Hyperion Hotel
Hyperion Hotel
Located In Downtown LA
Type Investigations
IC Owner Angel
IC Employees Wesley, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn

The home base operations for Angel Investigations. The help the helpless.


The California-Spanish building known as the Hyperion Hotel was built in the 20s. Through the cast iron gates from the sidewalk, is a small front courtyard with a rectangular fountain, and a mythological figure holding a bowl from which water flows. Greenery frames the walls and a large set of glass double doors that open into a high ceilinged lobby. Dark red carpet descends the four steps to the lobby floor and climb the two sets of stairways that lead to the second floor. These stairways branch off in front of two doors on the landing. The green marble floors are broken by wavy red inserts, as are the walls broken by a red border running their length. A set of doors identical to those of the entrance lead to a small enclosed garden.

Cream-colored pillars line two sides of the room, holding up the second-floor balconies that look out onto the lobby and creating arches. Underneath one of them is a large plate glass window that looks into the hotel office - now used by the head of Angel Investigations. There's a wraparound counter with dark wood paneling and a top the same color as the floor. Behind it are filing cabinets and a pair of desks pushed together. A navy blue circular couch harkening back to a 50s design sits close by. A large wooden, glass-doored cabinet pushed up against the wall holds a large assortment of weapons.


The Hyperion Hotel, before it leased for private use, was an upper-class hotel. It was the stage for a small riot where a man who had lived there for a few years was hanged off the balcony after being suspected as being a murderer and a monster. After that, the hotel closed and it remained the home of a Thesulac demon until Angel, Wesley and Cordelia drove away the demon and claimed the space for their own. With the help of the millionaire David Nabbit, the Investigations crew buy a lease for the hotel and make it their base.


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