Lin Sister Herbal
Lin Sister Herbal
Located In Chinatown
Type Store
IC Owner Lily Lin
IC Employees Emeline

Lin Sister Herbal is an herbal store in Chinatown. Everything from tea to magical herbs are available for sale there


Shelves upon shelves line the walls of Lin Sister Herbal and filled with jars and bottles of dried herbs. It's a small shop that's been in Chinatown for years. Painted colorfully in reds and gold, it smells distinctly and strongly of the many herbal remedies prescribed here. Most of the signs are in Chinese and only some of them have English translations (not all of them correct). The decorations include two large posters have outlines of human bodies with the proper points for acupressure and acupuncture. Two scrolls paintings with Chinese calligraphy hang on either side of the entrance. An ornately cared bird cage hangs behind the register that houses two brightly colored tree kingfishers.


Originally, Lin Sister Herbal was owned by Lily Lin and her younger sister, Tammy. While not a runaway success, the store made enough money that the two could afford to open up a sister store in New York City. Tammy moved to the other coast in order to run the smaller herbal store in the Chinatown there, however about a year ago, the disappearance of Tammy caused the East Coast store to close down, leaving only the original Lin Sister Herbal operational. Strangely enough, the elder Lin sister also vanished, not long after Tammy. While the police have yet to find the sisters, the store still remains open and is run by a friend of the family.


  • Interesting miscellany.

Notable Logs

  • A list of notable logs that have occurred within this establishment.
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