Leon Trichar
Portrayed By Rupert Penry-Jones
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Date of Birth June 28th, 1770
Age 231
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Leo
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Motor Mechanic
Known Relatives No known relatives
Significant Other A Mystery!
Special Powers Standard Vampiric Powers, somewhat enhanced by age and understanding. Stakes dust him, so does lopping off the head. He doesn't like crosses and holy water. And he doesn't 'get' soul music.
First Appearance

No a whole lot is known about Leo - he rolled up one night in his pristine, perfectly restored 1965 Ford Mustang soft-top convertible, bought a run-down old garage and turned it into a full functional motor mechanic workshop. Only, he doesn't exactly seem to be advertising for clients. Or getting out too much. Regardless, he's generally known for his car, and the cigarette that often finds itself between his lips.



June 28, 1770 - Leon Trichar was born.
July 4, 1776 - America reaches independence
December 12, 1798 - Killed by Amilia
December 17, 1798- Clawed out of own grave as a Vampire
Early 1880's - Leon and Amilia ravage Europe
1850's - Leon and Amilia sail to Africa
1870's - Leon and Amilia establish a slave trade operation in South Africa. Leon becomes known as Leo, notorious for feeding Dutch Settlers to wild lions. For kicks.
1880 - England annexes South Africa in first Boer War
1884 - England bans slave trade in South Africa - Leo and Amilia set off for somewhere new
1900-1940 - The two Vampires land in America and tour the states, leaving bodies in their wake
1950's - Leo and Amilia establish a demon crime syndicate in Miami. Leo becomes invested in the business - drugs, prostitution, murders, theft
1965 - Leo acquires his most precious possession next to Amilia - a 1965 Ford Mustang Soft-Top Convertible
1970's - FBI and demon-hunting focus escalates, and Leo's organisation disbands. They make for new territory - Asia
1990 - Leo and Amilia re-establish the organization in Tokyo, sharing power with the already established organization (for 200 years) run by a Demon named Mint
1990's - Leo becomes obsessed with growing the organization to rival Mint's, drifts apart from Amilia in his single-minded ambition
2000 - Leo's organization strikes at Mint and his cartel. Leo's organization is defeated, many being killed or captured. Leo escapes, but Amilia does not.
2000 - A price is put on Leo's head, enough to make any human or demon filthy rich. He hides out in Asia for several months before fleeing to America, avoiding bounty hunters, demons and demon hunters alike
2001 -Arrives in LA, setting up a Motor Mechanic Workshop under his oldest identity, Leon Trichar. Hiding out in the city of Angels with nothing left but his eternal life - something that every likely faction wishes to take from him.

Notable IC events.



  • "Call me Leo. Y'know, like the lion? Actually, no, scratch that, I haven't got anything to do with lions. I certainly never fed anyone to one - that's ridiculous. Say, do you like football?"
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