Forbidden Territory


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Summary: Following the events of Lift and Supported, the ladies of Angel Investigations are acting a bit out of sorts towards Wesley.

Date It Happened: December 5th, 2001

Log Title Forbidden Territory or alternately titled, 'Various Stages of Undress'

Angel Investigations, office and lobby

Wesley is seated on the floor of his office, surrounded by books, notes, scattered papers, writing utensils, bagged samples of teeth.. photographs of tracks in the sewers. You know, the usual process of researching things that don't always go bump in the night. His normally tidy hair is sticking up here and there, due to the occasional scratching in thought.

Cordelia comes walking into the hotel. She's dressed like it should be evening, rather than day; instead of her stylish-but-casual California duds, she's dressed in a black dress with wide shoulder straps and a deep neckline, and surprisingly high heels. She looks rather like she might be going out on a date. An expensive one. Not like she'd be walking into the Hyperion. She heads through the lobby to Wesley's office, and leans against the door frame. "And here I thought that's what tables were for."

"There wasn't enough room," Wesley says in his quiet, distracted and thinking tone as he continuously flips through pages in a dusty old book in hand. He probably could have found a table with enough room, but why waste time looking for one when he has a perfectly good floor here? "Could you hand me Greymook's Compendium on Insecta Demonics? I left it up on the book shelf." He also helpfully points to a stacked bookshelf, the tomes jammed in tight. But the book in question just might be pulled out and left that way, as if he got disrupted, or forgot he was getting it out.

Cordelia looks a bit dubious, but she begins to walk lightly through the piles of papers towards the bookshelf. "If I break my ankle navigating your paperwork, I'm holding you responsible, you know." She walks to the bookcase, and pulls out the book, walking back, but stopping a few feet away. "Isn't there something more interesting you'd rather be doing?"

"Fine, fine," Wesley says, still having yet to look up. "This can't be right.. everything points to the Sluggoth demons, which have been extinct since the Crusades.." Don't mind him, he's mostly talking to himself and thinking aloud as he compares a rather unwormy like tooth he bagged to a drawing in a book. "Hmm? Did you say …" Finally, he looks up and there's a pause as he takes in what Cordelia's wearing, "A little overdressed for work aren't we?"

She smiles, setting the book down on the desk and running her hands down her sides, over her hips, smoothing the fabric. "Mmm…you like it?" She half-turns, right then left, displaying her outfit.

Only an incredibly stupid man would say no, and Wesley isn't stupid. Plus he's always found Cordelia to be attractive, even when she was at an inappropriate young age. "I would say that it's a lovely dress, only you flatter it by wearing it. Making the dress far more stunning." The book in hand is lowered, the bag of shed worm tooth holding his place, "It's not evening is it?" The style of the dress clicks and he checks his watch. Oh. It's not that late.

She smiles. "No…it's not evening. Not yet." She walks over closer, removing that couple feet of distance between them. "I suppose I'll have to figure something to do until evening." She leans down as if to take a look at his paperwork…which coincidentally will display a view that most men would kill to get. "So what's with all the paperwork?"

Wesley looks up again, only for his eyes to be right on level with.. ahem.. Clearing his throat he promptly averts. Even when given such an offering, still, it's just improper to stare. "The giant worm that attacked above ground in Hollywood. Something about it bothers me greatly. Fred and I went into the sewers to look for more clues about it."

Cordelia smiles. "Oh, you and Fred?" She bends her knees, crouching down somewhat so she can look at Wesley more directly. "How'd that go? And you know, you could stand up." She suggests. "Not a lot of places for a girl to sit in here."

"Of course, there is that. How silly of me," Wesley more or less mutters in response to Cordy. His book is set down and he works on getting up, which is more difficult than he thought. He was sitting on that floor longer than realized. Once up, the book is in hand again, along with the bagged teeth and he leans against his desk, more or less sitting on it. "We found its tracks, remains of what it had been eating, and shed teeth." Which he holds up for Cordy to see.

Cordelia's expression is rather apt; it matches what she says almost perfectly. "Eew." Because really, sometimes that says it all. She steps up again, putting Wesley in the middle between herself and the desk. She's rather close. Well inside personal-bubble-space. "I think we could find something more interesting to pay attention to than worm-teeth, don't you?" She reaches up to put her hands lightly on his shoulders.

"Eew indeed. Well, seeing as we don't have a case at the moment, I can't say there is.." One can almost hear the needle ripping across the record as the play comes to an abrupt halt. Wesley holds his hands up to stave off Cordelia's progress, "Are you quite alright? You're overly dressed far too early in the day for an evening date.. and.. while I like to think back on the more memorable times we've shared.." That ship has sailed, but he doesn't say that. His eyes narrow behind his glasses in thought as he searches Cordelia's face, as if looking for a clue, for something. "Are you feeling quite alright?"

Cordelia smiles. "Oh, I don't know. Sometimes a good trip down memory lane never hurts anyone, you know?" She steps up again, and now she's right up against him, warm and soft. Searching her face produces a look which anyone unversed in the supernatural would probably chalk up to desire. But to one who deals with these sorts of things on a more regular basis, that expression isn't desire. It's predatory. And while that could just be woman-on-the-prowl…in this business the simple answers are rarely the right one.

Wesley gently but firmly tries to hold Cordelia off. Not because he's a total moron, but because he knows this isn't her normal behavior towards him. Doing anything untoward with her like this would be taking advantage and not right. "Cordelia, I don't think that you're quite yourself at this moment. Did you purchase any new cosmetics, perfumes or anything of the sort lately?" Sniff any wacky powder offered by strange persons? You can never tell. "You know I'm rather fond of you, we're friends, coworkers, practically family and you are not acting normal."

Cordelia shakes her head. "No new cosmetics." She isn't pawing him or anything; his attempts to hold her at bay will work, though she pouts a bit. "Mmm…but we were more than that. We could be again." Shades of Sunnydale past, anyone? Of course, given how that ended up…well, yes. She leans in towards him, her voice softer, but still alluring. "I know you want me, Wesley."

"What about new jewelry? Surely you would want to show that off.. or this dress? Is it new?" Perhaps Wesley should go ask Phantom Dennis for assistance.. "… I.. I think I should escort you home." Snoop for clues, find time for a cold shower. "That.. is perhaps a bit beside the point… not that I'm certain as to what that point is, since there really isn't one. Ah, home, yes, allow me to escort you home, and.." And what? Lock himself in the bathroom as a barrier and sort this out?

Cordelia's eyes narrow in annoyance. Or anger. Take your pick. Hell hath no fury like a Cordy scorned. She hmphs. "I can find my way out all on my own. Too bad, Wesley. You'll never know what you missed out on." She turns on one of those heels, and starts for the hotel exit, in an angry, staccato stride.

Too bad Wesley, indeed. He's sort of rooted against his desk as Cordelia stalks off, just a little unable to move for the moment. To let her go off, or to find a way to keeping her here, for her own safety. A lesser man would take advantage of her in this state. "Cordelia.. wait! I do know what I have missed out on.. and.." He pushes away from the desk to go after her. "I respect you far too much.." Think man think! "and I would not want you to do anything you might regret later!"

Cordelia looks back at him, rather disdainfully. "That's all right, Wesley. Since you're so busy with your books, I'm sure I can find someone else who'd like to go out." She keeps heading for the door.

There's a noise not unlike 'ack!' made by Wesley. His mind is still whirling on new purchases made. He's unaware of anything else amiss in the hotel. The thing with Cordelia and shopping though, there's no telling what she's procured in the past day alone. "I didn't say that I wouldn't like to go out!" Rushing towards the woman, he holds his arm out for her to take. Stick with her, or try to, and figure this out. "My books are nothing in comparison to time with you," he says in an attempt to flatter Cordelia into not running off alone.

Well, you know what they say. Flattery will get you everywhere. Cordelia pauses, and smiles back. "Well, that's more like it." she says, in a dripping-honey sort of purr. She turns back to face him, to put her arms about his waist. "So…where should we go? Or would you rather just stay in?" The part about what they'd do if they stay in really doesn't even need to be said. It's sort of obvious.

Wesley tries to mask his nerves, which isn't as great as his concern for Cordelia. She could get herself into a world of trouble like this. "I was thinking perhaps, stay in?" Less trouble that way, maybe. He doesn't fight off the arms around his waist. That would just set her off again, and while he doesn't really want to admit it, it's rather nice. But that thought persists on invading and is promptly chased off again. Without showing any of the clumsiness displayed just a scant few years prior, he raises a hand to brush back Cordelia's hair from her face. The gesture is a ploy to check for perhaps any strange jewelry that might be lurking and altering the woman's behavior.

Nothing that isn't usually there…a simple pair of golden stud earrings that Wesley's seen her wear dozens of times. "Mmmm…that could be fun too. Why don't you show me your room? I haven't seen which one you picked out." She moves up a bit on tiptoe, clearly going for a kiss.

"Whenever I have to stay.. I just grab a room.." Meaning Wesley hasn't actually staked out a claim on a particular room in the hotel. He still has his own flat as a retreat from work. "Or stay in my office." With his poor, abused desk. When Cordelia moves in for the kiss, he pulls his head back, despite the pain of protest in his neck. "Why this sudden change towards me?"

"Now what's goin' on down here?" The sweet twang of Fred's southern accent is hard to mistake as anyone else. Especially with this crowd. Standing at the top of the stairs, she looks normal enough in her jeans and spaghetti string tank top. But, her hairs all combed properly and pulled back into a French braid and she's wearing make up. "I thought I heard a ruckus."

Cordelia is in a Little Black Dress. Wide shoulder straps, deep neckline, startlingly high heels. That, and apparently having just tried to kiss Wesley, except for him straightening up. She smiles over at Fred. "Oh, hey there, Fred. Come on down; no ruckus…or just a friendly one."

Wait, what, Fred? Where? There's relief mingled with embarrassment on Wesley's face as Fred puts in an appearance. "Ah.. Fred.. Hello.. No problem down here, no ruckus." Is his voice a little higher than usual? Perhaps Miss Burkle might have a clue as to what's gotten into Cordelia. That is unless she comes down and gets the wrong idea about what's taking place.

Right up the stairs, Wesley. With a little sway of her hips, the woman descends the stairs until she's reached the ground floor. "Well now, that's good to hear. Though sometimes I guess a ruckus can be a bit of fun, now can't it?"

Cordelia smiles. "Well, now this could be interesting. Maybe we could all find a way to pass the time." She looks to Wesley, then back to Fred as the brunette descends the staircase. "Make a little ruckus." A grin crosses her face.

"….." What!? Back up there! Fred's acting up as well? Wesley's jaw drops as he stands still and glances over to watch Fred come downstairs. Probably not a good idea to take his attention off Cordelia's advances. "Oh no, not you too Fred… I beg your pardon?" Danger Wesley, danger! "I must say.. this is probably a fantasy for a good many number of men, who would all beat me over the head for refusing such a generous opportunity, but ladies!"

It's true. Though the Fred who does not act up is a little too skittish and crazy for most men, this one is much more self-confident. Wesley really should take advantage of this situation. Especially when Fred gives a half-grin and moves to entwine her arms around Wesley's. "Why bother with the pain, then? I think we'll have a rarin' good time without that. Who doesn't need a good ruckus now and then?"

Cordelia smiles, especially when Fred is moving to entwine Wesley too. Tag-team, anyone? She looks up at Wesley. "Mmm…then don't refuse," she suggests, even as she tries to kiss Wesley again.

Fred's arms around his, Cordelia's got her mitts on him as well. A whimper is heard from Wesley as he starts to try and picture musty old research books whereas some men would think about baseball.. or Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. Men that is who would try and show restraint in this scenario. He is indeed tagteamed, and he tries to wriggle out of this predicament. So trying to keep Cordelia here turned out to be a bad idea. Who knew? "Ladies, please, here in the lobby?" What to do, what to do!

"Oh, don't be a wilting ninny, Wesley," Fred purrs softly as she presses herself closer to the man. She's not going to get in Cordelia's way to try and kiss him or anything like that. That would just be rude. Instead, she just hold son tight. "How'd that hurt anything? Not like we've had any clients lately. The lobby could use some action."

Indeed, Cordelia's patience seems to be wearing thin. There's a little noise, under her throat…did she just growl? She reaches to hook a hand behind Wesley's head. "You talk too much." Attempt #3.

"I'm not being anything of the sort it's just that the pair of you.. together.. Mmmmph!" Wesley does indeed talk too much and when third time's the charm, it's nothing like the clumsy kiss they shared some time back. It interrupts thoughts he was entertaining of quickly concocting a solution to perhaps put the women to sleep, or to lock them in a room for this thing to wear off.. Where was he again?

The pair of them together are really more than one man can take. Especially one so uptight as Wesley. Really, he needs a little fun and excitement in his life. As Cordelia kisses him, Fred deftly attempts to start unbuttoning his shirt from the waist up. Hopefully he's too distracted to notice. "Two's better'n one, I always say."

Except there's a bit more to it than that. When Cordelia kisses him, there's a sudden wave of lethargy, a surge of energy that seems to pulse up and out of Wesley, and into Cordelia. She smiles, and it's that dripping-honey voice again. "Mmm…tasty. You should have a turn." she tells Fred.

Wesley is not /that/ uptight. He's perfectly capable of having a good time with women. Just ask Virginia Bryce. It's just that Fred and Cordelia, well, this is different! Speaking of different, that's not normally how one feels following a kiss. At least in his experience of normal kissing, "I.." He's still struggling against the current, to keep up the good fight of morality here, but it's waning. Until inspiration strikes. "Why don't you ladies.. go upstairs.." Pardon if he's talking a bit slow, the pair are making it difficult to think. "to Angel's room, since he's away.. and I'll find us something to drink." And to dunk his face in ice water.

"What's the point? We can stay right here." In fact, Fred does something very strange in that she takes control and gives Wesley a little push toward the circular sofa by the front desk in an attempt to get him to sit down on it. From there all manner of fun things can happen. "Don't be such a tease, Wesley. I want a little taste, too."

Cordelia looks over at the both, as Fred takes over point. She remains just a bit behind, letting Fred run the show now, as she runs her hands down her body, stopping at her stomach. "Mmm…tastes so good." She purrs, before taking a couple steps up, following Fred.

"The point ah.. what's the word I'm looking for.. forbidden territory?" In oh so many ways. Wesley's throat works visibly as he swallows, searching for ways to fend off the women without harming them. It's a no win situation and he just might have to do something drastic. Like take one or two for the team. Ulp. Or hopefully get a brilliant idea that will save everyone before things go too fa… "Aah! When did the sofa get here?" That would be him being backed up onto the thing.

"Just now, sweetie." Not at all shy, the brunette Texan attempts to straddle Wesley in order to get her own nourishment from the kissing. "Just relax. Remember, this is s'posed to be fun." She smirks and moves in to try and kiss him, almost devour him.

Given the lethargy that hit at Cordelia's kiss, taking one (or two) for the team just might be fatal. The shorter brunette moves up behind Fred, and to the side. Couches have room. She'll try to slide in there and occupy one of Wes' arms.

This is good.. wait.. no this is /not/ good, most definitely not good. Something is amiss here, and oh God, where is Angel and Gunn.. Aah, no bad idea, they can't see Wesley, Fred and Cordelia like this! The lethargy that's taking its hold is what's keeping him down and from struggling further. Despite the fact that it's still going off like a siren in his mind that this is not right. (On so many levels.) If anyone asks later, Wesley was doing a very valiant thing in preventing the ladies from running amok in LA. As for right now? Fred's move? Success.

As Fred kisses Wesley, he'll continue to feel weaker and weaker. It's like the prolonged contact is just draining all the strength out of him. After a long kiss, the brunette comes up for a little bit of air, but doesn't go very far. Dragging her fingers down his cheek, she smiles. "Now isn't our kind of ruckus a good time?"

Cordelia smiles, and looks down at Fred as she gets a taste too. "Mmm…careful. You'll make him too tired, and then we can't have a proper finish." That either being sex, or them killing him. Or both.

As Fred drags her fingers down his cheek, Wesley's head tilts back, as if he's about to fall out unconscious. "… not like this," he murmurs, "you aren't yourselves." Yes, again with that as it seems to be incredibly important, but his mind is fogging over. Just as if he were being dosed with a tranquilizer.

While the woman gives a bit of a pout, Fred agrees with Cordelia in the end. Whether it's sex or death, either way could be fun for Wesley. Especially if it's both. "I guess you're right. But it's just too fun." Making little designs on the man's face, she smiles. "Not like what? Like you'd ever get this far without us pushing you into it. Poor, sweet Wesley."

Cordelia smiles. "Mmm…I think we took a little too much." She looks to Wesley. "At least to have the big finish." She reaches up to run her hand through Wesley's hair. "I suppose we'll just have to take him to his room…" A mischievous glint in her eyes (or is it an evil one), as she continues. "…tie him up and wait for him to wake up for his big performance."

".. I would never push you into anything you wouldn't want to do.. and you aren't exactly in full charge of your faculties," Wesley manages to get out. It's more of a mumble really, as is the next bit, "No new cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry.." Neither woman is wearing anything new. That he can see. "New shoes.. new clothing?" His words are more like a ramble as he tries to get his wits back, even if a part of him is saying oh no, this is quite alright.

"Now isn't that just the cutest thing?" Fred finally slides off of Wesley when she realizes that Cordelia is completely correct. Though he'd have to be noticing, the bright straps of Fred's new red lacey bra that she got with Cordelia are visible along with her spaghetti straps. "He thinks we're not in charge." Which is, obviously, not the case at the moment. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind that. He can get his strength back up."

Cordelia's shoulder straps (those wide ones mentioned earlier) are covering her bra straps…she's good at hiding such. But she grins back. "New clothes and a whole new outlook, Wes." She moves over to one side of him, and hauls him up to his feet with a strength that isn't her own (because it's borrowed from him, courtesy of the earlier kiss). She looks to Fred. "Get the other side? We want him all calm and rested. And quiet. Just in case Gunn comes back."

"No.. no.. not necessary.." Wesley protests as he tries to force himself to sit upright. While he may not be looking straight at Fred, he does catch a glimpse of red that grabs his attention. Cordelia, he would expect multi-colored lingerie from, but not Fred. When Cordelia confirms the new clothes and outlook, it hits, ".. that's it.. has to be.. take it off.." What? There's a /reason/ for that. "No," he protests even as Cordelia hauls him up, "Undress.. take it off." Despite his weakened state, there's an urgency to his tone that might be mistaken for a different meaning.

"Take it off?" Fred gives Wesley a sweet little smile. "See, now he's getting the idea." Though they're not taking it in the way that Wesley means it. "But not right now." It's not going to be as easy as asking them to take their bras off to get them to do it. "We've gotta wait till you're all ready for your big night."

Cordelia grins. "That's all right. He'll be ready when the time's right." She starts to haul wesley in the direction of one of the rooms. "Don't worry, Wesley. We'll make sure you have a fine time. Right up to the end."

Wesley is in fact getting the idea. That it's something the women are wearing that's envoking such a reaction. "No.. it is time.. it's right." Listen to him! See, he's cooperative! Only not so much. Finding some resolve within, or perhaps it's just sheer stubborn will, he tries to struggle against Cordelia's newfound strength. "Thought it was my big night." He fights hard to keep himself coherent by running different types of possessions, tantric energy spells and similar through his head. "Tantric… You're stronger after.." Damn. He should have been more careful! ".. idiot.. I'm a total idiot," he rambles.

"It'll be a right ole time, Wes." Taking the other side, Fred helps Cordelia drag Wesley into a standing position. "Now now, no need to get all self deprecating. You'll be just fine. C'mon. Let's get you into something a bit more comfortable."

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