Gwen Raiden
Gwen Raiden
Portrayed By Alexa Davalos
Gender Female
Species Cursed
Date of Birth May 28, 1977
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Electro-Girl, Lightning Lass, Zappy, Super Tramp
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Thief
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other None
Special Powers Electrical Generation/Manipulation
First Appearance The Job That Almost Went Sideways

Gwen Raiden is a professional thief and self declared "freak". She's been hit by lightning 14 times.


Gwen doesn't remember ever not being a freak, but she's sure that it had to start sometime after she was born, or her mother surely wouldn't have survived the labor. What she does remember though, is that at seven years old, she was bundled up in her insulated clothing her parents were always making her wear and taken to Thorpe's Academy, a "special needs" school in the middle of Nowhere (well, okay, Gills Rock), Wisconsin. Her parents didn't hug her goodbye, just left her with Ms. Thorpe after inquiring uneasily about how soon they'd be forced to have to deal with her and her very special problem again.

To say it was lonely was pretty much an understatement. Gwen wasn't allowed anywhere near the other children, and still had to wear her insulation suit pretty much all the time. One day during lunch, she was having trouble eating her yogurt, so she took off her mittens to do so when another kid came over. He asked if she was a freak. She said she didn't know. He told her she didn't look like one, so then it couldn't possibly be true, right? Except when he offered her his toy, and Gwen tried to take it with her bare hand, she also electrically discharged, knocking the boy several feet away and killing him in a split second.

Now twenty-four and living in 2001 Los Angeles, Gwen's made the most of her situation - despite the inconvenience of her ability (struck by lightning 14 times!), and in some ways, because of it. Having spent years perfecting the various ways she could utilize her power, it was important to find the best profession in which she could bring her unique talents to the table.

So Gwen became a professional thief.

At present, she's living pretty large, with a big ol' house and even a personal lackey, her name well known in circles that involve doing things the police don't like when the sun goes down. She works as an independent, commission based on the market value of whatever it is she's stealing. Because hey, if she has to forego human contact, she might as well have money, right? Besides, she likes the challenge.


Gwen is for all intents and purposes, a mutant able to generate and manipulate electricity. There's nothing inherently supernatural about her, she was simply born that way.

Over the years, Gwen has learned a number of uses for her ability, many of which augment her career as a professional thief. Melting objects is easy enough, as is short circuiting electronic devices such as security systems and computers. Physical contact with another person will result in their receiving a jolt that can render them unconscious, or even kill them. Fortunately, the same principle also makes Gwen a walking defibrillator. In the event of heart stoppage, apply as needed. Gwen's ability is generally prompted by contact, however she can actually create arc lightening to attack people at range, given enough emotional stress and effort on her part.

There are also more subtle tricks she can pull. She's able to alter the direction of laser beams (like the ones frequently used as part of security systems) by exciting the sub-atomic particles with electrical energy then bouncing them off each other before they hit ground state. She can also incorporate her ability in combat, both by frying her opponents on contact as well as by using it to stimulate her own body's natural electrical impulses to make her stronger and faster - able to go toe to toe with the likes of Angel himself.

There's a few downsides to all this, of course. Gwen can't touch people, lest they get shocked, though sometimes wearing silk gloves can provide a level of insulation. Also, Gwen's been struck by lightning fourteen times, due to natural attraction. On the upside, it never leaves her any worse for wear, apparently being immune to her own effects.



Something to go here soon.
Something to go here soon.


  • Just a note: these quotes are from S4 of Angel. They're not canon to the game, but since they aptly reflect Gwen as a character, they are included here.

Elliot: I thought I said "discreet."
Gwen: What? Do you see a nipple?

Angel: Tell me you're not here for the Axis.
Gwen: I'm not here for the Axis.
Angel: You're lying.
Gwen: I'm fibbing. It's lying, only classier.

Angel: Listen, I need the Axis. See, it's an ancient mystical relic…
Gwen: [singing] It's fun for a girl and a boy.

Angel: So, you're a freak. Boo-hoo. So what?
Gwen: Excuse me?
Angel: I think you've already figured out I'm not the poster boy for normal. Sometimes, you gotta let go.
[hits Elliot]
Gwen: Hey. I wanted to do that.
Angel: You were gonna fry him.
Gwen: Was not.
Angel: Don't fib.
Gwen: Fine. Did you at least break his nose?


  • Gwen's favorite drink is a Redcoat, double the vodka, with one of those little swizzle stick. (She loves those things!)
  • Gwen's very particular about her lipstick being perfect, especially before a job. Her favorite color is Scarlet Harlot.


Electricity ~ Goodness
Volcano ~ Damien Rice


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