Dr. Elizabeta Montagne
Portrayed By Kate Walsh
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth November 1st, 1964
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Bette
Place of Birth San Medea, CA, USA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Neurosurgeon (Good Samaritan Hospital)
Known Relatives Mother, father, sister
Significant Other N/A
First Appearance Targets

Dr. Elizabeta Montagne, or "Bette", is a neurosurgeon at the Good Samaritan Hospital here in Los Angeles. A California native who comes from a family of class, she recently moved back after living in New York for some time. She's a complex woman, to put it lightly.



Targets —> As Bette is walking from a bar after work, she's grabbed by a guy with a knife, hurled against a wall thrown at some other guy. Then they all run away, leaving her stunned as she watches the man with the knife steal a toddler. She attempts to call 911 but some jerk smacks her cell phone out of her hand.


Coming soon!


  • Has an ex-husband who also lives in LA: Christopher Bianco. (He's appable!)
  • Has a special interest (and background) in toxicology.
  • Good with kids.
  • Doesn't drink coffee.
  • Serious about health and fitness.
  • Secretly has a thing for snakes, but would never mar her reputation by having one as a pet.
  • First "on-screen" words were "Pardon me," followed shortly by "Jesus Christ— ".




oh god


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