Basement Hijinx


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While still trapped in the basement, Fred tries to convince Groo to let her out of her cage. Gunn manages to swoop in and prevent bad things from happening.

Date It Happened: January 1st, 2001

Basement Hijinx

Hyperion Hotel - Basement

The noble warrior stalks through the strange castle. Nothing about it looks anything like a normal castle. But then, Princess Cordelia lives here, and where else would a princess live? So it must be a castle! Right? Right. Still, there could be monsters about. Princess Cordelia and her friends do seem to hunt those a lot.

And now, Groo stalks through the basement, exploring this strange and twisted maze of insanity that his princess for some reason decided to call home. What evils might lurk for our brave and noble warrior down here in this basement? Let us find out.

As Groo goes through the basement he won't find very many evils. Maybe just…one. Or one lurking in the poor locked up Fred. One that is quite fed up with being trapped here. As she hears someone come closer, she quickly makes her way to the edge of the bars, small hands grasping them tight. "Hello?" It doesn't sound like Gunn. Or even Wesley. Is someone else here?

Yeah. Someone else is here. Besides the creature that is known as Groo. Mostly because Gunn is entering the hotel upstairs. With the truck being broken down, it took him a while to find a ride to get back on the move and to the hotel. Keys are shoved in his pocket as he comes inside and immediately gets to looking around. Trying to see if he can't figure out what the heck is going on around here. Again. This is all Angel's fault.

And then, Groo hears the sound of a voice. "Maiden Fred?" His warrior instincts follow the voice, and suddenly, he comes upon Fred…in a cage. "That's odd. They told me there were no cows on this world. So how did you come to be in a cage?" Hmmmm. He tries to answer his own question. "Did a monster escape and trap you inside its cage?" That must be it! He looks around…"Tell me, where is the key?" Groo, of course, has no idea there might be a GOOD reason Fred's locked up.

"I'm not a cow," Fred gives Groo a look. Even possessed, she doesn't like being thought of as a slave. But, she remembers good-natured Groo. And his feelings for Cordelia. And knows the best way to play him and get herself out of here. "Oh, it's terrible, Groosalugg. I don't know how you got here or why you're here. But it's Gunn and Wesley. Something's happened to them. They locked me in a cage and won't let me out. I have no idea where they took Cordelia." She knows how innocent she can sound. "You have to help me." No no, now it's going to be all Fred's fault.

"Yo! He-Man!" Gunn is definitely trying to make sure his presence is known. Especially with that Groosalugg dude being the type to stab people on sight and things of that nature. "Oh man. Please tell me he didn't Reebok outta' here." Gunn actually has to pause at his own use of older slanguage, before making a quick line for the basement stairs. Might as well check on Fred before he gets to going on a Groo Search.

"Truly? They put you in this cage? And made off with Princess Cordelia? This cannot be allowed to stand…" Hmmm. How to get Fred out of the cage? Well, since there doesn't seem to be a key around…"Stand back, Maiden Fred. I shall attempt to set you free!" He draws his sword, grabs it with both hands…and slices at the front of the cage. There's an impressive display of pyrotechnics from Pylean steel slicing normal steel. Sparks fly everywhere. He doesn't quite get through the bars…but a couple more slices like that, and he probably will.

"Wh—" The last thing Fred was expecting was for Groo to start chopping through steel bars. Giving a cry of surprise, she stumbles backwards and ducks as the sparks fly. "Groo! Gunn has the key. Wesley probably has one somewhere, too. Just…go check the office? Big metal key. Or even if you could go upstairs and get me something to pick the lock. A knife, a bobby pin…I can probably figure somethin' out."

Sounds from beneath him have Gunn stepping quicker as he gets to the stairs and makes his way down with some super black speed. "Whoa whoa! He-Man! Stop!" Waving a hand, he almost stumbles on the steps before he gets himself down to the ground where the rest of the people are. Well, one person and one succubus. "She needs to stay in there."

Well, it looks like he will no longer have to slice through bars, for there is Gunn, and there, presumably, is the key to the cage. "Warrior Gunn! Why are you treating fred like a cow? I expected more from the companions of Princess Cordelia." He sounds really disappointed with Gunn. Good thing it's only Fred in the basement. If /CORDELIA/ was locled up, he might not have given Gunn a chance to explain himself.
Poor Gunn. He's found himself in quite a bad situation. Though Fred gives him something of a smirk, it's gone in seconds as she reverts back to what most people think of as her normal voice and demeanor. "He's not himself, Groo. Don't hurt him. Just get him to let me out. We can find out how to help him after I'm out of here."

This is Gunn not really caring about the way Groosalugg sounds. He knows the truth and the truth always prospers. Besides, he's got the key. So there. "First off all, chill out. You just warped in so don't think you know what you're talkin' about." Eyes move from Groosalugg to the Caged Bird and he glares in Anti-Fred's direction. "And you? Hush. We don't need running commentary from the Sluts R Us." Gunn is already moving to get closer to the cage, just to make sure things stay the way they are. "This Fred, ain't our Fred, dude. And she's on lock down until I can get Wesley or SOMEBODY to whip up some Elixir Fixer and make her good as new. You dig?"

This is a difficult position to be in. Especially since Groo just portaled in. "But how am I to know who to believe? You have said she is not herself, and she has said you are not yourself." Fortunately for Gunn…he has backup from an outside source he doesn't know about. "Wait…as I arrived…and went asking around for my princess, a woman I do not know said Princess Cordelia was possessed by an evil entity. Is this the case for Fred, as well?"

Oh, of course her luck would have it that not even the brightest bulb in the batch would have an outside source. Frowning, Fred can tell that things are slowly slipping away from her. What else can she do while in a cage. "Just let me out of here and we can talk about it rationally like adults, how about it, Hercules?" She gives him those big brown eyes of hers, stepping forward again toward the bars. "No matter who's right or wrong, it's not right to keep me here, is it? Let me out."

"It is when you're evil as hell and trying to make Fred look like Pamela Anderson Gone Wild." Gunn says, hoping that the fact that he's using way too many pop culture references can also assist in the fact that he is, indeed, still himself. And his attention turns from the caged beast of hotness to Groo. "Listen. Both she and Cordelia are bugged out by some kinda' somethin'. I don't know what it is. But ever since we fought this big ass worm of death…" Gunn pauses, starting to get some remembrance going on his head. "… Wait. That's it. Maybe the worm goo had something to do with it. I wonder if Wesley ever had a chance to analyze it."

NOW Groo's on his home turf. "A monster? Now, this is where I may do some good! Is the monster slain? Or does it still live?" Because, if it's still alive…then watch Groo hack that to pieces with a sword! But since he doesn't understand a single reference Gunn just used, he asks, "Is she a danger to herself or others? I would not see Fred harmed."

"Of course whenever men get talking about seduction, they're thinking about some big worms." With a roll of her eyes, she rests the side of her head against one of the bars. It doesn't look like she's getting out of here yet. If only she could get her hands on something she could build to get out of here or even pick the lock. "I'm not a danger to anyone, sweetie. Gunn just doesn't want to have any sort of fun."

"See? Our Fred doesn't even know what fun is. Told you." And that's tossed to Groo, before he continues with the trying to get Groosalugg to pay close attention to the slaying of beasts and what not. "Not sure. But I don't wanna' take any chances. What I do know is that whatever mojo's workin' on the girls, it's got somethin' to do with 'em kissin' people. Cuz…" Wait. Groo hearts Cordelia. "… well, we gotta' figure out what's causing this and kill it. Before the girls get hurt."

Groosalugg seems confused. "Truly? What happens when they kiss people?" It must be something bad, or Gunn wouldn't have gone to the trouble of locking Fred up. As for the fun comment…"In the life she had on Pylea, it is true, there would've been little chance to develop of the idea of enjoying life." It was no fun being a cow on Pylea.

Groosalugg pages Fred, Gunn, and Cordelia: If I had to guess…when I arrived, I think Gunn locked you up away from here on purpose ;)
All these are true things. "Well, why bother stopping if you've never tried." Fred shrugs and drops trying to play the innocent act. It's not getting her out of here any faster than acting as she is 'normally' now would. Why bother with the act? "As far as you know, nothing happens. Just a test. One little smooch and I won't bug you again about the cage thing. Hmm? Does it look like I'm hurt, darlin'? Maybe a little bored, but I'm not going to get hurt."

"It's bad. You know how you've got the strength of a thousand warriors? One kiss and GONE!" Gunn is making sure to plant himself between Groo and the cage, because that's the only way to make sure he doesn't get too close to the cage to get kissed. "So. You gonna' tell me when you started acting like this, Fred? So we can get you all better? Or you gonna' keep playing Keep Away Unless You Wanna Do Me?"

Truly, that…sounds familiar. "How odd. It sounds like she gained the powers of a Com-shuk demon. They are beautiful demons that lure men to their demises with the promise of com-shuk, then drains their lives and strength away." For people who don't live on Pylea, a Com-Shuk demon is a succubus.

One of Fred's thin arms weave their way through the bars to try and put a hand on either Gunn or Groo's arm. She's not picky for the moment. "Oh, I don't know. You saw me the last time I was being boring. You remember. The big worm. You're the one that seem to be all fixated on it. Maybe that's where I've been going wrong, hm?" To Groo, she just gives a smile. "It woulda been fun, at least. I could promise you that."

"The worm. What happened after the big worm?" Gunn is actually trying to think. Especially because that's probably some of the best times… "Whoa. Wait. That was the day we went to Victoria's Secret!" And now it's time for him to say something he's never said: "Yahtzee!" Pause. Wait a second. "… I've been hanging around Wesley too long." His eyes are moving right back over to Groo. "Come on. You and me? We gotta' go play Good Cop, Bad Cop with the lingerie capital of the world."

Groosalugg sounds confused. "Who is Victoria, and what is her secret?" That chain didn't exist on Pylea. "And what is a cop? And why do they come in varieties of good and bad? Nonetheless, I shall accompany you."

"She's got a whole lotta secrets. I'm sure she'll tell you one or two," Fred tells the poor clueless to Earth culture, Groo. At least she has that still going for her from having been born here.

"… Nevermind. Just come on." Gunn is already heading for the stairs, to make sure he can get upstairs. He's already pulling out his phone so that he can call up Team Gunn. It's time to go to work! Or… something else as epic sounding.

At least, going forth to boldly do battle is the one thing in this world full of foul metallic sorceries that makes sense to Groo. "Where is your metal riding beast?" Since they have to go forth to do battle, and all that good stuff. And he follows Gunn along.

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