Lift And Supported


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Summary: Nothing's easy in L.A. Not even shopping for skimpies.

Date It Happened: 12/04/08

Lift And Supported


Times have been exciting and strange for Fred. Going outside for the first time, being attacked by a giant worm, following the trail of the now dead giant worm…with all the excitement, it's easy to figure out why the girl hasn't had a chance to even take her new lacy bra out of the bag let alone try it on. Finally, though, she's in her room and scratching something out on the walls when she pauses mid-formula and slowly turns around to face her crumpled Victoria's Secret shopping bag. Fred has little in the way of curves or the like so the bra she extracts from the bag is something possibly even extraneous. However, she shrugs and decides to put it on to see if Cordelia is right and things are better when she's supported properly. The moment she has the new bra on, things certainly do look different. Brighter, redder, more primal. Pulling down tight spaghetti string top she was wearing before over that lacy red bra, she doesn't go back to her formula. Instead, she walks right out of the room with a little swing in her hips and makes for the lobby.

For her part, Cordelia is down at the desk. It's where she usually is, when she's not at her apartment. She's actually typing at the computer at the moment. Invoices. One of her favorite things. With Angel in absentia, she's even opened up the curtains to let some of the sunlight in. It's a shiny happy place.

The Hyperion is quite a nice and happy place. Especially for Fred. Especially now. As Fred descends the steps, it's not immediately noticeable that anything is different for the girl. The only thing that seems to be changed is that the normally very shy and skittish woman has an extra store of confidence. It doesn't look like she wants to dart at the slightest provocation. As she descends the stairs, her eyes fall on Cordelia and she smiles, steering her steps toward the brunette. "Afternoon, Cordy."

Cordelia looks up, and smiles. "Oh, hi, Fred." She's actually rather surprised; usually they have to drag her out by her heels. Figuratively speaking, of course. "How's it going? Coffee?" She nods towards the pot. "I just made it today." So it might not be toxic. Yet.

"Mm. No thanks. Not really in a coffee mood." Swinging around the counter, Fred doesn't stop walking until she's right next to Cordelia, leaning close to the woman to check out what it is she's working on. "What's all this?"

Cordy indicates the screen. "Invoices." She points to columns. "This is what we have…this is what I'm invoicing…and this is what we owe. Depressing, huh?" She makes a slight face. She's a little surprised by the sudden interest, but hey. It's a good thing. It's not being under a table.

"Hmmm." Fred isn't really all that interested with the invoices, but then, she doesn't realyl let that on so early. "I guess so. You know me and all that modern stuff." The woman pauses for just a moment and adds softly, as if just realizing, "You smell nice."

Cordelia blinks. "Oh! Thank you! It's new perfume." She beams brightly. Any time someone notices her glamtastic goodness, it's good. "Want to try?" she asks, indicating her purse off to the side. Fred showing interest in makeup and perfume and girlthings is a goodness…right?

Goodness? Maybe. So far Fred's acting out of her norm, but nothing too far. "I'd love that," she smiles, almost innocent. Taking the perfume out of Cordelia's purse, she spritzes a bit on her wrists an then dabs it behind her ears. When she comes back, she holds out her wrist with a shy little grin for Cordelia to smell. "What d'ya think? Do I smell as good as you?"

Cordelia is happy to be encouraging. "Completely floral-ful. One more decent day shopping without wormness to get you some new outies to go with the new undies, a day at a salon, and you'll be completely uncaved." Okay, so encouraging and occasionally tactless.

Not caring about the tactlessness, Fred smiles happily at Cordelia's compliment. In fact, she gets a little closer and confides in an undertone, "I'm wearing mine right now. Have you tried yours on yet?"

Cordelia shakes her head. "No, I didn't take them home yet." she admits. "After the whole wormgoo incident, we came right back here to patch up Gunn, and I was so tired after I forgot to grab the bag." She indicates it off to the side of her desk.

Well then! That's perfect for Fred. She gives Cordelia a smile and only backs up to take the bag and bring it over to her. "Why don't you try it on now? It'll be like our girl bonding moment." Because, they did buy them together, why shouldn't they both wear them at the same time?

Cordelia blinks in surprise again. "Wow. Sure, I didn't think you were that into it." But, be encouraging, Cordy! She carefully opens the dried-goo-crusted bag to remove the red lacy underthings. "Can you keep an eye on the front for me while I go try them on?"

The grin that Fred gives Cordelia is quite pleased. A little like a cat that caught the canary. "Sure will," she assures, dropping into the seat that the other woman just recently vacated. "You're right. Things're much different now that I'm all supported and lifted."

The other woman smiles. "Sounds good. Give me five and I'll be right back." She heads over to the ladies room. One of the great things about the hotel; HUGE bathrooms, and only her and Fred to worry about using them. Once she's inside, she shimmies out of her current attire, setting it on the counter, before putting on the new-bought goodies.

While Cordelia is gone, Fred doesn't fidget or hide. Instead, she starts to fix her hair and generally preen herself. It's not something that the scared Texan would normally do in public - or really at all - but this is a different Fred from before for some reason. Her long long brunette hair is tamed into a tight French braid and she goes about borrowing some of Cordelia's make up in order to start coloring her face.

Cordelia comes back out about five minutes later. She slinks well. Cordy can already be pretty va-va-voom when she's trying, and now, even more so. She walks back out, before doing a spin-and-display. "How do I look?"

Now all done up herself, Fred gives Cordelia a nod of appreciation and then something approaching a smirk. Since when does Fred smirk? "Perfect." Especially now that she's slinking and all bra'd up. "Now, doesn't that just make a difference?"

Cordelia smiles. "Mmm, it does. I feel positively…." Predatorial? "Delicious. You look good!" she comments on the makeup. "Considering where you're starting from, of course."

Not the delicate little flower Fred, the girl's smirk just grows more pronounced. "I know I do." Twirling the ends of her braid around her fingers, she slowly pushes herself out of her seat. "We look so good we should be finding something special to do. Something specially involving people who appreciate how good we look."

Cordelia smiles, lips curling up. "Well, I can think of two of them who hang out around here. Or there's a whole city full of them out there." She waves a hand out that way.

"That's so true. We should let the boys have a little fun. They're always much too stuffy for my tastes." Tossing her long braid back behind her shoulder, Fred grins. "Let's find the boys and show them a good time."

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