Portrayed By Ethan Hawke
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth February 14, 2002
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases "DJ Exotic" "Boy Green" "Fat Bags" "Good Time"
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Hustler
Known Relatives Alice Ricker (mother; unkown), John Ricker (father; estranged)
Significant Other N/A
Special Powers ???
First Appearance

Grindin till I die


Greg Ricker was born to two unprepared teenagers on the February 14th 1985 in the Conejo Valley area of Greater Los Angeles. Originally he lived with his mother and her parents, seeing his father on weekends, however his mothers inclination to party started to get out of control and by his fifth birthday it was clearly apparent that she was addicted to crack cocaine. His father, a small time dealer and hustler with a legitimate day job took the opportunity to get sole custody and Greg ended up starting school in the city proper.

Greg's father influenced him a lot and he took to the multicultural and chaotic atmosphere of school in the city like a fish to water. Always a scrapper and a hustler, he spent most of his time in elementary and middle school passing off bags of crushed up grass as weed and then getting into fights over it. But he always knew when to back off and who not to mess with, so he managed to not get caught up in anything he couldn't handle, that is until his third year of high school. By that time he had a decent hustle going flipping off green and white to people he knew in Conejo at city prices. He started spending long stretches of time in the hood then, he knew more people there then he did in his fathers neighborhood, and he didn't like being around his dad anyway since he'd started selling crack.

Greg was just hanging out with his boys, passing around a blunt on somebody's front porch when Easy K, one of Greg's best friends, came up to the porch with a wild look on his face. I need some soldiers, He said. With no hesitation Greg put the blunt down and stood up. It turned out that somebody had come and wrecked up Easy's house, almost killed his mother and kidnapped his sister. According to Easy's mother it was his sister's ex boyfriend Ben. Nobody had seen the man for a couple weeks, but Easy knew where his house was so Easy K, Greg, and Ron loaded up with a couple baseball bats and a pistol and drove to Ben's house. When they walked in the first thing they saw was Easy's sister, dead on the floor. The second thing was Ben, smiling at them. Easy immediately pulled out his gun and started shooting. A clip down and Ben was still standing. Then he changed, his face contorted and his canines grew and he looked like some sort of demon. Before anyone could do anything else Ben ran at the trio, charging into Easy and sending him into the wall. Then he grabbed Ron's bat and snapped it in half like a twig. Greg didn't have time to register all of what had happened, he just took a swing at the madman in front of him as if his life depended on it.

Ron died that day, and Easy had to be hospitalized for a week. While the thing that was Ben was gloating over Ron's broken body Greg grabbed one of the discarded baseball bat halves and stabbed the demon right through the heart with it. Greg dropped out of school shortly after that day and spent more and more of his time in the hood, leaving only to make runs up to Conejo. He spends a lot of time looking for answers about that day, but all he can find are rumors and whispers.


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