Matthew Hatcher
Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Andrew Caldwell
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Date of Birth September 29, 1985
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Matt
Place of Birth Moore, Montana, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Homeless
Known Relatives Linda Hatcher (mother), Jacob Hatcher (father; deceased)
Significant Other None
Special Powers Lycanthropy
First Appearance Targets

Matt is a pup of a Werewolf, and also the unfortunate recipient of a family curse that intends to shape him into a killer and lead him to his own destructive death. A street urchin and a runaway he's simply trying to fight against it and survive, hurting as few people as he can along the way.


William Hatchet was a monster. No supernatural reasons to excuse him, he proved that man could be monster enough without the aid of the occult or the not-so-hereafter. From 1681 until 1693, he raped and murdered no fewer than 20 women across the European countryside. Collectively their souls sought vengeance, and once their numbers grew they were able to make a pact together and gain it. When William was finally caught, drawn, and quartered, they stopped his soul before it could make its way to hell. They poisoned it and stripped it any of its remaining humanity. And then they sent it back, the twisted venomous thing to poison his son, and from then on out every first born son in his line.

They would become monsters, just as he did. Beasts of men of every varity. And while the flavor of the beast was different for each, the results would always be the same. A history of blood, death, and tragedy. A family tree strewn with gallows, bats, and rot. The Hachets turned Hatchers have had vampires, sociopaths, demons, and more birthed from their ranks. Matthew is no exception.

Matthew's father was not a first born Hatcher. That honor belonged to his uncle who was executed in Texas after a traffic accident caused him to snap and murder his family while they slept. Having moved to their Montana home to avoid the shame, Matthew's family managed the first 16 years of his life without any major tragedy befalling them. This relatively mild manifestation of the curse for this generation allowed it to fall to 'ghost story' levels within the family, something spooky to keep the kids in line but that no one believed. That is until the curse came for Matthew.

Matthew's curse takes the form of Lycanthropy. Camping trips being a common family activity, their campfire weekend was interrupted when one of the beasts attacked and killed Matthew's father and ravaged the boy before leaving, passing the disease onto him. After his first night's change, and his first innocent kill, Matthew ran away, trying to put as much distance as he could between himself and those he cared about.

When Matt first left his home, it was with a couple hundred bucks in his pocket, a backpack full of clothes, and a weeks worth of food that wouldn't spoil on him. Those supplies really didn't last all that long in the scheme of things, and he's had to survive on what he could beg, scrounge, or steal. The prospect of starving to death doing a good job of curbing that moral compass where needed. Sometimes he's been able to stay at one shelter or another, most of the time not.

Over the months, he's managed to make his was to LA, nothing really calling him in this direction except the highways he has hitchhiked through, and the line of towns he's stayed in along the way. He has tried his best to keep the wolf away from people where he has been able: locking himself in an abandoned building or tool shed, making his way away from the towns. But he isn't always successful, and when his curse lays another body at his feet, a new layer of blood on his hands, he moves on. Having just arrived at LA, that is what this town is to him, just another town, although a bit bigger than normal and a bit easier to find something to eat.


  • During his first few days in LA, another werewolf attempted to recruit Matt to a nice lunch of a mom and her little girl. He declined.
  • After being questioned by various werewolf hunter people, Dajan takes Matt in and tries to help him out. Is introduced to Oz.
  • Soon after, Jack manages convince Matt that maybe he isn't evil. Also, helps reinforce that maybe Matt is.


Jack_icon.gif Is this guy really a bad guy? YES HE IS. After their initial meeting, Jack managed to convince Matt that he wasn't all bad. But as Matt has since found out all the reason why THIS IS WRONG, he now fears this older werewolf again.
Lilith_icon.gif Was with Angel when the wolf thing went down. Threatened Matt with bodily harm. Matt likes his fingers, and doesn't want to loose them. Other than that, also has her lumped into the 'probably a werewolf' camp, because she seemed to be taking orders from Angel.


  • "/NOT/ babies. Something to eat that /isn't/ babies."
  • "I totally proved that I wouldn't pee on the carpet, and hey, that's overcoming both a dog AND homeless stereotype, so thats twice as special."


  • Matt smells faintly of blood at all times, it doesn't wash off and his curse is to thank for it. This blood is not his, but is instead the blood of the people Matt has killed. Every time he kills someone, their blood is added to the mix. There are currently 5 different distinct scents.
  • The Hatchet Curse, while not common knowledge, is something that can be researched fairly easily for those with know how to find such information.
  • The Hatchet Curse has 3 laws: 1) That every first born son in the Hatchet (now Hatcher) family will become a beast of a man, 2) That they will kill the one they love most, and 3) that they will die painfully before they reach 30 years of age.
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