Grant Galton
Grant Eugene Galton
Portrayed By Michael Vartan
Gender Male
Species Half-Demon (Cambion)
Date of Birth January 1st, 1972
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Lawyer
Known Relatives Andrew Galton (non-biological father); Lillian Galton (mother); Michael Galton (son, deceased); Samuel Galton (son, deceased)
Significant Other Katherine Galton (deceased)
Special Powers Charm, seduction, pheromone detection
First Appearance Grant's Pass


Andrew and Lillian Galton, though rich and prosperous thanks in large part to their paper manufacturing business (Galton Parchments and Stationery), lacked in a significant way: they had no children. Their London townhouse was empty, and they were unhappy because of it. So they began a long and arduous search for a fix and soon came upon the name of a fertility expert living in Los Angeles. It was like a beacon of hope to them, and they immediately purchased a home in California and moved there, thinking it would be much less stressful if Lillian did not have to fly across an ocean for medical reasons. Unbeknownst to them, however, the doctor was not all that he seemed — he was an incubus.

Lillian Galton got pregnant. When the baby — Grant — was born on January 1st 1972, he was welcomed with open arms. He seemed like a normal baby, except when the doctors hooked him up to monitoring machines and found out that he had no heartbeat and no pulse. It was absolutely befuddling, but Grant moved and fed and cried and pooped like any other baby, so after greasing a few palms, the doctors were silenced on the matter and Andrew and Lillian took their only child home, eventually moving back to London when Grant was old enough to travel (though they maintained their house in LA).

Grant was raised with a deeply ingrained one of the best educations money could buy, benefiting from personal tutors and private schools. He showed a proclivity for music at a very early age and was encouraged to pursue such. He took up any instrument that interested him and became very proficient in several as he aged. He was also very interested in calligraphy and forgery and was prone to forging notes from teachers and tutors in order to get out of things he would rather not do.

When Grant was 17, he and his parents moved to New York so that he could attend Juliard, owing to his musical talent. As exceptional as he was, however, Grant had very little interest in public performance and decided instead to study law after only one year at Juliard. His parents were less than pleased with this development, however it didn't take much to sway them. He entered Harvard and excelled there.

It was at Harvard that Grant met Katherine. He had been a bit of a charmer throughout college, however things seemed to really stick with Katherine, and they were married soon after graduation. The fact that Katherine was one month pregnant at the time had nothing at all to do with it. He and Katherine were given the house in LA as a wedding gift and they moved in immediately. Grant and Katherine took up a job at the same law firm. When the child — Michael — was born, however, things took a dramatic turn for the worse. Like Grant, he was born without a heartbeat or pulse, but he still moved and made noise and generally acted just like any other child.

When Grant's parents found out about this defect, they told Grant of his own birth, and Grant immediately tracked down the fertility doctor who had helped his parents conceive. The doctor told Grant the truth about his heritage, revealing to him information about the supernatural world for the first time. Grant was understandably displeased by this information and returned home, where he began to plot and scheme. Not long after Michael's first birthday (and not long after Katherine was pregnant a second time), the boy was mauled to death by dogs while playing in the front yard. It looked like an accident, really, but it wasn't. Grant and Katherine mourned their loss, and then their second son — Samuel — was born, again without a heartbeat or pulse. Samuel, too, met a tragic and seemingly accidental end alongside Katherine when their car was involved in a horrific pile-up on the freeway. Grant became a widower.

Grant quit his job at the law firm at which he and his wife worked and joined Wolfram&Hart. Meanwhile, his obsession to produce a purely human child flourished, and he bought a second house in secret, where he began to collect women who were carefully screened to ensure they would not be missed. These women are then brainwashed and kept in the house for the sheer purpose of hopefully producing normal children — which has yet to happen.


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  • "Are you going to melt my watch too? Go on, I can always buy another. But you ought to be careful; you're not the only one who can heat things up." — to Gwen after she threatens him.
  • "There's plenty of money to be made by a divorce attorney in Los Angeles." — to Gwen about his obvious wealth.


Being a cambion (incubus/human half-breed), Grant has been imbued with certain powers thanks to his supernatural parent.

  • Like a Sponge: Grant is extraordinarily intelligent and a very fast learner. While he's not so quick as to be able to read a manual about martial arts and then instantly capable of replicating the moves explained therein with masterful skill (he would need to practice them physically), he does pick up skills and information faster than the average human. He therefore usually finds study boring and only studies things that are of value or interest to him. This is how he has been able to master the art of fencing and would explain his skill with multiple musical instruments, as well as calligraphy and forgery.
  • The Old Razzle-Dazzle: Because his father was an incubus, Grant has an unearthly charming and seductive manner about him. While this doesn't mean women (or men) would be falling all over themselves to get into his pants or that he would turn every head in a bar, it does mean he has a certain mild pull that makes it easier for him to manipulate others. This trait is not entirely passive; if he so chooses, Grant can up the ampage, so to speak, and get people hot under the belt. In those of lesser willpower, it has the potential to hypnotize. (Think 'glamoring' or 'dazzling' a la typical vampire lore.)
  • Like an Open Book: In connection with his ability to learn quickly, Grant is capable of reading people fairly easily and accurately. He is not a telepath, however, nor is he psychic, and he can only read things based on body language, voice inflection, and facial muscles — he does not read minds. However, he is very adept at this and is capable of picking up on very subtle gestures. How well he reads someone depends largely on how well he knows them or how much he has seen of them. With a perfect stranger, his reading will not be completely accurate; with someone he interacts with on a daily basis, his reading will be accurate most of the time. He must be able to see someone in order to read them. The closer he is to them, the better he will be able to pick up subtle physical cues.
  • Pheromones: Within a certain radius (about seven feet in any direction), Grant is able to pick up on the scent of human pheromones. In other words: he knows when you're turned on, baby. These pheromones can be masked by any scent that is overwhelming (such as heavy perfume/cologne, fresh cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, and so on).
  • Less-Than-Shocking: Due to an unusual nervous/cardio system, Grant is immune to electrical attacks. Tasers have no effect on him, and if he were to be struck by lightning, it would pass right through without pain or effect. He is unaware of this aspect of himself as yet, as he has never been zapped.


  • Music of the Night: As an accomplished musician, Grant has mastery of the violin, the cello, the oboe, the trumpet, and the piano, the latter of which is his favorite. He is also a very talented and beautiful baritone. He does not play or sing in public, however.
  • I Love Alla Pretty Boys And Girls: Grant is best described as a lover of beauty and purity, meaning that a person's sex is not a factor in his attraction to them, just how good they look. This does not apply to transsexuals, as he considers them disfigured, nor does it apply to anyone who has had obvious cosmetic surgery. Attraction does not necessarily equate to wanting to sleep with someone either; in his sexual practices, Grant is very picky and very discreet.
  • En garde!: Though he's not one for typical sports, Grant is exceptionally accomplished in fencing. He handles a foil (and sword) very skillfully.
  • The Pen is Mightier: Grant is a master forger and is also very adept at calligraphy. He can usually replicate someone's handwriting to near-perfection after a few minutes of careful study. This skill has served him well in acquiring "evidence" for certain trials.


The Great Deceiver - Evergrey
Butterfly - Jason Mraz
Shiver - Maroon 5
Cold-Hearted Snake - Paula Abdul


Edgar Montero
Edgar Montero is a man of some taste, which is not all that unheard of in a nest of lawyers, but Edgar himself manages to not be completely boring (which can be hard to find in a nest of lawyers when you're Grant Galton). With fine taste for (if not a bit of an obsession with) wine and having good looks to boot, Grant considers him something of a friend. There are occasionally rumors that there are more, ah, benefits in the friendship than would meet the eye, but Grant would never tell, and rumors are silly things anyway.


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