Jessalyn Mariot Yorke
Portrayed By Jessica Biel
Gender Female
Species Half-Demon
Date of Birth 28th of January, 1955
Age 46
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Jess
Place of Birth Cambridge, United Kingdom
Current Location Los Angeles, California
Occupation Freelance bodyguard and companion
Known Relatives Mother, Marianne; Sire, "Aleksander"
Significant Other None
Special Power Shapeshifting
First Appearance

Part doppelganger, part biker, and part geek, Jessalyn is a somewhat confused woman who has wound up in Los Angeles in search of her demonic sire. A greater purpose in life than chasing an elusive shapeshifter might in fact be a more welcome discovery….


Determined, obstinate, secretive, intellectual, and consciously detached from society, Jessalyn is close to the borderline of Asperger's Syndrome. She's fascinated by human social activity, but isn't at all sure that she ever really understands it. Instead, she studies people intently, trying to work out what's going on in their minds and why they act as they do.

Prone to doubting her own abilities and judgements, Jessalyn has a tendency to over-think options and possibilities. In many ways, she's better as an analyst than she is at taking the initiative, though when one of her charges is threatened she tends to respond swiftly and decisively.

She likes to see herself as a protector and helper, eager to overcome the taint of her "demonic" heritage – but by no means all of her past employers have been benevolent. Those needing supernatural bodyguards are not, after all, always the nicest of people. As a result, she occasionally takes on low-paid or even free jobs, to try to atone for saving bad guys from deserved ends.



  • 13th December 2001: Hoping to discover some interesting bones at the Humorous Humerus - being something of a student of anatomical variation - Jess instead finds herself distracted by the strange proprietress and an offensive customer….
  • 13th December 2001: Later that same day, Jess gets caught up in odd goings-on at Skid Row Florist's. Clearly, hunting for household decorations is a risky business in LA….







  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • Interesting miscellany.


  • Family members! Though I've not written in any other siblings as yet, there's a fair amount more that could be done with the doppelganger powers (especially the mental and magical sides) - not to mention the mystery of quite who and what her sire was, and what it is up to now….
  • Old contracts. Did you ever have need of a bodyguard while travelling on the East coast or further afield? Did you ever try to assassinate, kidnap, or otherwise harass someone Jess might have guarded? Were you in the same business as her?
  • Occult circles. Jess has been involved in mortal occult circles in Britain for decades. Some of the older members know her true nature and have at times studied her. Younger ones are likely to know fewer of her secrets, but might well be aware that she can be called upon to provide protective "muscle", especially for those with links to her mother.
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