Located In Hollywood, California
Type Demon Friendly Strip Club
IC Hours Sunday - Saturday, 5PM - 5AM
IC Owner Carlton
IC Employees Sasha, Chanda

Caritatas is a semi-long standing, hidden establishment that prides itself on providing the City of Angels with a place to party, have fun and watching the female form remove their clothes for money. Hidden within the depths of Hollywood, Caritatas is the premiere strip club that houses both humans and demons alike, allowing for a somewhat peaceful co-existence between the two vastly different groups.


Regulars of this building would know that it used to be called The Laugh Track, but now it continues to look abandoned. Somewhat of an abandoned looking building, the only catch is the doberman looking man that seems to be seated on the steps of this building on a regular, nightly basis. If one manages to get past this 'bouncer', then they'll have the luxury of entering the delicious foray into the life of Caritatas.

Unlike some nightclubs of a singing badly nature, no metal detector is needed. A magical spell to keep violent actions and fighting under control has been cast over the club… an idea stolen by other clubs that shall remain (mostly) nameless. A safe haven for humans and demons alike, Caritatas' owner insists that the only hitting allowed is the smacking of curvy bottoms. Which makes this whole building make that much more sense.

A combination of smoke, booze and naked bodies seems to have overtaken the majority of the building. It's decorated as nicely as a strip club can be, with pictures of half-naked women all over the place, a huge bar in the corner and a stage that dominates the majority of the club. Swallowed by a sea of tables and chairs, which are normally filled with males of all types… human or demonic. At any given time, some buxom hottie (again, human or demon) can be found performing sensual, sexual and just plain hot as hell dancing that results in the loss of clothes.

Have Fun.


Originally, this building housed a semi-famous comedy club known as The Laugh Track. When an not-so-suspicious fire burned the place to the ground, the site was abandoned and left to become nothing on the block in Hollywood. Fortunately, though, one of the old comedians of The Laugh Track took it upon himself to buy the site and rebuild… only he went for something a bit less family friendly: a strip club.

Thus, Caritatas was born.

Locked in a constant battle for superiority against their karaoke singing competition across the street, Cartitatas has been going strong for about a year less than Caritas has been and the owner continues to try and come up with new and fresh ideas to keep the club up and at 'em.


Employment Opportunities

DJ: Caritatas is in dire need of a new DJ. The last one had too many claws and the extra scratching during performances threw the girls off their routines. Until one is found, Carlton will be using other means to help the girls get their dance on. So, somebody, please apply for this job before they end up dancing too Big Booty Hoes every night.

General Manager: One of the more important roles, the General Manager of Caritatas will be in charge of the nightly duties and keeping shop. Carlton owns the place and works as the host, but he's never really been the most business-minded. Some assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated, especially when it comes to the books.

Dancers: Dancers are always needed when it comes to the whole Strip part of Strip Club. Both human and demon girls are welcome to audition to be part of the Caritatas world. Just contact Carlton and be prepared for a personal show. He likes to really get in depth with these auditions.

Security: Currently, there's one bouncer at Caritatas. While he's more than capable of handling situations that may arise, he also has to watch the door and that could prove to be disastrous in case things happen on the inside and he can't get there in time. So, a couple of openings for other security personnel are available. Humans and demons are both accepted for this.

Bartenders: Positions are available for those that are heavily versed in the drinks of both humans and demons. Caritatas prides itself on having the largest selection of alcoholic drinks available to all beings from vampires to K'vlak demons and naturally human alcoholics. To do this job, you have to be able to deal with chopping off the heads of chickens.

Waitresses: The scantily clad waitresses work hand in hand with the bartenders to keep the patrons of this club all drunk and passing out money. The salary available from being one of these girls is enough for it to be a solid job for college girls or others that may need such a thing as money. Human applicants only.



Promotional Calendar



  • Monday Mix: From 5pm to 6pm, there's a Monday Mix going on with the club's DJ. Just playing some of the more recent hits and giving people something to rock to while they get drunk after work and prepare to be entertained.
  • Monday Night Mayhem: The Girls of LAW (Los Angeles Wrestling) come through every Monday Night to perform live for the men and women that frequent Caritatas on this night. They stay from about 8pm to 12am and everything goes on from themed wrestling (jello, mud, etc.) to pole dancing contests and then some. Some Mondays, sections of Mayhem have even been filmed here for the LAW federation.
  • Specials: Come wearing your LAW merchandise and you'll get free drinks for the entire time the the LAW Girls are in the building.


  • Sister, Sister: Due to Carlton's fetish for women, the doors are opened to twins every Tuesday, for free! Of course, they have to be hot and women, as Carlton is banking on such things to draw more paying dudes to his club. But the catch is that the twins have to dress alike to feed Carlton's Doublemint fetish. Weird.
  • Truth or Double Dare: Competition is always fun and there's a sultry game of Truth or Double Dare played on Tuesday nights from 9pm to 11pm. Everyone in the building is fair game for participation.
  • Specials: Drinks are buy two, get one free from 8pm to 9pm and again at 11pm to 12am.


  • Wet Wednesdays: Every Wednesday night, at 10pm, there's a Wet T-Shirt contest that goes on featuring the Girls of Caritatas. There's a sign up sheet that goes up at 9pm to allow females in the club to join. The prize is $200.







Special Events


  • The location of Caritatas used to be a comedy club called The Laugh Track.
  • Caritatas employees always claim that their close competition stole their name, though it's painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that it happened the other way around.
  • Caritatas is blessed with the same 'No Fighting' spell that its competition has. Though, the one at Caritatas is a bit weaker and allows for a bit more leeway, as the people have to be intending harm or trying to harm each other for the spell to take effect. Otherwise, the dancers couldn't get smacked on the ass.
  • Backstage at Caritatas is home to both the females that shake their money makers and a small room off to the shadows that provides those with a Horny Invite Only to come forth and gamble their lives away.
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