Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt
Portrayed By David Tennant
Gender Male
Species Cursed (Werewolf)
Date of Birth ???
Age ???
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases ???
Place of Birth ???
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation ???
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Special Powers Heightened senses, control over shifts
First Appearance Bad Dogs

Jack is an NPC. If you're interested in what hooks he has to offer, send a +request to staff.

Jack is a bit of a mystery, as nobody knows where he came from or who he is — but due to his uncanny control over his abilities, he's got to have been around for a while. He appears to have an interest in Hannah and her pack, or perhaps a pack of his own.

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Where Jack comes from is anyone's guess. The man may talk in a British accent one day, then a heavy Slavic one the next, and he's not very specific as to his origins. What is known, however, is that he is a rogue werewolf and has been for quite some time. While he is far from notorious, he is known (and oft hated) in some pockets of the world. His modus operandi is to move into a place near an established pack (usually led by a female), wreak havoc on the populace, and use brutal, often primitive methods (such as overpowering an alpha or attempting to build numbers for himself by deliberately biting humans) to take over the territory. He's never succeeded, of course, as he's typically driven out, but the damage he leaves in his wake is generally lasting. He's not known for patience in seeing a plan through and will often give up if his initial repeated overtures are thwarted.

Speculation exists that Jack is an escaped mental patient who was bitten by a lycanthrope during his incarceration and subsequently escaped on the night of a full moon. There exist no records of a man named 'Jack Spratt' in any mental hospitals in the country, but it's most likely that 'Jack Spratt' is a pseudonym (or he just comes from another country).



"I could get you breathing heavier, sweet, but I don't have time."

to Lilith

"I'm not looking to take over, love. You and I, we could do great things together. We've got potential."

propositioning Hannah

"I don't think there'll be any 'You and I' for the forseeable ever."
"I think you'll change your mind before long. I'll bring you more gifts. That should win you over. Many more gifts. And I'll make friends, too. They'll tell you I'm not a bad sort."

Jack is very insistent

"Yeah, I can smell how much you've got it handled. You'd have a more convincing argument if you didn't smell like you'd had a buffet at an orphanage."

remarking to Matthew about his handle on his own lycanthropy

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