Jackson Archer
Portrayed By Will Smith
Gender Male
Species Fictional Human (Cursed)
Date of Birth N/A
Age 30
Zodiac Sign N/A
Aliases Action Jackson, Jackie, J Rod
Place of Birth Hollywood, CA, USA
Current Location Hollywood, CA, USA
Occupation Actor
Known Relatives N/A
Significant Other N/A
Special Powers Limited Immortality, Enhanced Physicality
First Appearance First Day

There are very few people that don't know Jackson Archer. He is, currently, the highest ranking fictional character to ever grace the big screen and his action packed movies are of supreme blockbuster quality. Sound too good to be true? Well, the catch seems to be that the unknown actor playing Jackson Archer seems to take his character a little -too- seriously.


Nathaniel "Needles" Worthington has been a professional Production Assistant for quite a few years of his life. That is not what he wanted his life to be like. In fact, he moved out of his small midwestern town to Hollywood to become a filmmaker, even though he lacked the experience, know-how and general patience to do such things. In fact, the only thing he ever had going for him was his ability to come up with -really- good ideas. He had always been the type of guy that could think and visualize in a cinematic style and he wanted to transfer his thoughts onto the big screen. Unfortunately, not everyone that moves to the land of opportunity actually gets to answer that knocking door. No, Needles has been stuck in the same boring Production Assistant gig for years. Beyond learning a helluva lot about the movie making process, his life has sucked. Tremendously.

It wasn't until Needles ran into an agent by the name of Lucian, did he finally get his shot at the big time. It was a meeting that Needles didn't expect anything to happen in, but by the time he finished, he had signed an exclusive contract with Brimstone Entertainment (in blood) and was promised he would become an overnight success. That next morning, he woke up to a script and a large black man, both lying on the floor by the foot of his bed. Before he could figure out what exactly was going on, a call on his cell from Lucian explained that Brimstone Entertainment would be providing him with the budget to make his first feature length film: All Or Nothing, starring the world's greatest action hero: Jackson Archer. By this time, Needles started freaking out… in the best way possible.

Needles moved on to direct the awesome script that came with the awesome fictional character that seemed to be an amalgam of everything that most people want in their action hero. For Needles, All Or Nothing was his chance to become the great filmmaker that he'd always wanted to be. For Jackson, it was like someone was making a movie about his life. Being a physical manifestation of a fictional character idea has given Jackson a very dangerous and rough past, without him having to live through any of it. It's a very strange concept to try and grasp and only Needles knows the truth. Everyone else just seems to think the actor playing Jackson Archer is a bit off his rocker for never seeming to break character. But that makes him up for countless awards.

Jackson Archer has never really been the most stable person. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, but kicked so much ass during that growth period that nobody really seemed to worry about him too much. He joined the police academy and those years were rough on him, due to his tendency to go against the traditional grain of authority. Thrust into the LAPD, Jackson quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the greatest detectives that his precinct has ever seen. He was also the one that got suspended the most. However, when a crazed gunman start picking off his colleagues, one by one, Jackson has to risk his job and his life to find this guy and put him behind bars, or in the ground, where he belongs. When it turns out to be his ex-partner, whom he thought died on their first night out, Jackson's world is turned upside down. — All Or Nothing


Jackson Archer somehow manages to land a stable relationship and a wife. They're in the middle of trying to build family, but things aren't going as well as they were in the beginning. Jackson is becoming more and more involved with his police work and his wife is having some serious issues with Jackson's loose cannon ways. It looks almost like he has a death wish or something, which is the cause of all this crazy madness. A dangerous man by the name of Geoff Millar is hired to throw a wrench in Jackson's personal life and does so by killing his new wife. When the LAPD doesn't help him with his problem, Jackson quits the force and goes on a manhunt for Geoff himself. A manhunt that doesn't end until either Jackson or Geoff is dead. — Inside Out

Jackson Archer gets thrown for a loop when his entire worthless life is used in a big time government cover up. It seems that the CIA is in dire need of a fall guy for their latest "on US soil" assassination. They frame the rogue ex-cop, based on his record and tendency to hate authority and Jackson becomes public enemy number one. He teams up with the only cop that still believes in him and its a race across the country to take on the CIA and clear his name. The task isn't as easy as it sounds and by the end of everything, Jackson Archer is cleared of all charges. Except the ones he committed while trying to clear his name. Jackson's sent to prison. — Never Too Late To Die

Jackson Archer is serving time for crimes committed while trying to get cleared of a crime that he didn't commit. Unfortunately, though, his hometown of Los Angeles, has started to become more and more overrun by the criminals (as they are now being led by a big name crimeboss by the name of Normandy Stark) and the police aren't quite capable of handling the situation. When Normandy hears of Jackson's prison term, he stages a jailbreak that releases Jackson and a group of Normandy's cronies. Offered the chance to join Normandy in his attempts to take over the city, Jackson only considers this for a moment before turning on them and taking on the entire city… by himself. — City of Angels

Historical events of that nature aside, Jackson has been trying to cope with this whole Hollywood lifestyle. He's been told numerous times by Needles that he's not real and Jackson seems to get the concept, but it's hard to not believe you're real when you clearly are… in some form or fashion. He's been dealing with this integration into real society as well as possible, but he can't change his written personality. He's a fictional character trying to survive in a world that's more crazy than the one he was written into.

It's going to be a long franchise…


  • When a man, consumed by alcohol, is left for a blissful death, beneath piles of women… he's rescued by the one woman he's going to be able to count on for the rest of his life. Will they be able to form an alliance, dodge the sexual tension and somehow make it through their: First Day. (Starring: Jackson and Daisy)
  • In a world, where life throws you more curveballs than the Boston Red Sox. Our hero, Jackson Archer, must try and watch The Big Game, while distractions are thrown at him left and right. It's an important game that could hold the key to L.A.'s survival. No matter the cost, just make sure you follow: Directions. (Starring: Jackson, Daisy, Nadira and Francis)
  • Confused. Lost in a world of wealth. Jackson Archer stands guard around his home as he awaits the arrival of his greatest foe to date: The Deliveryman. In the midst of his struggle against the clock, his companion reveals some detrimental information that could spur Jackson's return to the life he left behind. It's a sign, It's Not Delivery. (Starring: Jackson and Daisy)



Jackson Archer is something of a complicated person to try and figure out. Could have something to do with the fact that he's not actually a person. Being a fictional character allows Jackson to be something more than just a crazy actor that gets too into his roles, which is probably what most of the people in the world think when they get a chance to talk to him. Jackson believes that he's every much the person that goes through the craziness that happens in his movies. He has a bigger tendency to believe things that are fake as a opposed to real, because he's just built that way. He seems to be solely focused on the one thing that takes him throughout his entire franchise: Save The Day. Which tends to make him more of a hero than the majority of the people he hangs around.

While he tends to lean towards the heroic side of the fence, Jackson does have a serious problem with authority figures and then some. Anybody that seems like they want to try and control his life or tell him what to do, tends to get either punched in the face or ignored blatantly. He's been through hell and back and feels that this new job as an "actor" doing bio-pics about his life, can't have very adverse consequences. He's chivalrous, but rough around the edges. Definitely somebody that couldn't be eloquent of he tried, but he manages to be able to handle himself in social situations long enough to get through them. Plus, he carries a gun. Always a good thing to have in a place like Los Angeles.

When it comes to relationships, Jackson doesn't seem to really have the ability to keep stable ones. Due to the fact that he's, well, Jackson Archer: Loose Cannon. The only person he seems to trust in this new world is Needles, who seems to be the person that brought him to life in the first place. Other than that, Jackson is in dire need of some lessons in sociality. He's rude, has a bad temper and a vocabulary filled with four letter words that should not be said in general conversation. He's more worried about shooting bad guys, saving the day and tossing out a couple of witty banter comments than he is anything as trivial as keeping a job or how much money he's making (which happens to be a lot, since he's now the biggest action star in Hollywood). If there's nothing exciting going on that he can do, then he's bored. And a bored ex-cop like Jackson is not a good thing to be. Especially when he has a tendency to go looking for trouble.

Gifts & Curses


- Highlander: Jackson Archer doesn't exist and therefore he doesn't have to deal with the problems that other people, that are real, have to deal with. He's immortal in the sense that he won't grow old and die, ever. This doesn't mean he can't be killed, so much as it means that dying of natural causes is pretty much something that he'll never have to worry about.

- I'm Batman: Based on his heroic visage, Jackson Archer possesses the skills necessary to be something of a street olympiad. He's in top physical condition for someone of his stature and fame, allowing him to be extremely agile, strong and even more durable than most average men his age. His body has been conditioned in a way that makes him a formidable athlete to deal with on any sort of level that involves such things. His stamina is also pretty peaked, in a way that the ladies sure don't have any complaints about. His limits are the usual human limits, as his fictional concept is based on a human and not some supernatural hero of justice.


- Connections: Seeing that Jackson Archer is a fictional character that was totally created by the supernatural forces that lurk in the Los Angeles area of California, it stands to mention that he can't exist without some sort of connection or anchor to the Real World. Jackson's anchor is Needles Worthington. As long as Needles is alive and breathing, Jackson Archer will exist as a physical being. However, should Needles die, Jackson will immediately cease to exist. This connection is two-fold, being that should Jackson reach an untimely demise, Needles will lose his soul to the darkness of Brimstone Entertainment, very likely becoming a minion of the hell dimension that produced the evil production company.

- Blockbuster: The source of Jackson's beyond mortal abilities happens to be his popularity. The entire reason that Jackson Archer is even worth being created as a physical being is due to the fact that people all over the world love him and his movies. The fanbase plays a huge role in Jackson continuing to be the ultimate action hero that he's proven himself to be, as they are directly connected to his powers and abilities. His gifts are reliant on the popularity that he, and his movies, have. As long as Jackson Archer is a blockbuster movie star, his abilities will remain in his employ. Should he ever lose his status and become a Has Been, his gifts will surely fade.

- Contractual Obligations: Brimstone Entertainment has complete control over Jackson Archer by way of the scripts that make up the movies that he's the hero of. These scripts represent Jackson's past and memories, thus should anything happen to any of them, he is bound to lose those memories and so forth. Brimstone Entertainment also houses the contract that Needles signed his soul over with. This contract is the life-line between Jackson and Needles. Should it ever be destroyed, Jackson will also cease to be living any longer. There has been supernatural mojo worked on both the scripts and the contract, as extra added protection, but no magic spell is foolproof.

- On Location: Jackson Archer was created to be a Hollywood star and that's what he is. Not only that, but his character background shows that he's from the Los Angeles area and that tends to play a big part in his new life as a "real" person. His gifts are graciously attached to the City of Angels and the surrounding area, meaning that the further away from Los Angeles Jackson goes, the more mortal he becomes, in terms of losing his gifts and special abilities. Within the city limits, he can provide the citizens with awesome heroic feats of rogue justice to look upon, but a trip across the country will turn him into nothing more than a simple man. With guns.

- Interlude: Being from the cinematic world and possessing the same state of mind, Jackson is weak against music. Depending on the type of song that's playing in the vicinity of his ears, Jackson's mood and attitude is heavily affected. For instance, sappy music and love ballads would have him feeling the urge for a romantic interlude, while hard-hitting rock songs would get him amped up and ready for war. Jackson, himself, doesn't even notice this change in attitude or the reason for it, as the music always seems to make him feel like this should be happening at this specific time and so forth. Music makes this man go 'round.

- Flashbacks: Jackson is prone to having flashbacks at any given time. Anything in the Real World can spark such things, whether it be something someone said or a picture or anything like that. When Jackson enters into a flashback sequence, he no longer seems to be part of real time and his body exists in a catatonic-like state until his flashback is over. Which means no movement and no signs of life other than his (unneeded) breathing. This is something akin to when psionics play around on the astral plane, for comparison's sakes.

- Extras: Jackson Archer is a solo hero that takes on the world by his lonesome, by choice. On screen, this makes him look like a total badass and everything. However, in the Real World, this proves to be something of a problem for those around or close to him. His close friends, like Needles and co-stars of his films, may fall prey to what could only be considered 'bad luck' in terms of hanging around Jackson too much. This seems to cause Jackson's enemies to seek them out for hurting sakes or other reasons. Not to mention they may end up in the crossfire and things like that. It's almost like a cloud of disarray surrounds Jackson and even those he doesn't know, but are within the near vicinity of the action star, end up getting caught up in his crazy adventures… and, more often than not, in a dangerous or compromising position.

- Collateral Damage: Because of the extremely explosive nature of his On Screen life, this has carried over to the Real World. Jackson has this strange tendency to cause things to explode, break, crash, burn and other sound effects seen on the classic Batman television series. Granted, the materials for such things must be around, but more often than not, a stray bullet from Jackson's gun will cause a propane tank to explodinate in a massive way, rather than a realistic one. The same thing goes for car crashes and other things of a cinematic nature. This is not a good sign for the innocent bystanders nor the city. Having Jackson Archer as a resident can prove to be very expensive.

- Death Wish: Being a genre-specific fictional character brought to life, Jackson Archer has no clear sense of self-preservation. This makes him a wild and reckless individual, as he's prone to just do things without even thinking about what could be deadly consequences. Based on what he's been through in his life, he has this misconception that he can survive just about anything, which is what happens in his movies which are, to him, as real as it gets. One might even go so far as to say that he actually does have a death wish. Especially considering his character background, where he's lost everything that's ever mattered to him.

- Bad Timing: Being from the land of action and adventure, Jackson Archer lives in a world where he can't ever get what he wants. Most of the time. Whenever there is something good about to happen to him or there's something that he really wants… the Powers That Write always seem to throw something in his path. Whether its a birthday party or hooking up with a hot babe from dispatch, usually something manages to come up. And by come up, I mean blow up or be shot at or kidnapped and tortured.

- That Just Happened: Having bad luck is one thing, but having bad luck that always seems to kick in at the most inopportune times is another thing all together. Jackson Archer seems to have the latter. Based on his cinematic lifestyle, things always seem to go wrong for him at the wrong time. Whether he's about to get into a car chase and his car won't start or if he's about to shoot someone and finds out that he's run out of bullets… anything that can go wrong, usually does. Obstacles that have to be overcome in order for him to be the hero that he's designed to be.

Brimstone Entertainment

Brimstone Entertainment has been around almost as long as Hollywood has itself. It is a little known fact that it was actually one of the first production companies ever, though it went by another name. Most recently, after acquiring an exclusive contract with Wolfram & Hart, the production company expanded its base into all facets of the entertainment industry and repositioned themselves to be one of the highest grossing companies on Los Angeles soil. It was almost like magic. Now the company is content with dominating the entertainment industry from their massive skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles to their Studio Lot in the heart of Hollywood. They are truly a force to be reckoned with and they are responsible for some of the greatest hits to have an opening night.

Brimstone Entertainment deals in Television/Motion Picture Production, Promotions, Representation, Music Production & Distribution and a variety of other small business ventures within the entertainment industry as a whole.

Key Players:
- Lucian Fernando (Brimstone Entertainment's Top Talent Agent.)
- Nathaniel "Needles" Worthington (Director/Producer - Under Contract.)
- Jackson Archer (Actor, Jackson Archer Franchise - Under Contract.)
- Daisy Garrison (Personal Assistant to Jackson Archer)

Key Productions:

  • Jackson Archer Franchise (Action, Motion Picture): The Jackson Archer Franchise chronicles the life and adventures of a former LAPD detective that somehow manages to find himself in crazy situations that require his specific talents and disregard for public safety and image. This series has been known to rival other powerhouse franchises like Die Hard or James Bond and recently has become the third highest grossing franchise of all time. The newest flick in this franchise, entitled Live For Tomorrow is slated for a Summer 2002 release. Brimstone Entertainment representatives say that it's going to be the biggest and most explosive one yet.
  • Across The Line (Sketch Comedy, TV Series): Only viewable on cable television because of its raw and uncut nature, Across The Line is one of the more rude sketch comedy shows that have been released in recent years. The show prides itself on pushing the envelope into a vat of lava and blowing up the vat with C4 and Nuclear Weapons. Every skit they do is just wrong, but hopefully, hilarious. From My Pal Hitler (a running mini-sitcom about a Jewish Man and his roommate: Hitler) to Mighty Prejudice Power Racists (which is a parody of the Power Rangers… gone terribly wrong), this show has no limits. It must be doing something right, as it's into the third season.
  • Dead Men Talking (Comedy, TV Series): Thrown onto network television, Dead Men Talking is a tongue-in-cheek comedy series about a funeral parlor that's run by two dead brothers. On the surface they provide all the services and needs for the recently deceased. But when night time comes, the parlor is flipped on its head and becomes a TV studio, where the two brothers host 'Dead Men Talking' a late night talk show for the afterlife. Ratings are up and down on this show, but it seems to be gathering a solid enough following that it might make it to a second season.
  • Dangerous Curves (Action Comedy, Motion Picture): It's bad news in Cancun when a crazed fashion mogul tries to kill a beach of beautiful women for not wearing his designs. The local authorities can't handle this crazy problem, so a low-end government agency sends in one of their bustiest agents to go undercover and try to take this spoiled fashion brat down before the world's becomes one ugly place. Pamela Anderson has Dangerous Curves.
  • Soul: (Drama, TV Series): Chicago has fallen to the darkness. Evil creatures bent on destroying the world have taken over the city and there's only one man that dares to do anything about it. Unfortunately, the witch that's turning the Windy City into a land of chaotic destruction has taken the one thing he cared about: his soul. Now, in order to get it back, Damien Grant must fight both his personal demons and the witch's minions. While the show is something of a small cult hit, it's banking on supernatural twists and turns to keep it successful. Standing strong through two seasons, it looks like things may be headed for a more mainstream audience with the inclusion of a love interest from Damien's past.
  • The Artist: (Drama, TV Series): Professional con artist, Michael Charles, finds himself framed for a murder that he didn't commit. In order to clear his name, he must con his way across the world and back again, in search of the true criminal. Hunted by the FBI and anyone else that's a little ticked at his own criminal activities, Michael has few friends that he can call on to assist him in his journey. A mid-season pick up for one of the network stations, this new series is starting off strong. Brimstone Entertainment is already in talks with the network about ordering a full second season.



Big Screen

  • All or Nothing: Released in 1992, this was the flick that started it out. Literally exploding onto the scene out of nowhere, Jackson Archer became the most beloved renegade LAPD officer due to his crazy antics, loud mouth and no-holds-barred attitude for getting the job done. We're introduced to Archer's world in this movie and it seems like he's got just cause to be the way he is, what with the captain always breathing down his next and his tendency to get himself suspended. But when a slick sniper starts popping cops with ease and sending a message to the department, Jackson Archer is the only man that can possibly bust this guy. Reluctantly reinstated by the captain, Jackson goes head to head with this wild gunman only to find out that it was his former partner… who was supposed to be dead!
    • Needles Worthington (Director/Producer), Jackson Archer (as Jackson Archer), Kenneth Coleman (as Michael Lawerence) and Victoria Hastings (as Juliana)
  • Inside Out: Released in 1994, this was a sequel that most people didn't think would live up to the explosive nature of the first one. With a story that centered around Jackson settling down with Juliana, it sounded like there would be considerably less action than the original flick. Turns out this is only about the first twenty minutes of the film. Jackson and Juliana are having issues and they never get resolved because Geoff (who won the MTV Best Villain award that year) Millar kills her and leaves her for Jackson to find. Of course, Jackson wants revenge, but the LAPD won't let him. So Jackson takes matters to his own hands, quitting the force and becomes a one man army against Geoff and his criminal organization.
    • Needles Worthington (Director/Producer), Jackson Archer (as Jackson Archer), Wilson Luke Owens (as Geoff Millar) and Victoria Hastings (as Juliana)
  • Never Too Late To Die
  • City of Angels
  • Live For Tomorrow

Rumor Mill


  • "No Sweat."


  • Main Theme: Every Day Is Exactly The Same - Nine Inch Nails Listen
  • That Just Happened: The Little Things - Danny Elfman Listen
  • Streets of Rage: Flipside - Freeway (featuring Peedi Crakk) Listen
  • Fast Getaway: Speedin' - Rick Ross (featuring R. Kelly) Listen
  • Long Beach: Hey Papi - Jay Z (featuring Memphis Bleek) Listen
  • Lost Cause: Scars - Papa Roach Listen
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