to do computer science, but Wasim views computers as inventions of Shaitan. He was paying the bills, so he won that argument.)

Now an adult by the laws of her country, if not in the eyes of her father, Nadira has moved to Los Angeles to get away from him. She wanted to go to the University of Santa Cruz to study chaos mathematics, but her grades weren't quite good enough. Nadira's still trying to decide what to do with her life.


Nadira has nowhere near the magical might of her father, who is a djinn. By comparison to him, she can only do a very few small tricks.

  • Attributes - Janni have mostly human attributes. The exceptions are strength and agility, which are in the upper ranges of what humans can attain. Janni also react a bit more quickly than most humans.
  • Invisibility - Nadira can become invisible. Invisible does not mean intangible or inaudible, however! Nadira can still be heard or bumped into. Anything that can see invisible beings will see her. She won't appear in the infrared or the ultraviolet while she's invisible to normal sight.
  • Create Food and Water - Once per day, Nadira may create enough food and water to feed up to one dozen people. Leftovers have a nasty habit of disappearing after a day.


  • Janni can look forward to long lives, but they are still mortal. A jann will eventually age and die.
  • Janni are no more resistant to injury than a normal human being.
  • The biggest weakness a jann has is a vulnerability to a seal of Solomon. Solomon's seal works just as well on a jann as it will on a djinn, efreet, marid or dao, despite being half-human. Spells which affect djinni or janni will affect Nadira.



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