I Can Has Tuna?


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Summary: Ava meets Princess, and Seth is a jerk.

Date It Happened: December 2, 2001

I Can Has Tuna?

Harbor Area

Seth Ward lives in a lovely townhouse on L.A.'s harbor, and he shares that house with - currently - two cats and his ex-wife. One of the cats is a new addition and is apparently fond of the outdoors, and so when the warlock leaves the house he usually offers the newbie the opportunity to spend the day outside. Today is such a day, and Seth exits his home with keys in hand, his slate-grey blazer and trousers offset by a dark red shirt over a black undershirt. "C'mere, Princess. If you want to set your pretty little self out, now's the time to do it." Yes. Princess. Seth knows perfectly well at this point that his new cat is a male, but the name Princess is somehow just… appealing. Knowing Seth's personal habits, it's probably unsurprising that he hasn't yet left his house though it's nearing eleven in the morning.

The townhomes are very hoitytoity, and as such it's rife with the perfect clientele for Ava. As it happens, she's stepping out of the house of a retired couple, the elderly lady giving her a grandmotherly pat on the arm and shoving a Ziploc bowl into her hands. "My tuna casserole's won awards!" the woman's as Ava attempts to disengage and says goodbye. The woman retreats into her home, and Ava sighs with relief. Curius, she pries open a corner of the lid under which the tuna casserole is hidden.

"Princess" is a fairly appropriate name for the cat, considering that he's a calico. Fully functional and intact calico males are about one in ten thousand. Ah, the miracles of nature. "Princess" comes when he's called, though there's just something about the way the cat moves that indicates he's displeased with something. As soon as he's out on the doorstep, he trots off down the walk without a backward glance and starts heading out into the wide wide world. The wide wide world that has tuna casserole. He can smell it. And so he makes a beeline for Ava, who will soon find herself with a cat entwining himself between her ankles and purring up a mad, booming storm.

The front door to the Ward house is soon shut and locked, with one wise feline still lurking inside of it. The keys in the cripple's hand jingle as he scoops them up into his palm and then pockets them, starting to head down the walkway to the street. Seth can't help but follow the path his cat is taking, somewhat surprised by the very sudden way in which Princess refuses to linger around and get underfoot. It's just odd. Which is totally explained by the presence of a gypsy. "Morning."

"Kitty!" Ava enthuses in delight, crouching down to run her hand along Princess' back and let her hand get butted by the feline's head. With a sly look to her client's doorway, she pops the lid more fully on the casserole and uses it to scoop out a clump of the tuna stuff onto the sidewalk. "There you go, pretty girl." she coos, scratching the cat between its ears. She blinks when she's addressed and looks up in surprise. "Oh! Hi there. I mean, good morning. Is this your cat?"

PRRRrrRRRRRrPRRRRRRRRPRRRRRRrrrrrr. That's what "Princess" says. And he doesn't even get offended at being called a 'girl', either, but that's because Ava has given him tuna casserole, which he sets upon immediately and ravenously. It's like he's never ever ever been fed before.

"He is. Princess is a glutton for free food." Even if it smells. And Princess is obviously also a whore for attention. The warlock limps forward at a fairly even pace, approaching the girl-and-cat pair at his own speed. "What brings you all the way out here, Ava? Especially without your walking lump of muscled meathead." Here he refers to dear Nicolae.

Ava remains in her crouch, ravishing 'Princess' with attention while her smile is turned upward toward Seth. "I was visiting a client. And please don't call him that."

"Princess" is a very very happy kitty. Quick work is made of the tuna casserole and he's soon back to headbutting and rubbing himself all over Ava's hand and legs and arm and anything else within reach. All the while emitting a deep, resounding purr that could probably wake neighbors. Take me home w/ u plz.

"But that's what he seemed to be. Does he expect anyone to believe his lies about your phone service?" Obviously Nicolae is not Ivy League material. Seth finally draws himself up in front of the woman, and then lets his cane twitch outwards to give Princess a convenient face-rubbing spot that isn't made of Possibly Jailbait Gypsy Girl.

Ava is so very, very tempted. She moves gently to see if Princess will object to being lifted up into her arms - she seems to know how to hold a cat, making sure his legs are supported, but will let him go if he puts up a fuss. "He's protective." Ava says. "And he's smart enough, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't insult him. Even if it's funny that you dress like you're in GQ and have a mouth like a chav."

No, "Princess" does not object even the slightest bit to being lifted up, even though he's in the middle of rubbing both corners of his mouth on Seth's cane. The cat then proceeds to snffsnffsnff curiously at Ava's face. And then he does the only thing that's left for him to do: he facebutts her chin. Hard. WHUMPprrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrr. Tailflick.

Don't you steal Seth's cat, Gypsy Jailbait, he'll curse you to kingdom come. The man frowns down at Princess as the cat is drawn into Ava's arms, then squints at the woman herself. "I think it's funny that a street entertainer seems to have a special little something in her tarot that lets her know more than she should. Is it a trick, or are you genuine?"

"I didn't steal your wallet." the girl replies with a shrug. The cat is turned so his spine is along her arm, and she begins to rub his belly. For most cats, this induces one of two reactions: sheer bliss, or spastic craziness. "I see what I see." Hexing a gypsy? Yeah, there's a great idea.

At first, "Princess" is a little bit unsure about this whole 'being on my back' thing, but he doesn't put up a struggle or attempt to bite or scratch. Instead, after being settled, he just stays a moment. Then he reaches out to grab Ava's hand between both forepaws and hunches himself up so he can lick it. Prrprrrrprrr.

That wasn't a denial. As far as the warlock is concerned, Ava just confirmed herself as Something Magical, for better or for worse. Probably for worse. The man reaches his free hand out to stroke along the base of Princess' closest ear, scratching it once he reaches its very bottom. Good kitty. It is a miracle that he has managed to hold in any gushy babytalk. "You see what you see. And what does the musclemeat do?"

Ava looks down at Princess. "Sorry, kitty. Your owner is a jerk." Gently she sets the cat down, and without further word toward Seth, turns and walks away. See, she was serious when she said 'don't talk about him like that'.

!!! But! But! "Princess" starts to follow after Ava, because damn it all, he was enjoying all that attention. Not that he's starved for it at Seth's place, but. Tuna casserole. Womanperson.

"Aww, how cute. You hear that, Princess? Daddy's a jerk, yes he is." This is said by Seth while Ava is still in earshot as the man bends down to offer the cat lovins - only to find himself with no cat. Hmph. "Don't pay her any mind, she's just pissy. Seers always are."

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