Portrayed By Rosario Dawson
Gender Female
Species Human (Cursed)
Date of Birth March 18, 1978
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Lili
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA USA
Occupation Bartender, Demonslayer
Known Relatives Mike and Bella Talin (Dead)
Significant Other None, offically
Special Powers Pyrokinesis
First Appearance

A young bartender who demon slays on the side with Gunn.


Lilith or ‘Lili’ as she was soon called by family and friends, was born on March 18, 1978 to Mike and Bella Talin, both of which were professors at NYU. Lili had a normal childhood and then when she turned twelve, her mother and father died in a car accident. It took Lilith a full year to even start talking again. While that year went by, Lili had been passed from foster home to foster home. She never felt love and support from anyone ever again. This proved to make Lili a more self-sufficient person. She didn’t depend on anyone for anything and she decided that to make it in life, all you had was yourself. Many of the people in her foster homes began to see and realize that Lilith had begun to go down a dark path.

She became a rebellious teen and she ran from her foster homes often, being returned by the police a few days later. She even stole from stores and was put into juvenile hall a few times. When Lilith turned sixteen, she discovered her power. The ability to create and manipulate fire, it happened one day as she got into a fight with a fellow orphan and the girl punched Lil in the face, the young pyro threw her hands in front of her to defend herself and flames blasted from her hands and burned the curtains in the room. The other girl was so scared that she never mentioned it to anyone. It was brushed aside as some freak accident. Lilith felt an odd sense of empowerment and exhilaration when she used her power and so she started to use it more and more but was also fearful that she would be labeled a freak if she told anyone about her ability. First she burned cups and utensils and then moved on to burning bigger objects. She was determined to get control over her ability, no matter what it might cost. She wasn’t someone that liked being unable to control herself. Not in the least.

When Lilith turned eighteen she was ready to tackle life on her own and survive out in the ‘real world’. She did this by first waitressing and sometimes dabbling in petty theft, like breaking in homes and holding up liquor stores a few times. Lilith got lucky because she was never caught for any of the crimes she committed, because if she had been caught she would have been put into prison. Until one day, a detective started showing up at places she was, asking questions trying to solve the mystery of the girl that had been robbing places all over New York. This of course freaked Lilith out and she decided she needed to make a move before things became too bad, so at the age of nineteen, Lilith Talin moved to sunny Los Angeles to hopefully start a new life and not be harassed by cops for things in her past.

Quickly getting used the new city wasn’t all that difficult. L.A. wasn’t all that different than New York at least not in Lilith’s eyes. She began to bartend at various bars and she eventually bought herself an apartment as she began a routine in L.A. life that was until she ran into a bunch of vampires one night walking home from work. While she had a measure of control over her ability, she couldn’t take down all the vampires and that left none other than Charles Gunn to rescue her. This event led to Lili wanting to know more about supernatural world and she joined up with Team Gunn to help slay some demonkin on the side of her bartending. Gunn even helped teach Lili different ways of hand to hand combat in order to protect herself beside just her unnatural ability to control fire. Now Ms. Talin is just trying to survive life in the supernatural city of Los Angeles.


Lilith is a tough woman, who knows how to survive the harsh world. She doesn’t expect much from people. She also doesn’t trust people easily, which leads people to think that she has something to hide sometimes. Lili also is a huge adrenaline junkie and can be called reckless at times because she likes to live life on the edge. Chasing a man on the street and a car is coming fast? While most people would stop, Lilith would just run faster and harder and laugh as she did because it gets her heart pumper more and she enjoys it.

She also has attitude, major amounts of it, so once you get on her bad side. It will be pretty hard for her to see you in a different light. It is not hard to make Lilith irritated or upset at you. It might have something to do with her power. She doesn’t take well to people giving her orders beside Gunn of course but even then she had to get used to following someone and not going off on her own. She is a rebellious spirit by nature.

Once you gain Lilith’s trust, she can be the most loyal person in the world to you but you first have to prove yourself in her eyes or she won’t ever trust you. She builds the wall around herself because of the fact that nobody seemed to care about her while she grew up so it’s hard for her to allow herself to feel anything towards other people because she is afraid of being hurt again.


Lilith has the ability to create and manipulate fire. This ability is one that she has been developing and practicing for years with and so she is quite adept at it. She is basically a flame thrower. She can set her hands and arms on fire but she hasn’t been able to set her whole body on fire. Lilith is also unaffected by heat and fire, since she is in a sense an embodiment of fire, it cannot harm her. She is also warm almost all the time and doesn’t feel the need to layer up in the winter as most people do. Lilith has shown the ability to be able to keep existing fires alive as long as she is concentrating on them hard enough it does tire her out soon though. A drawback to her ability is if she is in a large body of water, she cannot generate any fire at all. When it is raining she can generate little flames but they aren’t nearly as strong as when she is dry, but if she is swimming in the middle of the ocean, she cannot create any type of fire.

Lilith can throw a constant blast of fire for about a minute, maybe less on a bad day. She will be /very/ tired after this happens. Lili can create and throw fireballs, and depending on the size she can get very tired from that as well. Lilith’s flames are hot but only hot enough to make a surface or an object too hot to the touch, she work with iron to an



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