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Gunn brings brunch as Angel isn't around to do donuts.

Date It Happened: November 28th, 2001


Hyperion Hotel - Lobby

"Yo! I say yo! Man on the floor!"

Charles Gunn has decided it's high time he come sliding into the Hyperion Hotel for a little checking up on things. He doesn't, well, really know what's been going on, since he's been spending quite a few days in the Badlands, trying to patch up things with his crew, as well as get some things moving on that front. But the important thing is that he's working on balancing everything and that's all that matters to him.

As the door closes behind him, the delicious scent of piping hotter than hot baked goods is sent swirling into the hotel lobby and off towards rooms and up stairs and things of that nature, since he does happen to be holding the box open and swinging it around, as he makes his way towards the check in counter. "And I brought a delicious, unhealthy form of nourishment! I believe you middle-class folk call it: Brunch!"

Cordelia Chase? Over at the desk. She looks up at the call from Gunn, and beams, that bright smile shining back at him. "Is it donuts?" Angel was the one who brought the donuts, most time. She stands and walks closer. "We have coffee. I even made it this morning!"

Though Fred has been venturing out a bit more from her room, that doesn't mean she's totally comfortable. So, in order to try and keep with being sociable, as Wesley has told her to be, she's downstairs today. However, nowhere that anyone can see. Though she's trying to talk with Cordelia, she's been hiding under the space of the other desk. The smell of food, though, is tempting and she raises herself out of her crawl space just enough so her eyes can see what it is that Gunn has brought them for nourishment. "We had something like brunch in Pylea," she says quietly. "Only, it involved killing something in between breakfast and lunch and then making it into lunch."

The delicious box of donuts that are Krispy of Kreme gets dropped down on the check in counter and Gunn leans over to look at Cordy, tilting his head and even plastering on a mock gasp. "With your own manicured hands? Wow. Malibu Barbie has layers." Charles just lets his teasing grin linger for a moment, before his ears pick up on the voice of Fred. Which is why his attention is pulled in her direction. "The more I hear about Pylea, the more it reminds me of L.A. I swear, if the whole Angel Not In Flames thing wasn't there, I would've thought we never went anywhere." Eyes are tossed back towards Cordy at this moment, with a 'how is she?' question of silent nature.

Cordy's glance back to Fred is just a little dubious. "Donuts don't tend to require killing much of anything. Not even dough." Beat. "Though there aren't any nuts involved, unless they sprinkle them on the top." She walks up to the counter, opening the box, and taking out a jelly-filled, offering it towards the other desk. "Come have a donut. It's got jelly!" she says, as if that somehow makes it a layer up of sublime. And she looks back to Gunn. "Pylea had its moments." Most of them involving princess-ness.

The great smelling box of Krispy Kremes proves too much for even Fred to resist and she peeks out enough to grab a chocolatey filled one from the box that Cordelia holds open before going back to her safe space to inhale it. "Well, she yelled at it and said whoever takes the last cup should make the next pot first thing and then spilled some of the grounds on the floor and put the water in the wrong place. But, she made it all on her own. I watched her do it right from here." The donut, by now, is gone and she reaches for another. Her moments of Pylea didn't exactly involve being a princess. "Yeah, terrifyingly horrible moments multiplied by an exponential factor."

Gunn's eyebrow is raised as he looks from the Princess to the Fred the Food Inhaler. He is slightly in awe, but the thoughts of Cordelia almost exploding the Coffee Maker are too much to not break out into a small set of chuckles. "I'll let Wesley try it first. If he dies, then we can change the sign out front to the Gunn Agency." Yes, he's still on that. Since, well, that's the best name. By far. He finds himself spinning to lean back against the counter and crosses his arms over his chest. "Speaking of Sconehead, what's up for today? Any demons to slay? Any damsels to save? Any… anything?" Yes. Gunn is bored.

Cordelia puts the box back on the countertop, and then looks back to Fred. "And thank you for that recap, Fred. The important thing is that there is coffee made." And the box is swung back into position for Fred to do Donut 2.0. "The Chase Agency." She recaps it briefly. "The Gunn Agency makes us sound like a firing range. And no, so far, it's been a quiet day. Most of the creepy crawlies in L.A., not usually out in the prime donut hour."

"You're welcome, Cordelia." Fred takes Cordelia's sarcasm at face value and continues to inhale her second donut. For a girl this tiny, she sure puts away a lot of food. She doesn't presume to put her name in front of Agency, but she does say, "I like Angel Investigations. It makes it sound like you've got someone watching over you." There's a pause and she tries to sound innocent as she pulls her donut apart. "So…when d'ya'll think Angel'll come back?"

"This ain't no detective novel from the 50's…" Gunn just lets the issue drop, since the one objective person in the room has decided to vote for Angel Investigations. Not that it's a bad name, but he thinks his name should be used for something! It strikes fear into the hearts of demons everywhere! Or, well, it should… at the very least. Moving on to what Fred's talking about, Gunn's shrugging since he damn sure doesn't know the answer. "Who knows. He does this often. It's like his thing."

Cordelia takes a bite of her own jelly donut, using a fingertip to dab at the corner of her mouth after the bite and use it to snag residual jellyness. "Angel's broody. He's had hundreds of years to get good at broody. And anyone who's had to deal with Buffy qualifies for their PhD in broody. He'll be back." she says, putting that brave face forward. "He just…has to get everything straightened out."

Fred likes the name Angel Investigations. They've covered that already. And as she finishes up her second donut and goes for a third, she frowns. "So…he and Buffy were…going steady?" They're not really subtle digs for information, but she is trying. Possibly the trying to act like she doesn't care means more than if she'd just be truthful about it.

Gunn cracks a smirk and peers over in Fred's direction, before looking up at Cordelia. "Somebody's going to make a good interrogation officer someday." He raises his hands at the question though, shrugging off everything. He's not exactly the most savvy when it comes to Sunnydale Lore and the great Cordelia Chase should be able to field that question without too much issue.

Cordy nods to Fred. "Sure, if "going steady" is a euphemism for "completely and neurotically obsessing. A long, deep sigh, before she reiterates. "He'll be back." He has to be.

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