Lip Service


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Summary: Girls ain't nothin' but trouble.

Date It Happened: December 30, 2001

Lip Service


The Abandoned Factory is something that's going to be housing evil demons of doom at the moment. And the way Gunn comes out of there, it's like he's a little bit too busy with whatever else was going on in there and thus not paying attention to where he's going. He's tugging and pulling his cell phone out of his pants to see if he can't place a call to SOMEBODY that can help. And there's some fishing around for his keys too, as he's got to make it to his truck… without any more crazy hassles. Not like anything could happen in the twelve steps from the factory to the truck. Right?

Reggie has been trying to keep even more to herself ever since this newest weird thing started happening. And it's easier (if more dangerous) to be alone in the bad parts of town. Not that she spends a lot of time in the good parts of town, granted. But she's just hanging out here, wandering along these back streets, muttering to herself in a way that's a little crazy even for her. No, she's definitely troubled by something, that much is clear. And she's really not expecting to run into Gunn here. She picks up her pace to pass by the stranger, but when she gets close enough to notice that he's no stranger, she stops rather abruptly. "Uh. Hi," is her warm and effusive greeting.

Gunn is busy looking at his phone and then… well, that's when he's forced to look up from the craziness that is text messages on his phone from not too long ago. That's definitely going to need some cleansing of his brain to get out. But Cordy did look kind of hot. And she has some nice— Gunn!(s). Focus! "Huh? Oh, hey Reg." Gunn is content to just keep on walking to his truck, when he remembers that she doesn't know. "Oh. Inside, there's a really hot girl handcuffed to the wall. Don't touch. I'll be back to fix the problem."

Reggie looks over towards the building and then back to Gunn, trying to process this. "I'm sure you have a really good reason for that," she finally replies. "I don't think I want to know, though, do I." It's not even a question. Because she can't think of a single scenario where she could possibly want to know. Another glance cast between the building and the guy, her own problem momentarily forgotten in the face of this new puzzle. "Do you need help with anything? Is she dangerous?" She won't ask why, but she'll ask other important questions.

"Define 'dangerous'." Gunn says as he finally makes his way to his truck. He doesn't even know if there's anything wrong with Reggie and he's more focused on the fact that, well, he has to find somebody to help. "Hey. I gotta' make a couple runs. See if I can get this problem handled." And there's a chance that he's going to have to rely on the Reggie for something. "By the way. If you're headin' inside, could you like maybe… stand guard? Make sure nobody touches her?"

"I think if I have to define it, then you can't say she's not," Reggie replies after giving it a moment of logical thought. But lots of things are dangerous. At least this one is chained up. "Stand guard?" Normally she'd be down with that without pause, but tonight, well, there is pause. "What happens if someone touches her? Like, say, if the guard is overtaken with a sudden need to kiss her, just strictly in the hypothetical." She stares off into the middle distance thoughtfully troubled.

"Craziest hypothetical question ever… but somehow appropriate." Gunn remarks, leaning back against the truck. He looks at Reggie a bit more, almost wary about what could be happening to her. Maybe she too is possessed by the craziness that Cordelia and Fred are. "Kissing is a no-no. Bad things happen." He actually reaches for his arms, trying to get some of the strength back into his black biceps of demon crushing doom. "Why? Something wrong?"

Reggie just gives a one-shouldered shrug as he mentions the appropriateness of her question. "Bad things?" Since it is a very apt question in her case, she's more interested in the details than she normally would be. Any other week, she'd be standing guard by now. As he asks her if something's wrong, she stares off into the middle distance again, considering it.
"Weird things are happening. You don't need to worry about it. You've got your hands full. I'll find someone who can stand guard for you." She steps back, figuring he'll want to be going wherever it is he's in such a rush to go.

"Right." Gunn isn't so sure, but he's climbing into his truck anyway. Eyes are lingering on the Reggie for a moment and then he's turning the key to see if he can't get his baby to turn over. It just… cranks. Nothing else happens. With a sigh, he goes for it again and the same thing happens. Ah, crap. This is not turning out to be his night, evening, whatever the hell it is. Too much craziness going on in his life right now. "… Reg?"

Reggie knows from the moment she hears the first attempt of the engine, this isn't going to go well. Still, it's in her deference to her leader that she waits for him to ask before she starts right over to take a look, giving a little sigh as she goes. Not that she has anything against fixing this old truck again, but she just knows the longer she hangs around… "I hope it's not the starter again," she says to him, pulling her hair back before moving to pop the hood.

Gunn doesn't want to be the one to burst bubbles. Especially when he needs the truck to go on a mission to save people he cares about. But it's probably the damn starter again. Throwing the door open, he's hopping out of the truck and slamming the door back closed with a little bit of anger. Maybe even more than that. "Dammit." And he's waltzing around the front of the vehicle to see if he can't be ready to lend some assistance however he can.

"Getting mad at it isn't going to fix it," Reggie informs him as he slams the door. Poor truck. But she's not trying to be sanctimonious, just matter-of-fact. Once the hood is propped and her hair as secured as the unruly mess ever gets - namely, just enough that it's not going to get wound around any moving parts, she leans over and begins poking around in the innards. But then Gunn is coming over to help, and she's not sure that's a good idea. "Um. Maybe you should stay in the truck. I'll … need someone to try starting it." Once she's done something, granted.

"Yeah, I know. Just… you ain't always gonna' be 'round. So I figure I might as well learn what to do when it stops on me like this." Gunn is already leaning over to peer underneath the hood. His eyes are locked on the fingers of Reggie, just trying to make sure that he watches what she's touching and for how long and all of that good stuff. He's not completely car knowledgeless, but if she can teach him some tricks and shortcuts, it might make getting away from legions of vampires during a retreat easier.

"Where am I going?" Reggie asks honestly, though she does at least kind of get what he means. So while wary, she just lets out a sigh and puts up with him watching. "You can sort of trick it, see. If you short this bit out here. You can make it skip this bit, which is clearly gonna need to be replaced." She gestures to each 'bit' in turn. "It won't last forever, but it'll get you where you need to go. I'll look for a replacement." She pushes her hair back from her face, leaving another of those signature smears of grease.

"See, I knew I kept you around for a reason." Gunn smiles and gets his memorization on, before heading back around, yanking open the door and leaning inside. He gives it a little bit of a twist and then there's engine roaring and that's awesome. Smiling even more now, he's popping back out and nudging the door closed with his shoulder. "That part? You need some cash? I can pay for it. It's my truck, after all…"

"Well, yeah. This is exactly the reason you keep me around," Reggie points out, stepping back to make sure the fix works correctly when he starts the engine. She's not even joking either. She fixes this stuff, he gives protection, and that's as far as it goes, right? "I can trade for it. I think. You should save for a new battery. The one is getting really old. It's not going to hold much longer and even I can't rig a battery." Now that the truck is working, she steps back forward to put the hood back down.

"She's lasted longer than I thought she would. She's pretty tough." As the hood gets slammed down, Gunn rubs his hand over the metal there, as if to pet the vehicle. It's almost like it's alive or something. But hey, Gunn has given up a lot for this truck… and doesn't even know it. While he lets the truck run for a bit, just to make sure it's not going to kick back out while he's on the road, he fishes into his pocket and comes out with a small enough wad of cash. Flipping off a couple of bills (of the twenty variety) they are offered to Reggie. "For the battery?"

"She's a good truck," Reggie assures him, stepping back again once the hood has been secured. "She's just been through a lot. Has her battle scars just like us." There's a faint smile with that as she wipes her hands off on her sweatshirt, not too concerned about adding more stains to it, because, really, it's a lost cause to keep it clean anyway. When he holds the money out to her, she's left little choice but to step forward again to claim it, doing so quickly and then stepping back again. Still nothing. Maybe it's passed. Maybe it was just a momentary insanity thing. "I'll get you a good deal," she promises, folding the bills over and then sticking them into her pocket.

"Works for me. You can get that Not A Black Guy Discount." Gunn quips with a bit of a smile, before stuffing the little bit of money he has left into his pocket and turning to yank open the door of his truck again. "Don't forget. Stay away from the Locked Bust Monster, in there. At least until I get back…"

"I was thinking more because I know a guy," Reggie replies. The battery might be stolen, but it will be a good deal. She doesn't ask too many questions - it's easier to get through the day that way. "You still want me to stand guard? I think I'll be okay now," she replies, looking thoughtful as she mentally checks herself over. No, she's not feeling crazy. That must be a good thing, right?

"I figure you're as good as anybody." Gunn climbs up and ducks into the truck, slamming the door and he proceeds to lean out of the window. "Just, keep your distance. She's not herself." Pause. It's Cordelia. "Okay, well, she's herself but magnified by like ten Hugh Hefners. Just remember? No kissing. Majorly important." And yes, those are his wise words.

"Good as anybody here right now," Reggie mutters in reply, since, well, it's just her standing out here in front of the building, and Gunn is getting in his truck to go elsewhere. She looks a little wary at his reminder, which is odd, since, well, why would she be kissing whoever is chained up in there, right? "Um. Right. Got it. I hope." Inspiring words, those, as she steps back from the path of the vehicle.

"Knew I could count on you…" And this is where Gunn starts to pull off in his truck. The dust kicks up as those tires spin and he pulls away from the abandoned factory of doom! Heroic doom! And… then it's not moving anymore. Why? Because the battery has just conked out the car comes to a dead halt. Fail. Within moments, Gunn's head sticks out of the window, looking back towards where Reggie is. "… How fast can you get ahold of that battery?"

Just showing up outside of Team Gunn's lair is Lilith, wearing only a dark grey tank top and tight dark jeans. Her hair is down falling past her shoulders and she is watching as Gunn's truck does the ultimate fail. Her arms are crossed and a eyebrow is raised. "Gunn-mobile trouble." She says simply and stretches her arms out, it was a long night at the bar. "Hey Reg girl." Lilith says as she walks up the Gunn's truck and leans in the window. "Excuse me, you're blocking traffic." She says with a wink.

Nicolae meanders in from the other direction with his eyes narrowly slitted as though he were trying to sleepwalk on purpose, putting one foot unenthusiastically in front of the other. He bears the weight of a black garbage bag, his fingers loosely curled around the yellow ties that keep it slung over his shoulder. He perks up, looking marginally more awake as he takes note of the truck and the to-do currently centered around it. "Is broken down?" he asks, raising his voice to be heard as he picks up the pace to move closer.

Reggie tries to summon up a reassuring nod as Gunn mentions counting on her. Looking slightly troubled, she's just considering going in to do her duty and stand guard when … Gunn is no longer doing his heroic exit. "I can get one as soon as the place opens," she replies, frowning thoughtfully. Which she's still doing as the others show up, though she greets them both with a nod. "It's probably the battery. It's very old," she explains to them both, beginning to move back towards the truck.

Gunn just looks at Lilith, though his annoyance is with the truck and not her. In fact, he finds himself having to climb out of the truck and slams the door once again. "I don't have time for this." Gunn is a little bit with the being on the edge and is already pulling out his cell phone at the moment, as he heads off to the side so that he can make a quick phone call. He'll have to greet his friends in a moment.

Lilith blinks at Gunn and shakes her head. The young pyro then smiles at Reggie. "What's been going on Reg?" she asks and also smiles at Nicolae as he makes his way over. "Hey there Nic." The pyro doesn't really know what to do with the guy, he works at the bar though and he seems nice enough. Soo good in her book!

Nicolae is his usual chipper, companionable self. Translation: he is the same scowling, uncommunicative brute he almost always is, with the added surliness that comes from an apparent lack of sleep and an ominously bulging garbage bag from whence a rather interesting (read: foul) odor emanates. He greets everyone with an upward jerk of his chin and watches Gunn wander off with his phone out. "Always the way," he declares in thickly accented and brutally abbreviated English. "If you are in hurry, this," he gestures toward the obviously immobile Gunnmobile, and offers his sympathetic appraisal with a slight twitch of his brows that conveys a fatalistic resignation. He is the bright and perky center of the Team Gunn tootsie-pop. Hmmyep.

"Nothing," Reggie replies a little too quickly to Lilith's question. "He's just trying to get somewhere in a hurry and his car has given out. And there's someone locked up inside that no one should touch." So … nothing really. Just another typical day at the office. The bag over Nicolae's shoulder also gets a brief yet curious look, especially since it smells pretty bad. "Maybe one of you two can stand guard? Make sure that no one touches her?" Yes, that's a good idea.

"Nic, what the hell is in there? Don't tell me it's a demon's head." She can just see Nicolaee doing something like that. With an eyebrow raised, Lilith regards Reggie and then shrugs. That woman's response was suspicious and then she smiles, "Sure I can guard it. Nobody will be able to touch this beauty." The bartender pats the truck's side and she leans against it. ACTIVATE: PYRO GUARD.

"Is not head," Nicolae assures patiently, with a slow nod and the beginnings of a smile. He considers the notion of guard duty, briefly confused as to whom is being guarded due to Gunn's affectionate personification of the inert truck. "You mean girl chained to pipe?" he asks Reggie. He slides the bag off his shoulder and wiggles it open to peer inside, wrinkling his nose at the smell that wafts up from it. From what can be seen, the interior of the bag is spattered with something that glows green. After taking a quick inventory he nods and tugs it closed, sliding it back onto his shoulder.

Reggie gives the bag another glance as Nicolae rules out what it isn't. Nope, don't want to know. To his question, she gives a shrug. "Yeah, that sounds right. Gunn said to make sure no one touches. Including us." Lilith gets a nod, and Reggie actually seems relieved that someone else is stepping up to the task. "Thanks. It's … probably better that way. Just keep people away, I think."

Lilith blinks and ruffles her hair a bit. "Yeah, what is with that anyway? I don't get what's wrong with her but I'll guard her. Nobody touches, got it." Lilith leans forward as she talks to the two and yawns some. As Nic opens the bag and the smell becomes stronger, Lilith wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. "Bad smell Nic, where'd you get it?" obviously curious.

"I would do it," Nicolae explains, nodding toward the lair's interior and presumably the woman being detained therein. "But, work in half hour, no time really." He spares a glance at his watch, before explaining the contents of the bag. "I just come from culvert, over there," he points vaguely to the east. "Picking up essentials for some magic of Ava's. She sends me out with list," he produces said list from his pocket, "and it occurs to me I can get all of it in one place. Well," he glances toward the bag, "most of it. Also, now culvert is safer. Win!"

"I think one person will be enough," Reggie replies by way of reassuring Nicolae that it's no problem if he has to work. "Gunn was going to have me do it." Ergo, Lilith is probably overkill even on her own, compared to not-so-supernaturally-powered Reg. As the talk turns to magic, Reggie goes a little uncomfortable, lapsing into silence. Nope, she still doesn't care for it. "I'm glad the culvert is safer," is her diplomatic response, though.

Lilith chuckles at Nicolae and nods her head. "How is our resident witch? Haven't seen her in awhile." Lilith is probably one of the few that accepts Ava's presence in Team Gunn just like she accepts Angel. It's mostly because she is a freak of the supernatural herself so you can't hate on people like you.. right? "I have work off so I'll have time to do it, no sweat Nic. Tell the other guys at the bar I say hey." Reggie receives a look from Lilith, she notes how Reggie gets when magic is talked about. "I'm sure guarding herr won't be /that/ bad. Maybe I'll make a new friend." Lilith smirks at that. She.. making friends? Hah.

One of the few things that can clear up the surly clouds over Nicolae's expression is talking about Ava. This would be a case in point, where his grouchy demeanor brightens to something approaching beatitude and he answers, "She's doing well," he answers, because that's as much as he thinks anyone needs to know. He nods agreeably to Lilith and assures, "I'll tell them." As for Reggie's reaction, well, he's not entirely unsympathetic, but the look he regards her with is inscrutable. "I need to store this," he indicates the bag. "Someplace out of the way, until I get off work." He gives everyone a parting nod and then continues on his way, intent on stashing the bag 'o nasty close enough to be easy to pick up later, but not where it's likely to draw undue attention to the crew.

Reggie isn't oblivious to the looks she's getting, but that doesn't mean she's about to change her tune on magic. No, silence is best when it comes to these things, so she starts ambling over to the truck, figuring she can take a look at it and make sure it's the battery. "Just don't get too friendly," she advises Lilith, coming back in only once that magic talk seems done and over with. "See you later," she adds to Nicolae, offering him a little wave before she starts unlatching the hood of the poor old mechanical beast again.

Waving to Nic as he departs. Lilith stretches out and leans against the truck. She doesn't say anything, doesn't want to disrupt Reggie. Just watching.

Phones of death. That happens to be what Gunn has been on for the last few moments. But finally he's off the phone and ends up walking back over to where his teammates are. He rubs his hand over his head and tries to see if he can't remain calm or something close to that. Anyway, he's shoving the phone in his pocket and looking up at the ladies that he approaches. "You fill her in?" Gunn asks of Reg, nodding towards Lilith. Obviously, he's probably talking about the whole handcuffed hottie issue.

"I wonder if he has done anything to it lately to make this truck so unhappy," Reggie wonders quietly, but aloud, as she props up the hood and leans over. She's not really that serious - though the truck does go through a lot. She's not going to rule out some existential angst making it extra grumpy these days. But she shuts up rather abruptly at the sound of Gunn's return. "As much as I know of it," she replies to him, gently touching a wire to see if it's loose.

"Yeah, she told me about the woman with the handcuffs. Why can't you ever be kinky with me like that, huh?" Lilith pouts as she teases and then ends up laughing. She feels like testing the boundary more than usual with Gunn at the moment. The young woman pushes off of the truck to stand with her hands on her hips walking slightly closer to Gunn but not to close. "I'll guard her though, off work so I have time."

"Because you're not trying to kill me." Gunn remarks, again looking more like the sourpuss than anybody actually up to flirting at the moment. He kicks at his truck's tire, knowing full well that won't be assisting or anything like that. But he's frustrated. "But thanks. No kissing her. No matter how hot that would be." is tossed at Lilith as Gunn crosses his arms and leans back against the truck.

"Please don't kick the truck. No wonder it's upset," Reggie comments from under the hood, going on to continue to mutter something incomprehensible to herself. More thoughtful about the state of the truck than annoyed with Gunn though. The flirtatious talk doesn't entirely pass her by, and she half-listens in that 'trying to figure people out' way of hers, but for right now, she's just checking up on her prognosis. "No one's kissing anyone," comes rather randomly from the girl in the truck's engine.

"So if I try to kill you.." Lilith trails off but then she gives in, no flirting today. Lame. Lilith recovers with, "I don't do girls." She says with a grin folding her arms in front of her.

"Good to know." And Gunn actually means that, based on what's going on lately. He's not sure if Fake Cordelia is into girls or what not, but he's not taking any chances. He can't have his crew sucking face with this crazy sick version, that's for sure. But there's room for a little bit of fun-times, even if he's ticked at the moment. "And for the record, if you tried to kill me, you wouldn't get two feet before I was all over you." He means that in a cleverly innuendo-y, action packed adventurer kind of way.
Definitely. But even after that, he's making his way to the front of the truck to peer over Reggie's shoulder. "So what's the verdict?"

The heavy innuendo is enough to get a disturbed look from the mechanic, but since Reggie's still under the hood, likely the only one to benefit from this facial expression is the poor truck. "It's definitely the battery. I could maybe rig something up. It might get you where you need to go. Or it might catch fire." These are the odds, yes. Without straightening up, she looks over at him for guidance. Yay or nay to the catching fire plan?

"Mmm, I may try that sometime then." Lilith winks, she likes the sound of that. Hot.. passionate. Right? Lilith grins showing her white teeth and goes to peer next to the hood as well. "If it catches fire, I may be able to help with that." She offers but then makes a face, "But I wouldn't be with you in the truck so nevermind." Lili scratches her head.

"Yeah. Not too big on the possibility of burning to death. At least not before we have a Black President." Gunn shakes his head and stands back. "I'll just wait. I'll see if I can get a ride. Think you can have her up and at 'em by tomorrow?" Gunn is already rubbing his hand along the side of the truck, as if trying to apologize and all of that craziness.

"Yeah, I'll have it done for you by tomorrow," Reggie promises, feeling a little badly that she can't just miracle cure the poor truck again. "She won't be out of commission for long." She looks back down at the engine, leaning in to tighten that wire while she's in here. Once she actually has the battery, the last thing they need is something else going wrong.

Lilith feels bad for the poor truck and rubs it's side, looking up she watches Gunn and she looks over the hood with the other two then she leans against it and asks the question that she hopes Gunn doesn't get upset over. "We can get a new truck?" she looks hopeful. "Something more reliable."

"Not happenin'. This has been my baby for years. She's part of the family. Can't be replaced." Gunn is not about to give up on his truck until it decides that its going to give up on him. Or it gets blown up or something. "She's just having a hard time right now. She'll be fine once Reggie works her magic."

Reggie apparently feels really strongly about the truck, or maybe about Gunn's faith in her abilities. For she suddenly stops abruptly in fixing that loose wire, and turns to grab him bodily and just … plant one on him. And not some shy little peck either. It is, to say the least, surprising. To her as well! She thought this had passed!

"Ok, got it no replacing ol-" That's when Reggie kisses Gunn. She just /stares/. Inside a slight bit of jealousy works itself inside of her. Oh no she didn't! Lilith sets her jaw and nods her head. Her foot taps on the ground, her boot making a soft clinking noise. Arms crossed, Lilith doesn't look that happy. But she wouldn't admit if someone brought it up. All the while her eyes are centered on Gunn's reaction.

Okay. Wow. This is a very strange day for Gunn. Especially, well, considering that this is the second time he's been kissed in less than an hour. Which is good, but bad. Thanks to the kissing that he's just been through, prior to this, poor Gunn is freaking out about having his lips attacked by the likes of Reggie. So for a nice chunk of this not-some-shy-little-peck, Gunn is in shock. But for the rest of it, he's pushing at Reggie's shoulders to pull his lips free! He even takes a step back and plants a hand on the truck, just in case he's going to lose his balance or something. "Okay. I seriously need to find out what's in the water cuz… DAMN!"

Reggie's kiss is just a regular kiss, though, so unless he's prone to fainting spells, Gunn shouldn't be falling over. She's not that good a kisser! She's pushed away, stepping back rather abruptly herself as the urge passes. Her eyes go wide, and she brings a hand up to cover her mouth, like that's going to do any good at this point, really. "I- I- Oh my God. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I thought that had…" She takes a few steps further away, still looking pretty shocked herself, her face gone quite red. "I should go," she adds quickly.

Lilith blinks at both of their reactions. She is so confused right now. "I.. uh.." Lilith searches for the right words to say and she looks at Gunn and then to Reggie and then to Gunn. "How long has this been going on?" she ventures.

"That's what I wanna' know!" Gunn is losing his own mind right about now. Too many kisses in one day and this is not exactly good for his brain. He doesn't know which one likes him or if any of them do. God, what if he had kissed Fred? This is insane! "First Cordelia! Now Reggie!" Gunn raises his hands to the sky and starts to lose his mind a little bit. "I am not that sexy!" Gunn hasn't even figured that Lilith may be thinking something else is afoot and so he's turning to Reggie. "You okay?"

Reggie takes another stumbling step back, hand still over her mouth as if that is somehow going to keep it from happening again. Gunn's ranting gets a confused look from her, but then she's just going even redder. "No! I mean- I'm sure you are. Uh- sexy. Just not- not-" Okay, there is no single good way to finish that sentence. Which is maybe the only reason she actually answers his question, shaking her head a few times. "I … I don't think so. I should - I should go. And not be here."

"Reggie /and/ Cordelia." Regardless of the fact that Lilith and Gunn aren't together in that way, doesn't mean that Lilith isn't hurt by it. She likes to think that maybe someday she and Gunn would have /something/, now that is out of the window. She does look at Reggie with concern. The woman does look freaked out. Maybe something else is up. "Wait.. Cordelia is that woman in the lair.. she kissed you and then Reg here put one on you.." The gears in Lilith's head are turning, that with the way Gunn is talking.

Gunn is beyond the whole 'needing compliment confirmation' or whatever. He's more focused on the fact that there's possible issues with the Reggie. Not the same issue with Cordelia or Gunn would be on the ground weak in the knees or something. He's trying to put his detective skills to the work. "Something's up. And I don't mean my charming personality." He's kidding about that, by the way. "If you're in some kinda' trouble, Reg, we're gonna' help you through it. Team Gunn's a family… with a really cool name."

"I'm not in trouble," Reggie replies, slowly dropping her hand away from her mouth, but taking another step back as well. "I just can't stop doing that." She looks pretty embarrassed by that admission too. Not like she's really spent all that much time kissing guys the ordinary way to be comfortable with this random lip-locking with random people. "You should just stay away until I - until I can sort this out."

"Someone cast a voodoo on you?" Lilith likes that concept /much/ better than Reggie actually liking Gunn. Then Lilith realizes that she is being petty. Reggie is a friend who obviously needs help. "When did this start happening?" she directs it towards Reggie, giving Gunn a brief look.

"Probably about the same time Cordy started bein' more Cordy than usua…" Gunn starts to trail off, putting some things together in his head. In fact, there are a few thoughts meshing together that seem to be putting him into the world of Sherlock Homeboy. Maybe there's some kind of connection. Even if there isn't, then if he can find out when Cordelia and Fred started acting like Girls Gone Wild, maybe he can get to the bottom of this. But, Reggie's more important at this moment. "Well. That explains the random kiss, at least." Gunn isn't sure how he feels about all this magical attention. Does that mean he's not attractive normally?

Reggie frowns as Lilith mentions voodoo. Not that it hadn't occurred to her that there was maybe something supernatural to all this, but frankly, she might prefer the idea of just being crazy, and she really hates being called crazy. "A few days?" she replies to Lilith's question, shrugging weakly. "I kissed Dan after the Chinese food. I don't think he's going to talk to me again. Maybe that's the right idea."

Lilith blinks and nods, "Ok, don't worry hun. We'll help you through this and if I find out who did this to you. I'll make it /real/ hot for them. Promise." Lilith winks at the mechanic.

"Stay here." Gunn orders, just to make sure Reggie is listening. "Lili? You're off Cordelia duty. I want you to check out the chinese place. Maybe there's something in the food. I'll see if Cordy's problem and Reggie's are linked up by something. Maybe we can kill all these birds with one Ava sized stone." And yeah, that's when Gunn is taking his phone out of his pocket, again and dialing the gypsy's number.

"I- But-," Reggie protests as she's ordered to stay put. She heaves a sigh, crosses her arms, and does so, though she's not exactly rushing forward to reclaim the ground she's put between herself and the other two. Maybe it's a closeness thing? "Dan ate it too, and he didn't seem bothered. Other than by the fact I kept… you know." She goes kind of pink again.

"Gotcha." Lilith says though she stiffens at the order given, it's still hard to be given a order but she is working on it. "Chinese food in Chinatown?" Lili asks Reggie to clarify where. "And it might be only a female kind of thing. Since your and Cordelia's case might be linked some way." Lilith cracks her knuckles and her neck. "Do I get to beat the crap out of somebody?"

"Maybe he's gay." Gunn suggests to the talk of Dan. He's already moving on his way to get to work. He's got some detective stuff to handle. "Keep in contact with me. And Reggie? Stay inside, but away from Cordelia. Trust me, if you thought your kissing was a problem… you don't want to know hers." Yes, the Gunn is back in business and doing everything he needs to do to lead his team to victory!

Lilith salutes with a teasing grin. "Don't worry Reg, we're figure this out." The potentiality of beating someone up in order to help Reggie makes Lilith more than happy. You don't mess with Team Gunn, that's her family. "I'll call you later Gunn to update you on what I find." With that Lilith walks away, off to complete her mission!

"I guess?" Reggie replies to Lilith's question of where the Chinese food came from. "We had it at his place on Skid Row, but I'm pretty sure it came from Chinatown." She seems slightly puzzled to Gunn's suggestion about Dan. "Uh. Maybe. I don't know." She's a little overwhelmed by all of this, and really not happy about the idea of a whammy being put on her. "Oh, and I … have more news about the florist too," she adds, talk of the dinner with Dan reminding her of what he'd said. "But that can wait." She just gives a little nod, starting for the building with plans to stay away from most everyone, especially Cordelia.

"Ok, well I'll scout around and see if anyone says anything else has been happening. Maybe see what the local supes (meaning supernatural peoples) have to say about it and if they want to talk. Lilith grins and her whole arm ignites into bright flames they crackle with power and Lilith's eyes are full of an inner fire of excitement. "I'll make them." And FIREGIRL IS OFF.

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