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Summary:Lost in L.A. at night isn't a good thing. Even in a nicer neighborhood. Fox Boy to the rescue!

Date It Happened: February 06, 2002

Log Title Foxy Dude

Harbor Area

The Harbor Area is just as it sounds: a harbor area. This is where much of the fishing industry is located, as well as the shipyards and so forth that keep the seas filled with people. It's also the location of a few prestigious neighborhoods where real estate is quite pricey. Then again, for a place with an ocean view, who wouldn't shell out some extra money?

Penny strolls along the street, looking over her shoulder now and again as she goes. She isn't a naive fool after all. She knows there are things that go bump in the night. Her guitar is in it's soft case, slung over her shoulder, the instrument laying against her back as she walks, hand holding it. A messanger back criss crossed to the other side and resting against her hip. She hadn't planned on being out so late, nor of getting lost but they wouldn't call it lost if you knew where you were and how you got there. "This is just flippin fantastic." she mutters

Vick is your typical blood sucking jackass, he was frankly sort of a prick before he got bit and now that he was "Vick the Vampire" things had just slowly gotten worse. Tonight of course, Vick wasnt out for girlscout cookies. No he was out for blood, preferably cute girl blood if he had any say in the manner. He was a stocky fellow, with a silk shirt left unbuttoned to expose a particularly gaudy pendant and silk chain. There was a leisure suit too, but its unremarkable. "Hey baby."comes Vick's smooth talking, as he steps out from a sidestreet to give Penny a lecherious bit of study.

Penny nearly jumps out of her skin as Vick steps out beside her and startles her. She eyes the shirt and necklace and frowns. Now people sometimes have the audacity to accuse her of having bad fashion sense but his was just ridiculous. She eyes him a moment and keeps walking. "Yeah.. whatever you're sellin buddy.. I don't need." she says and turns away. No matter what he is he simply reeks of cheap and tawdry. "If you're lookin for action try Hollywood Boulevard. I think you'll find it more your style chico."

Just as a motorcycle engine nears(somewhere down the road) and then goes silent, Vick goes on the offencive. "Awww baby what are you talkin about?"He grins widely, as he picks up the pace just a touch to slowly close the gap. "Come on, no need to be such a bitch. Your gonna hurt my feelings talkin like that."and of course by now He's Vamped out but he hasnt pounced just yet!

Penny just smiles as the accusation of being a bitch is made. It wouldn't be the first time she's heard it. "Tell ya what.. you wanna see cheap action you should head to the strip club. I even know a few that I could offer names of like CariAHHH!!!!" her last words are cut off in a started scream as she turns to look over her shoulder and sees Vick's face changed. And not for the better. Her hand creeps to her messenger bag and she starts walking a little faster, eyes scanning to look for a place to run to before she tries to break into a sprint.

Theres not much you can do really, and Vick knows he's got a bird in hand at the point. So theres a pounce, just as Ezekiel steps from the line of cars behind you. The crack isnt just audible, its -LOUD- and hard enough to send even Vick staggering off to one side with a profound look of WTF etched into his decidedly ugly mug. "I believe, that the lady declined your affections good sir. Perhaps you should go wander somewhere else, lest you find yourself at the receiving end of a misunderstanding."

Penny hears another voice suddenly and gives a little scream as she looks back and sees Ezekiel there. "Oh friggin great.. not another one." she mumbles and finally gets her hand down into her bag, pulling out two things. Unlikely and odd things for a hip gal like herself. A wooden cross and a sharpened stake. Now.. she's never really had to use either of these before cause she's never ran into any fang faces since Vegas but if her reading is right it'll work. She doesn't know what the loud noise is that has the vamp staggering back but she is breathing hard and looking between the two, holding her tools tightly.

Theres a wave of his hand, Ezekiel's that is thats exactly lifted from star wars. "Your weapons, you will not need them. Seriously lady, I'm not a vampire. I've been in-"Ezekiel's cut off as Vick finally gets back up with an incredious tone.

"You fucking bastard, you like broke my."of course he never gets another word, as Ezekiel produces a sharpened chopstick and plunges it immediately into the poor bastard's heart. See, chopsticks are dual use! Then of course theres alot of ash and such. "Sorry, anyway I'm not a Vampire. Its complicated, but I'm aproximately ten million times more awesome."he cuts a soft smile, before offering his hand. "I'm Ezekiel, and if I was old enough to drink I assure you I'd be a regular listener."

Penny raises her eyebrows as she is told to put her weapons away. "Yeah and I might need oxygen either if I do put 'em away. Forget you buddy." she scoffs and continues to back away. Then there's that strange 'splody' thing that she's seen happen once before. Holding out the cross in front of her and hoping like mad that it works she watches Zeke extend his hand out to her. He doesn't seem to stop of jerk his hand back from the cross. She pulls it back and looks at it, shaking it like one might do a flashlight before holding it out again. Still nothing. "Okay either you're tellin the truth or this thing is broke." she says and frowns. "Either way I guess I'm boned if you are one of the Fang Gang." She takes that hand and shakes. "Penny." she says before nodding to the chopstick and the pile of ash. "So that really works? I mean.. I knew that stakes but..that's so tiny."

"Yeah, I'm a fox baby. Like you know there are vampires, and there are wolves right? Well I'm a fox, and unlike either of those we're well known for our non-bitey nature. I assure you, I am quite the gentleman or rather gentlefox."He keeps his hand out there, for when she's ready to take it. "It does work, so do wooden pegs in shotguns. Chopsticks, even toothpicks if they're big enough. My name by the way, is Ezekiel."

"Yeah.. well there's other things too but that don't mean I get chummy with 'em" Penny says, despite the fact that her new job has her working with some of those 'other' things. "So Zeke.. was it just serendipity that brought you out here tonight or what?" she asks, finally putting the stake and cross away. After all she has no idea if they'd be of any use with a fox demon. Never even heard of a fox demon before. Her bag is shifted on her shoulder a bit and the guitar resettled on her back.

"Well Penny its a right pleasure, but in the future ditch the cross. Your better off with a stun gun and a stake, trust me I do this sorta thing every night."He tucks his hands in his pockets, staying right where he is for the moment. "You ever had to use that pig sticker of yours there, do you know how?"

Penny shakes her head a bit. "Never had to use one myself, no. But I've seen it done. Know it has to go through the heart so I'm thinkin if I ever have to I'll just stab 'em in the chest till I hit it." she says with a grin and shrug. Mostly I try not to have to walk around at night but seein how I got lost and I don't think any of these bougie folks would like me walkin up in their cribs, ya know?"

"Its very hard, and you only get one try. Anyway, stun gun them and they freeze. They cant move, so you can line up your shot."he shrugs. "Anyway I'm a Chicago kid, but where you goin? I can at the very least get you a cab or somethin, we foxes have a reputation to uphold right?"

Penny quirks an eyebrow at the dude, the brow shooting up under those colorful bangs. "Reputation huh?" she remarks and smirks a bit. "Get me turns back toward downtown and I'll be greatful. I can hoof it from here." she hooks her thumbs in her pockets and glances toward the ash and then to Ezekiel "So where does a gal get one of them taser do dads on the low low any way?"

So he unzips his jacket, yes stakes, a pistol and just your luck a -map-. "Here."he offers the article over. "Yeah, we're all totally awesome dudes and dudettes. As for arms supply, well I dont know about that. I'm new, as I said. Now I'd be glad to give you an escort if you need it, but a fox is never one to cramp a girl's style so thats your call."

Penny looks at the weaponry and seems impressed. But then she narrows her eyes a little as she seems to peer at his head, specifically around his ears, as if tryin to see something. "Hey you're the one with the heavy artillery. Tag along if you like." she takes the map and begins to unfold it, looking at the thing and turning it which way and that before she realizes that a map doesn't do you much good when you don't know where you are. "Okay so I know we're by the water but…. which part? You know where we are? " she asks as she spreads the map out on the trunk of a car beside them.

Ezekiel he wasnt certain he was ready to be personal bodyguard to -two- women, but whatever right."This way, c'mon."He takes a step back, towards the North. "You expectin me to sprout ears and a tail miss, I can accomodate of course but it would make escourting you to your destination a little awkward dont you think?"

Penny glances sidelong at Ezekiel "A'ight Jackie Chan let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised none if ya did. Seen some pretty strange stuff before ya know." She shrugs as she folds up the map and hands it back to him. "But hey, as long as I'm not on the menu or you know.. your not out eating babies and strangling puppies it's all good. We're chill ya know?" She looks around as they walk and wrinkles her nose. Too up-class and suburban for her here. "So Chi-town, I'm stayin in this flea bag motel down in the skids. You heard of any decent diggs around this place that won't cost and arm, a leg, your first born child, and your soul?"

"Not unless you want a fox for a room-mate, it is two bedroom and I do totally just have a stockpile of zombie DVDs in the spare bedroom."He glances behind, smiling a touch as he walks. "If your really that eager, I'll shift for you sometime but I think this is probably a bad spot dont you darlin?"

Penny holds up her hands and shakes her head laughing "Whoooaaaa… No.. no shiftin.. I'm cool with it an all but really.. human face for the win, a'ight?" She holds up her two fingers "Secondly.. not sure how I'd feel about sharin a room with zombies. In DVD form or otherwise. Never seen one and I don't know if they really exist but let me tell ya.. those friggin suckas are the one thing I think would scare the white right off me." she says laughing. "Just wondering if there was places around. Saw this hotel up the road from where I've been stayin, kinda looks like the Adams family and the Munsters went into business with Anthony Bates and made a hotel. But who knows.. they might have some rooms cheap ya know?"

"Dont know, just offerin to be hospitable you know?" He offers a shrug"I dunno, I heard they did a long time ago but I've never heard of them running around lately. I mean the last like fifty years, but shit they're hardly the worst. The ones you have to worry about are smart, and they dont have such obvious weaknesses."He thumbs up the sidewalk a little further."Anyway sides my own digs, I'm afraid I'm a little shy on the local real estate market. Plenty of demons and shit running around who're perfectly nice people, but just cant with room people never the less you know?"

Penny Nods as she walks, eyes looking around and scanning the area as she does. "Yeah.. never know what kinda crazy you might end up roomin' with. but zombies.. yeah… me and Dawn of the Dead.. not a good combo." she says and hooks her thumbs in her beltloops. "SO what brings ya to L.A.?"

"My father was a really evil fucker, and sort've stained the family name. Actually he wasnt evil, a mask he wore was evil and made him do some evil shit. So I'm here to sort've clear up the family name, because I assure you I'm not a big fan of LA."he glanced back, slowly as the sidewalk slowly relented into a clear view. Tadaaa. "Anyway, here we are. You want my card? I'm afraid I have all manner of evil McNasties to meet and kill tonight."

Penny nods along as she listens. She knows a little something about evil fathers. Some didn't need a mask, just a bottle of 100 proof. There's a bit of a shrug "I don't know… the weather's nice. I'm from back east so sunshine is always keen, ya know. No icy cold crappy winters. I'm used to freezin my ass off about this time of year, ice, snow, sleet. I could dig this whole 70 degree weather and beaches all around." she says as they reach the last spot she remembered being, finally recognizing places. She holds her hand out "Sure man. Never know when it might come in handy to have a contact or two in this town." she says "That is if my contacts don't find themselves ending up as Scoobie Snacks." There's a bit of a grin, her way of saying be careful out there.

Ezekiel produces a business card with a snap of his fingers, before he just sort of..isnt there all the sudden. No blast of smoke, no log falls from the sky. He just isnt there one moment. lol, foxes rite?

Penny takes the card and blinks all of a sudden, left standing there looking perplexed. She looks at the card and shakes her head, grinning still. The card is slipped into her messenger's bag and she continues trudging up the street, wanting to put her earbuds in and jam to some tunes but unable to do so with it being dark. Too dangerous.

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