Mariko Zee
Portrayed By Leah Dizon
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Date of Birth 1916
Age 85
Zodiac Sign Element Earth, Year of the Dragon (Chineese Astrology)
Aliases Mary
Place of Birth Chinatown, Los Angeles
Current Location Los Angeles
Occupation Vampire
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Special Powers Standard Vampiric Powers
First Appearance Looking for Dinner

Mariko is an ambitious yet cautious vampire from Los Angeles.


Mariko was born in 1916, the daughter of immigrants. Her father worked in a meat processing plant; her mother in a sewing factory. When she was 19, she and her husband were murdered - and she was turned into a vampire. She spent years causing as much chaos and carnage as she could, until the vampire who turned her was hunted down and destroyed by an angry mob - since then, she has been much more intelligent, and much more cautious. She's determined to be a 'better vampire' then he was.


1916 - Birth
1934 - 'Death' - turned into a Vampire
1937 - Bruce, the vampire who turned her, was destroyed


  • "Patience, like guile, is a virtue."


-Mariko is rather cautious by vampiric standards, and has a bit of a paranoid streak.
-Mariko knows several ancient languages, but has never managed to learn magic of any sort, despite
decades of trying.
-Mariko has a silver hairpin, bought recently.


-Looking for Dinner (First Appearance)
-Call and Raise
-Deck the Halls
-Fishing in the Dark

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