Have Some Breakfast


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Summary: Hannah brings Junayd breakfast in bed…err, cage.

Date It Happened: February 12, 2002

Have Some Breakfast

Lin Sister Herbal - Basement

That was the last of Junayd's shift nights and, although progress is slow, it's apparent that some is being made. He's been making the effort not to fight the change, though it's mostly a reflexive thing these days, and it's led to a mildly calmer cat. Mildly. Now that dawn has broken, it's just a naked Israeli in a cage. He doesn't wake up in as much of a frantic horror as the first night, but when he does lift his head, he casts a cursory glance around to make sure he's still locked up. Yup. Cage, chains, everything intact. Time to put his head back down and regenerate the energy cells a few minutes.

The door opens, and down the stairs comes Hannah. "Wakey wakey!" she trills cheerfully. "I have coffee and an egg and cheese biscuit for you. I wasn't sure if you ate bacon or not."

Mnf. Junayd lifts his head again and squints at Hannah, blinks, squints. Food? From Hannah? Despite the feast of fresh meat the night before, he is ravenous. Best not to question, because damn it, it's food. He slowly rolls himself over and over and over until he comes up against the bars on the side of the cell he'd left his robe, picks it up, and throws it on. Then he goes digging around for the keys in the robe's pocket. "I love bacon," he says, and then a pause when he comes up empty for keys. He starts looking around the bars for them. "Didn't happen to see my keys, did you?"

Hannah blinks. "No? But let me look around." She holds out the bag to him. "There's a bacon, egg, and cheese one in there that's mine, but you can have that one instead."

Ooh! Snatch! As soon as he's got the bag, Junayd opens it and … sticks his face in. Literally. Snffsnffsnff. Not a conscious effort, to be sure. He's just hungry. Out comes a wrapped biscuit, which he sniffs experimentally before holding out the bag again. "Thanks." The keys have slid under a nearby shelf, apparently having dropped there during the haste to get out of the robe earlier. "You know, I've been thinking about your little situation with the rogue."

"Oh?" it takes her a few moments to look for it, and finally she crouches down near the shelf, having spotted a glint of metal. Her fingers curl around the key.

The crinkle of paper announces the unveiling of food. "Mm-hm. You can get rid of him easily if you just— " And then Hannah crouches down and all brain activity regarding Junayd's mouth ceases. Blink. Stare. "Uh." Stare. Blink. His jaw flaps wordlessly a few moments before he manages to get his mind back on track. "Set a ass— ssssssssssssss trap." Oh that was awesome, good job. "Trap. For him."

Hannah straightens, and rolls her eyes before she turns and holds out the key. "You mean with a tranq gun?"

"No, a real gun. Silver bullets and all." Junayd takes the key, but opts to pocket it and sit cross-legged against the bars to eat his sandwich. The bag with the leftover biscuit is set outside the bars. "You said he was trying to get your attention, so give it to him. Lure him in, then kill him. It's very effective." He's trapped things before, shifters included.

Hannah holds out her hand for the bag. She'd like the other sandwich, please. "I think he might be too smart for that, but it's worth a try."

Junayd scoffs quietly. "Anything can be made stupid with the proper bait." Especially males, mm-hmm. He glances at Hannah's outstretched hand, then down at the bag, then smirks. "What do you say~?" he teases in a sing-song.

"I say you'd best give the woman who gave her bacon to you her damn sandwich." she replies sweetly.

Close enough. Junayd takes the sandwich out of the bag and hands it over, then smashes the bag beneath a palm — and pauses, stares at it, smashes it again. It crinkles ohgodthatissofun. Smash. Smash. Okay, stop. "Anyway. Trap. Proper bait. Dead werewolf. Problem solved." Munch sandwich.

Hannah starts munching. "I know what he wants." she confesses. "Or what he claims to want, anyway. It's a shame he's psychotic."

Junayd raises an eyebrow at that. "You can't be that hard up for a good lay," he remarks bluntly. Like he's one to talk about being hard up for a good lay.

Hannah shrugs. "That's not the point is it? Nor is it something I particularly want to discuss with you." Her tone is mild. "Glad you enjoyed your breakfast." She turns to head for the stairs.

"Glad you brought it," responds Junayd, lifting his mostly eaten sandwich in a salute. Then he just watches her go, because ogling never hurt anyone, right? Right. Even if she's a werewolf.

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