Friendly Faces


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Lane gives the board members a few pointers on their new guest as well as doles out assignments. A party is planned.

Date It Happened: January 19th, 2002

Friendly Faces

Wolfram and Hart

The weekly board meeting is once again happening in the swanky conference room of Wolfram and Hart. The few lucky enough to be invited to this little meeting should be seated, but the chatter is still at a low hum in the room. People are discussing the latest demon fashions, lowest golf scores, the normal chatter. There seems like there's going to be a lot to discuss tonight, but that doesn't mean everyone knows what's happening. One or another is trying to show they have the edge above the other, that they're more favored with the Senior Partners or knows more. All done politely and with sharpened words rather than swords.

Madison is cheerfully discussing his high golf scores. (No sword, but his golfbag is in the corner. He just came in from the course.) He doesn't give a crap about climbing the ladder.. but if he has to break a few heads to keep his own, that's another matter. Entirely. No really. The Angel situation isn't forgotten, oh no, he has a file folder in front of him, chock full of fantastically devilish ideas. (Seriously, a few do involve a devil or two.)

Edgar is already in his seat, unwilling at the moment to engage in all the lively banter that amounts to little more than a high-stakes pissing contest. Instead he's leaning a tiny bit towards Madison, his elbow on the table and his chin on his palm, eyes closed. He might even be snoozing, though it's a better bet that he's resting his eyes. One thing is for sure: he's much less high strung than practically every other lawyer in the room.

Among the chatterers is Grant, who is also not interested in the proverbial pissing contest, but is instead parrying verbal lunges directed toward him — and expertly, too. Most of his focus is on the observing of his co-workers. It's amazing what one can learn by watching and reading body language, not only about a person, but also about a situation. Someone might know something and let on more than they would like. For the most part, however, he appears affable and keen. He's seated on the other side of Edgar and casts a brief glance at the man from the corner of his eye, smirking a little in amusement.

The chatter should stop as soon as Lane strides into the room, sliding her briefcase onto the table and standing right at the head. "Alright, everybody, brag about whatever it is you're bragging about and zip your lip." So Edgar better wake up. "There's a lot to cover today, but I know you all have important things to do, important people to curse, so I'll try to keep this short. Some of you may have noticed about the new girl walking around the hallways. Her name is Faith. There's a short briefing on her in your notes. Make her feel welcome." Pause. "Anyone have any questions or anything to add before we move on?"

Madison elbows Edgar just a bit. Wake up foo'. Relaxed, calm and cool in his suit, but still wearing his paisley cap he wears while golfing.. oh wait. He reaches up a large hand and withdraws it from his head. Best do that before the head honcho waltzes in. He's not too worried about anyone lobbing verbal spars his way.. if they do.. his intimidating form should be enough to discourage that. If Edgar's not facing up and front, he gets another elbow when Lane comes into the room. "Just Miz Lane, that I find it impressive you managed to get a Slayer into our humble offices. Although, it shouldn't be too surprising based on the information you've provided us with."

SNnNKkk. Apparently Edgar /wasn't/ just resting his eyes, but the nudging from Madison doesn't quite get him to wake up all the way, and after a bit of eyelid-fluttering they're closed again. The second elbowing does the trick, though - and the lawyer outright spasms in his seat. It's not that extreme, but it's enough to be noticeable. In a matter of seconds he's staring attentively at Lane as though nothing at all had happened, a broad smile on his face. He was totally awake the entire time, for reals.

And if the elbowing from Madison didn't do the trick, the subtle pinch in the side from Grant would've. Grant who also has his attention focused on Lane, elbow resting on the chair and chin propped up in the curve of his thumb. He's listening. He has no questions. He's probably thinking what interesting things can be done (to) with Faith, though.

"Nothing a little well timed demons and planting seeds of doubt can't do," Lane smiles at Madison. Finally, she takes a seat and wheels the chair in closer to the table. "Now Miss Faith is trying to be an upstanding citizen, so let's keep that in mind when we deal with her, alright?" Focusing her eyes on Edgar, she smiles sweetly. "I hope they were nice dreams, Mr. Montero? Do we have your full attention now? I hope so because the next part specifically deals with your department. And it comes straight from Eve and the Senior Partners." Eyeing Grant, Lane adds, "And you. Don't be too nice."

One could say Madison's taking a special interest here in this situation with Faith.. she's bound to cause a lot of personal injury and property damage if/when unleashed. His specialization is going to be needed. Speaking of which, "What is our stance should she become a little.. unmanageable?" Edgar's given a quick glance from the corner of his eye. Good. Won't need to kick you next. "Are we to be associated with her if that's the case? If so, it won't be a problem for my department to help clean up any messes she makes."

"Wonderful dreams. I was at the beach," Edgar answers pleasantly. Nope. There will be no denials and fumbly-flailing, though the man does give Grant a light nudge with his foot under the table as retribution for the pinching. Pinches do not belong in the office, they belong - well. Elsewhere. "Now what is it my department can do for you?"

Grant smiles. It's a smooth expression and lacking wholly in any sort of innocence whatsoever. "I wouldn't dream of it," he intones. Except he was just about five seconds ago. The smile quirks just a fraction brighter at the foot under the table, but he makes no other acknowledgments of the gesture. Later, Eddie, later.

"Oh, she's good at healing. So should she become a little…unmotivated, feel free to motivate her in the right direction." Lane's smile never breaks. It's like she's talking about something completely different. "She's signed a contract, so she's made the commitment. Keep that in mind, too. She's one of us. Until we're told that she's not." A laugh. "Oh, please do. Throw her a party if you want. Make her feel welcome. We want to keep her happy. A Slayer in a bad mood is not something we want to deal with." Turning just slightly toward Edgar, she continues. "Well, your new dream now involves a cave. It's out in the desert. You need to retrieve a magical object for the Senior Partners. They requested your department specifically. I would have taken someone a little more…experienced. But there we have it. Take Madison along with you. I've heard that it's heavy. It comes with special instructions - make sure you open it." A pause. "Play footsie on your own time, boys."

Madison rolls his eyes somewhat at Edgar as he fishes through his pocket to dig out a cigar. Which he's going to light up as soon as this meeting is over. No smoking in California buildings? What? Screw that noise. His brows lift slightly as he glances towards Lane, the overhead lighting reflecting off his head some. "That won't be a problem, I'll clear my schedule for Edgar, delegate some tasks to some underlings."

Edgar takes a moment to think over the new assignment before nodding at Lane, a smile still on his face. "No problem. Always happy to make the Senior Partners happy." Was there a glint in the lawyer's eyes when a party was mentioned? /Maybe/. Maybe. But a gentleman keeps his devious plans to himself, especially where Slayers are involved. As for the entirely unfounded accusation: "He pinched first." Because this is definitely grade school. Ed leans back in his chair to take a look at Madison, eying the other man up and down. "Ready for some spelunking?" He is just full of jokes, Eddie is.

Grant is not playing footsie. That requires retaliation, and he was doing no such thing! But he lets it slide and instead focuses on the bit about the party. "I would be happy to arrange for some sort of event. I know of a nice hall for rent and several exquisite caterers." It will not be at his house, because Grant abhors parties and throwing them in his living space is some kind of sin. Plus, there's the recently injured Gwen.

There's a bit of a smirk that Lane gives Madison. "You never seem to disappoint," she tells him. "They'd like you to leave ASAP. This is now on your top priorities. Both of you. You may even take one of the company's cars." A treat. "And that would be lovely, Grant. Let's give her a big Wolfram and Hart welcome. Let her know what friendly people we are."

"Always little man, I'll get out my hardhat with the light on it and fancy cave diving shoes." If Eddie can quip, Madison can quip back. "Always glad to be of service to you and the Senior Partners," he says with a wide grin, white teeth flashing. "I'll get my secretary on it then." Since ASAP doesn't mean go to your office and delegate personally.

Grant smiles again. Oh yes. They're quite friendly. A more loving bunch he has never seen. Right. He goes silent again, waiting for the next order of business.

"Excellent." Flipping open her legal pad open, Lane picks up a pen and crosses her legs at the ankles. "Now that those two things are cleared up, let's get down to the real business, shall we?" That's punctuated with everyone else opening up whatever papers and briefcases needed for the rest of the meeting.

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