Doctor, Doctor


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Summary: Taking thugs to the ER is dangerous. Good thing there is Junayd to hit on women.

Date It Happened: February 3rd 2002

Doctor, Doctor

A hospital

After Vivian has done her good deed by getting the knifer into the hospital and treated, she steps outside to hopefully wait for the police who will be here to make an arrest. It's strange since she was accompanied by the man who actually knifed the bad guy. By all accounts and purposes, she should be turning him in to them as well. Some have the solace of cigarettes and caffeine to assuage their nerves in a situation like this. Vivian likes neither of those, so she just leans against the wall and rests the back of her head against it.

Of course it was Junayd who accompanied Vivian and the thug to the hospital. He's a better deterrent in case the guy tried to get funny with Vivian again. Getting funny with Vivian is his job, thankyouverymuch. Once she was safely inside the hospital, though, he didn't bother venturing in. Junayd hates hospitals. A lot. He's outside when she steps outside and is currently staring up at the sky, possibly calculating how many nights he's got until the next waxing crescent moon. When the doctor arrives, he glances at her and smiles. "Some night, mm?" Best line ever.

Vivian wouldn't know much about anything having to do with crescents or the like. She's never been into occult anything or even horoscopes. She believes in wishing upon stars and dreams coming true, but that's mostly in a different kind of spectrum. It's not men who can turn into big cats. "I guess you could put it that way." She lifts her head just enough to watch Junayd cautiously. "You're the reason that man is in here." It's hard to tell if it's complimentary or accusatory.

"Actually," responds Junayd without hesitation, "that man is the reason that man is in there. I'm just the one who made sure he was the one who wound up in there and not, say, the girl he and his buddies were harassing." He doesn't mention Angel. Obviously the man wasn't human and no doubt could have gotten away with a stab wound or six without any debilitating effects. "But thank you, I appreciate the compliment." He pauses, eyes Vivian, then smirks and adds, "Especially from such a lovely lady." Mm-hm.

"I never said it was a compliment." Vivian isn't really all that big on violence. She sees enough of it at her job at another hospital. The smirking and eyeing only draws a bit of a sad smile from him. "And I never said that he didn't deserve it, either. I'm just glad the girl made it out alright. I've seen it happen far too often not that way. It's lucky that guy with the amazing ankles was around. I don't believe I've seen anyone tossed into garbage cans quite like that."

Lucky th—

Junayd just stares a moment in vague deadpan disbelief, lips pushed outward slightly in a frown and one eyebrow raised. Yeah. Luckily Ankles was there. Right. Because nobody else could've hurled that guy into a bunch of garbage bins.

The blow to his ego is swept aside in a moment as he occupies himself with simply ogling. Boobs make it better, it's true. "Mm, lucky," he grunts noncommittally. "If that impresses you, you should follow me around one night."

Well, that's who Vivian saw attack those mean men first. The guy who wore a lot of black. And possibly too much hair gel. Junayd is just the one that tossed a knife into another guy's arm. Catching that ogling, she eyes and waves a hand down by her chest only to raise it. "You know, my face is up here." There's a raised eyebrow. She is not impressed. "I somehow have a feeling it would wind up back in the same place. The hospital."

Yes, Vivian's face is up there, but Junayd wants to look at boobs, okay. He does obligingly bring his gaze up anyway, though. Some women just don't like it when their boobs are attractive. Pshaw. He smiles. "I don't do hospitals. That's for people who actually get hurt." Junayd gets hurt, sure, but he recovers real fast. "Though I could make an exception for a doctor like you."

Oh, if only June didn't seem to say things so sleazily. Vivian is one of those people who take a lot of people at face value and see the best in them. But when they're so obviously only after one thing there's not so much she can do. "I just got out of residency. You'd probably want another doctor. An old one. With warts and wrinkles. I have a hard time believing you never get hurt."

"Don't be silly. If you're just out of residency, you could use practice. And you're more than welcome to practice on me." Smooth. So smooth. Junayd shakes his head. "Never hurt enough to warrant visiting a hospital. Only people who are unprepared wind up there."

"If you've never been to a hospital, then you probably wouldn't know what I'd need to practice," Vivian responds to Junayd. "You don't even know my speciality. For all you know I could be gynecologist." Which may, in fact, make him even more interested. Hm. "Or doctors. They tend to be in a hospital a lot."

"I don't need to know what you need to practice. That's your job." Sheesh, not making this easy, is she? Junayd crosses his arms over his chest and leans back against the wall. "Doctor's don't wind up in a hospital, they work there. There's a difference."

Why make this easy for Junayd? He's the one that's dangerous enough to put someone in a hospital. She's just here to help the police. Readjusting her red hair in it's falling apart bun, she just gives a short laugh. "But you don't go to hospitals anyway, remember? I think I'll be safe from your judgements for awhile."

Junayd snorts quietly. "I'm not judging anything." Except boobs. And hips. And how well both would look while he—

Oops, is that the time? He pushes himself away from the wall and inclines his head toward Vivian. "I'd better be off. Enjoy your hospital, Doctor … ?" Fill in the blank!

"Beauregard." Maybe it's just her, or does Vivian hear the sirens in the background? Hm. Perhaps that's why this guy has decided to make like a tree. "And this isn't my hospital." She's further north. "Try not to stab anyone else on your way home, please." Just a kind suggestion.

"Only if they don't try to stab anyone else first." And with that, Junayd's off. Emmy will probably be really grumpy if he breaks into the apartment this late at night and wakes her up.

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