How To: Post Logs

There have been a few inquiries as to how to post logs to the Angel City MUSH wiki, so here's a quick tutorial that should give you some insight. If you have any remaining questions, ask in-game on the Questions channel, or page/@mail a staffer.

Table of Contents

The Logs Page

To get started, head over to the logs page. Take note of how things are set up, then click the "Edit" button.


AAAAAH WHAT IS THIS? Don't panic. Make sure you're under the correct month and year (in this case, February 2002) and then fill out your log's date, title, and cast as outlined by the other logs in the list. (If the month/day is already shown in a previous listing, don't bother putting it in.)


As you can see in this example, I've put in the title ("The Masochism Tango") and cast (Grant and Gwen). The square brackets ([ ]) create links to the named pages (in this case, to the soon-to-be log named "The Masochism Tango" and the cast pages for Grant and Gwen). In the comments box, I've added a note about what I'm adding for others to see in the Recent Changes and the logs page's history section.

Once you've filled all this out, click the "Save" button.


As you can see, the log's title is linked in orange instead of yellow. Click on the orange link and it will take you to another page. This page will say that "the page has not been created yet". Click on "create page" to open the Create a New Page window.


This is the Create a New Page window. To get started, click on the drop-down menu under the title box and select "Log Template". This will lay down the basic wikicode structure for a log page.


Tada! Now just fill it out, replacing "CHARACTER-NAME-GOES-HERE" with the names of the characters who are participating (in this case, Grant and Gwen). If you need more character icons, copy/paste the code and fill it out as needed. Next, fill out your log summary. Make it pertinent and at least mildly informative of the log's events, but it doesn't have to be a novel. Then fill out the date in which the log took place, add the log's title, and the place where it occurred. Finally, copy/paste the log into the end.


Your final product should look something like this. Once you've got it, hit "Save" (or "preview" if you would rather make sure you've got it all right).


The end result should look like this.

Congratulations! You've now posted a log to the wiki. Go forth and make more!

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