Flowers For Cordelia


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Summary: Cordelia comes to Angel and Fred with a problem - her brain isn't working as well as it once did.

Date It Happened: 23rd February, 2009

Flowers For Cordelia

Hyperion Hotel, L.A.

Most people have adjusted their schedule to be at least semi-nocturnal what with the side affect of Angel bursting into flames should he see sunlight. The evening is still early and what's occupying Fred's thoughts the most is that dried blood on Wesley's wall in the form of some strange demonic words. Having gone through most of Wesley's books, the physics girl is still at a loss as to what language it could even be. "Maybe this is like demonic pig-latin," she sighs and pushes her glasses down just enough for her to rub at her eyes.

Morning has broken! Well, vampire morning. Which is actually night. But … well, we already know why Angel doesn't keep a normal sleep schedule. As he arrives from his room upstairs, he hears Fred talking to herself and reasons one thing, "No luck?"

Cordelia comes into the lobby of the hotel herself. She looks agitated; something's bothering her. She walks in at a fast pace, heels clicking. "Wesley? Fred?" The lack of calling for Angel probably means that the problem at hand is a researchy one more than a slicey one.

"Do you know how many dimensions there are? And from there how many demon species? And how many of those species have different languages? The possibilities just keep multiplying exponentially until you reach a number that's really—-" Fred cuts herself off at the entrance of Cordelia, simplifying her answer to: "large." So, that would be a 'No, no luck.' "We're back here." Back toward the desks and books. "We being me and Angel. Wesley's not here at the moment."

"Oh," Angel cannot help but sound a little disappointed that there is no lead on something to go punch, kick and chop - but it's Fred, so he'll try to sound like it's no big deal, "Well, uh, keep it up." He cranes his neck slightly to look towards the approaching Cordelia.

Cordelia changes course, heading over towards Fred's voice. "We need to make, with the books." She flutters a hand in their general direction. "I've got a big problem." Whatever it is, it's got her pretty flustered.

Well, luckily most of the books that Wesley has are out already and scattered about on various desks (and sometimes under them). "What's wrong Cordelia?" Sounding worried, she skips right to the point, as this looks like trouble.

Angel would ask the same question but Fred already asked it so he does not ask that question that he would have otherwise asked.

"What's wrong?"


Cordelia looks back. "Well, okay. Here's the thing. I was…I've been for a while now, having really bad headaches. With the visions. I had gone to the doctors, and the tests…weren't good." She seems a little…disjointed? Like concentrating is an issue. "It was really bad. And getting worse."

"Cordy…" Fred sounds even more worried, standing up from her desk and taking off her glasses. "But we're not doctors. I don't think we can…do anything with that." She gives a side glance over to Angel to see how he's taking this before focusing her attention back on Cordelia.

Angel frowns, unnerved by the way Cordelia is speaking, "Cordelia are you talking like that for a reason? You're usually more … " Whats the word? Acid-witty? Sharp? "Verbose."

Cordelia nods. "I had someone do some healing. And it got rid of the headaches. And now…things aren't working so good. It's…getting hard to think." She seems worried about that. "Trying to remember some words, and things like that, and it's not there when I need it." And, as already noticed, the altered speech patterns.

This certainly isn't the shopping obsessed Cordy that Fred knows. But, how is she supposed to help? She doesn't know how to fix healing botch ups! Or visions! Or headaches! Panicking a little, her eyebrows furrow. "What can we do to help? We're not healers."

"First of all," Angel begins, jumping immediately into investigate-it mode, "Who did the healing? If they've messed with your head then we should find out what they did and see if we can reverse it.

Cordelia answers "Dajan. She's got healing powers. She…it worked at the start. All the headaches went away, but now I can't…" She looks frustrated. "It's getting hard to do what I've do, and…help me, guys."

"Of course we'll help you, Cordy." That's not even a question. Fred looks around at all the books, unsure of where she can even start, but she'll keep going if it'll help her friend. "You should stay here. So we can take care of you."

"Yeah," Angel says, agreeing with Fred, "Stay here so we can keep an eye on things and if we figure out what happens we don't need to track you down. I'll go find Dajan so we can find out what she pulled and how to reverse it." He knew there was something he found a little off about her … maybe it was the floating?

The brunette seer looks back to the other two. "Thanks, guys." Her eyes are bright with unfallen tears. "It's gonna be okay, right? We'll find an answer, like we always find an answer."

It's a big hotel. There's still the possibility of privacy for Cordelia, plus they'll be able to look in on her. "Of course we will. Angel always finds the answers." And Team Angel, but more Angel in her mind. "This'll get fixed in no time! And then you'll be all excited about getting some new brain outfits!"

Angel has been moping around. This is true. He's been a bit more gruff than usual and generally avoiding prolonged conversations. But the look on Cordelia's face right now coupled with her plea for help seems to strike a chord and he nods his head, leaning forward for one of those things. You know. Non-brooders do them all the time. A hug! Thats it!

"We'll find an answer. I promise."

Cordelia hugs. There's even some clingage. She sniffles once too, and finally takes a step back. "Thanks…" she says with a sniffle. "I app—app…umm, thanks. I think I'm gonna go find a room, okay?" She unclings, and starts off to go do that.

Fred reaches out a hand and puts it on Cordelia's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. It's not really the best of comforts, but she hopes it's something. Watching Cordelia wander off to go find a room, the long-haired brunette just watches. "We'll fix this, right Angel? And we'll find out the writing. Won't we?"

Angel watches Cordelia go as well, his mind racing to the point where he doesn't actually hear Fred at first. Not because he's ignoring her but because he's just thinking about so many other things.

"Hm? Yes. Yes, we will."

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