Located In Hollywood
Type Karaoke Bar
IC Owner Lorne
IC Employees None

The premiere demon karaoke bar in all of LA (well, the only demon karaoke bar in LA).


Like all the best clubs in LA, Caritas is hard to find. Located in an otherwise innocuous Hollywood building, the only reason anyone might think of the entrance is anything more than a door to the basement are the two beefy looking guards flanking the door. Past the front door, a set of steps lead to a metal detector where yet another bouncer makes sure that all weapons are kept outside. And just in case the three bouncers, the metal detector and the tasteful No weapons or violence sign right by the door weren't deterrent enough, the space is officially a sanctuary…meaning that any form of demonic or supernatural violence is made magically impossible.

Once past security, everything else in Caritas is fun and singing - literally. The best demon karaoke bar in the city, there's always music flowing from the speakers and most of the time it's from the patrons themselves. Not just for entertainment, it's a well known fact that the owner, The Host, can read people's auras by listening to them sing and can therefore set them on their right path. The stage is the main feature of this bar, the backdrop a shimmering purple curtain complete with a spotlight and other smaller colored lights to give the floor some texture. A karaoke station is set up to feed the singer words as well as the requisite microphone and stool for those wanting to sing seated.

Round tables as well as booths take up the rest of the floor space, each of them turned for a proper view of the stage. In the back is a fully stocked bar where a martini is just as easy to order as a glass of O negative.


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  • Caritas is host to a portal going to and from Pylea.

Notable Logs

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