Ezekiel Ito
Ezekiel Noboru Ito
Portrayed By Toma Ikuta
Gender Male
Species Kitsune
Date of Birth 11/11/1990
Age 19
Aliases The Demon Fox of Hokkaido, E-Z
Place of Birth Hokkaido, Japan
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Japanese translator, Ninja
Known Relatives Noboru Ito the 5th(father)
Significant Other Mr.Bones
Special Powers Shape shifting, some magical ability
First Appearance

The second Demon Fox:
With Noboru’s failure, the fate of Ingrid and her unborn son was thought to be certain. A young Shrine maiden trimmed in red delivered young Ezekiel to a local police station wrapped in fine red silk. She claimed rough men had abducted the infant’s mother in front of her very eyes, but she knew where the father could be found. After passing along the contact information, she stepped outside all but vanished into thin air.

Noboru would collect his son, and immediately flee back to the US under an assumed name. Eventually he would make contact with Ingrid’s parents, and relate to them the story of their daughter’s death as well as existence of their grandson. In Brighton Beach, Noboru would settle down for the second time and attempt to raise Ezekiel the best he could.

Ezekiel had a debt to pay however, the family owed Inari two fold now. For the gift of their bloodline and now for the life of Ezekiel, so training started early. From ten years old, Ezekiel knew his place in the world. His father had dishonored the very Goddess who saved his life, and brought shame to the legend of his ancestors. It would take Ezekiel to repair the damage that had been done, a task he welcomed with open arms.

The first sightings of this second Demon Fox, wouldn’t be in Hokkaido however but rather in Chicago. Ezekiel had already begun a steady pattern of ripping off the local Mafioso and was frankly rather pleased with that level of involvement in this whole Ninja business. The funds he stole, ended up split between temples to Inari and local soup kitchens but Ezekiel didn’t keep a penny of it.

Doctor Lance Beck, had been a phenomenal physician some years earlier who tended to the city’s less than fortunate. Somewhere along the line however, Dr. Beck had been bitten by one of his patients. He would try to maintain the goodness in himself he had once known, but eventually Beck faltered and fell into darkness. Beck was generally disliked pretty much by everyone, not because he was blood sucking evil incarnate but largely because he was also stark raving mad. Beck probably would have gotten staked years before, even if by his own kind but Beck had a knack for the great get away.

The murder of Beck, immediately generated all manner of gossip essentially over night. Now granted Beck was a controversial enough figure that if he had died in any manner people would have talked, but being hacked apart by a swordsman in a mask that identified himself as a Demon Fox? That was positively sensational, and pretty much overnight word spread to all the dark places. The Demon Fox of Hokkaido, had returned seemingly from the dead.

Skills yo

  • Ninja skills: He can fight with his hands, fight with his paws, fight with swords or like something out of a Jackie Chan movie fight with whatever is at hand. He can climb walls, he can sneak into places, he can spy, he can steal and he can kill 40 pirates with just a whisper.
  • Motorcycle skills: Some people have dogs or cats, Ezekiel has a motorcycle. He's an above average rider but he'd greatly benefit from formal instruction. He's also pretty good at the care and feeding of a motorcycle, and while he can strip a CB750 down to its last nut and bolt that certainly doesn't always apply to other bikes.
  • Languages: Ezekiel speaks and reads English and Japanese fluently, and knows just enough Russian to get himself fed at a Russian restaurant.

RP hooks

  • Due to his father's actions, the Demon Fox tends to suffer a particularly nasty reputation as a blood thirsty killer.
  • If your old enough, perhaps you fought against the original Demon Fox?
  • Do you need something stolen from a bad guy, who better to ask than a ninja?
  • Being a Ninja does not pay the water bill, so Ezekiel makes a living translating documents. His bread and butter is legal and medical documents, but anything with Japanese is fair game.
  • Mr.Bones is not a typical example, of the now somewhat rare CB750. It doesnt take much to get Ezekiel talking about Bones, or to get him asking questions about whatever anyone else is riding.

Play list

The Delgados- The Light before we land
Four tet- My angle rocks back and fourth
King Geedorah - Fastlane


  • Like all Kitsune, Ezekiel has a particular love affair with fried tofu.
  • His favorite color is red.
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