Hannah Cooper
Hannah "Annie" Isabel Cooper
Portrayed By Yvonne Strahovski
Gender Female
Species Werewolf
Date of Birth July 30, 1973
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases None
Place of Birth Petaluma, CA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Stuntwoman, Cafe Owner
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other None
Special Powers Shapeshifting, Enhanced Smell and Taste, Animal Attraction
First Appearance Damn Good Pie

Hannah is a stuntwoman and the owner of the Moon Pie Cafe in Los Feliz. She is also a werewolf, and has declared Griffith Park as territory belonging to her and her kind. Hannah is a staff-run NPC. Page or +request to staff if you would like to have a scene with her.


Hannah Cooper is a Northern California native who spend her teenage years in the surfing and extreme sports circuit. After attending UCLA, she began and continues in a modest career in stuntwork. She is also the owner of the Moon Pie Cafe, a pie eatery in Los Feliz not far from Griffith Park. While making pies seems somewhat incongruant with her outgoing lifestyle, she claims it gives her zen.

Unbeknownst to many, Hannah has been a werewolf since she was 18 years old, having been bitten after being inducted into Lambda Pi Alpha, a nationally chartered sorority whose membership really are genuine bitches.

The Moon Cafe serves as a central meeting point for shapeshifters of various types. Other supernaturals are welcome there, so long as they behave themselves. Hannah has declared herself the alpha of a territory that includes Los Feliz and Griffith Park. Rumor has it she has great control over her werewolf form, and is willing to teach those brought to her to help control their own inner beasts provided they abide by her rules.

Stupid Werewolf Tricks


[Shapeshifting] Hannah is compelled to change into a monstrous werewolf shape during the three nights of the full moon each month. She can hold back the change if she desires, but doing so is a disciplined effort which has taken her years to accomplish. She is capable of far more control in her werewolf form than many of her kind, able to excercise restraint and react with recognition to people, places, and objects that are part of her human life, though she still reacts like a feral creature. She is also able to recollect her time as a wolf, though the memories are vague. While in werewolf form, Hannah has increased strength, stamina, and toughness. She can throw off physical damage quite easily, though as per legend, she is highly vulnerable to silver. She's a living, breathing creature, so attempts to use drugs and tranquilizers on her will be successful, provided they are of adequate dosage. And of course, she's got claws and a nasty infectious bite.

[Acute Taste/Smell] Hannah's sense of smell and tast are absolutely uncanny regardless of her form. She can pick up scents the way a bloodhound does, and even to a degree, better. She can smell the nature of a vampire, whether someone's been doing the horizontal bop (and even with whom), or if someone's feeling afraid. While most natural smells don't bother her, sometimes it can be exceedingly overwhelming. Fortunately, there are products out there that can numb one's sense of smell, but they're a mixed blessing for obvious reasons.

[Animal Attraction] As a she-wolf in her prime, Hannah has a natural personal magnetism that she can amp up to make those who are attracted to her gender pay more attention to her. It's a presence thing, so it works on humans, demons, and vamps across the board (when in human form, natch!), again provided they're attracted to her gender. Those who aren't may be prone to reacting with jealousness, envy, or with a need to assert themselves in her presence, in terms of a metaphorical (and on occaision, actual) bitch-fight.



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Wild ~ Poe
She-Wolf ~ Flight Of The Conchords
Good Vibrations ~ Gym Class Heroes
Pour Some Sugar On Me ~ Def Leppard


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