Julian "Jack" Tiggs
Julian "Jack" Tiggs
Aliases Lots of them
Nicknames Jack, Jules, Mouse
Gender Male
Species Half-Demon
Age 139
Date of Birth June 26, 1862
Height 5'4"
Weight 126 lbs
Place of Birth York, England
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Actor, Serial Killer
Known Relatives None
Significant Other Simone Muldoon (former)
Special Powers Demonic Possession
First Appearance The Bigger Freak
Portrayed By Craig Roberts

The Demon Who Just Wanted To Prove He Wasn't A Loser. A half-demon hailing from England, Julian has played second fiddle for most of his long life and yearns to rise above his limitations, his ultimate goal being the engineering of a truly memorable massacre. He lives in his own world, is not entirely in touch with reality, and currently makes his living as a serial killer. He is better known publicly as a stage actor and singer, and may be recognized by individuals who have attended shows on Broadway.









Simone_icon.gif Simone is The One That Got Away from the golden age of the early 1900s; the fact that she killed a lady he very much liked is remembered but already pretty much forgiven. She's turned up again in L.A. as a twist of fate, and Julian is already obsessing over her. Just a little. He's practically forgotten about the most recent pretty dead girl, too, but after Simone dropped by to almost-eat Daisy Julian has started getting a tiny bit scared. Especially since she said he was sick and needed fixing.
Daisy_icon.gif Julian likes this girl. A lot. She's a sweetheart; she's into acting. She's pretty. All of the above more or less make her a wonderful woman. Julian has amateurishly saved her from the clutches of Simone, marking the girl's first encounter with the supernatural.


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