Bad Dogs


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Summary: All the world is in bloom on this bright, cold full moon as we're mauling civilians in the park.

Date It Happened: January 21st 2002

Bad Dogs

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is quite an expansive piece of land, making it a rather nice little place for getting up to mischief of a night. And on this particular night, with its full broad moon, mischief might be more apt to occur. It's a mild January night, and for the most part, the park is deserted.

The pack is small. A few are held in cages built into the recesses of caves that are found bordering Mount Lee. Those that can be trusted to control their change, or aren't subject to the moon's whim are gathered in the interim. Hannah has on only gym shorts and a tank top, in the event that she decides she wants to go a-huntin', she won't have to ruin clothes to do it. Her feet are bare, and she does not appear cold.

He'd snuck in here lord knows when, but it'd been awhile by now. Enough time to change over(clothing included) and get himself squirreled up into a tree to work his spy-aliciousness, but tonight it wasnt earning him a wage. No tonight was like PBS, purely educational right? He had never had the chance to hang with many wolves before, well actually he never hung with many anythings to be brutal about our favorite fox. So he sits, swords delicately layed across his lap as he watches those gathered just a spittin distance away. Normally he would never get so close to a 'target', but really he's planning for an eventual discovery if only to touch base.

Oz makes his way across the expanse of land, giving the moon a thoughtful look as he heads in the direction of Hannah and her pack. He hasn't been to this park much before, butt's not that hard to figure out with his wolfy senses, and he's pretty certain the invitation still stands. What he's less certain about is whether or not it's wise to be here, but … here he is. Of course, all this uncertainty is pretty hard to discern since he's just got his usual Oz expression on, slightly more pensive than usual but not overly so. His hands slide into his jacket, though he's opted for a simple denim one. The lambskin seemed just a little too ironic on this night of all nights.

Hannah beams when she sees the redhead - or whatever color Oz has it as at the moment. She walks over to give him a hug and apply a ruffle to the occaisionally laconic young man's head, and then lifts her head, catching a scent in the wind. Her lips start to curve in a grin. "E-Z." she says, looking around. "Where are you?" The nose knows.

"Your making me look sloppy."comes the voice, from above. E-Z rises to his paws silently, heroically silouetted against the moon for a moment before noiselessly dropping down to the grass. Kitted up in a mixture of hard rubber, kevlar and kangaroo leather its difficult to really see a whole lot of Ezekiel. His face hidden behind a dull gray Noh mask bearing a Fox's visage, its features painted expressively in decidely something of a frown. You can at least see his tail, and his remarkably animal like paws. Black of course, but what did you expect from a ninja. "Sorry to drop in unannounced."No he wasnt, looking to Oz as he slipped his swords into his belt.

Oz summons up a little grin as his hair - indeed, the usual red tonight, though with a slightly fire engine-red tint to it - is ruffled. His hands remove from the jacket pockets to return the hug, and as he straightens, his eyebrows lift just a little as Hannah calls out to someone unseen. There's a sniff of his own taken at the air, though the detection becomes much easier when Ezekiel simply calls out in return. "Not my party," he replies, by way of reassuring that no apology is necessary to him, though he won't speak as to the actual hostess. If he finds anything especially strange about this newest bit of weird on an already pretty weird night, it's lost in his laid-back Ozness.

The weird night is just going to get weirder — or bloodier. A piercing scream rips through the still night air followed immediately by another, and it really doesn't take any sort of superhuman senses to pick up on them. They're fairly close and unrelenting: a series of high-pitched and panicked shrieks of pain and horror, cries to God and anyone within range for help.

Hannah pretty much acts like she sees fox-dudes walking about like they're they're the envy of any furrycon all the time. "Don't feel bad." she tells the kitsune lightly. She taps the side of her nose. "You'd be surprised at what I can smell." She looks between the two of them, toward the others lingering. "You two up for a run? Or want to stay on the skin - " she cuts off and turns toward the noise, lifting her head to catch a whiff of night air, and without any further ado, takes off running toward the source of the sound.

Ezekiel earperks, those big black ears shooting from underneath his little hood in a fashion that would be adorable if he—no nevermind its still cute like puppies. He had been getting ready to introduce himself to Oz, but well that may just have to wait. Smoothly he tucks his ears back under his hood and turns to haul after Hannah in a dead spring, one glove gripped around the pair of his swords as the other hovers somewhere around chest height. "No sir, the excitement never stops!"

Oz opens his mouth, ready to reply to Hannah's offer when she's cut short and he never even gets the chance to start. His brow furrows in concern, but he isn't given too long for his thoughts when Hannah and Ezekiel are already springing right off into action. Okay, a leap before you look situation, he can roll with that. So just a step or two behind them, he brings up the rear, turning those keener senses to try and get some sense of what it is they're all rushing headlong into.

The closer they get, the more apparent one scent becomes: blood. Lots of blood. The sounds and smells lead to a trail winding along in the less populated areas of the park. The first thing they encounter is the corpse of a large dog, likely a Great Dane. It's been torn apart and the pieces left scattered about in a reddened circle on the ground.

Not far from this massacre is yet another — but this one is in progress. A man and a woman are being besieged by a pair of hulking hairy bodies, one of which might smell and even look familiar to Hannah: it's one of the pack members who was previously chained up. The other is larger, dark in color. Both are currently in the process of mutilating the quickly dying man, while the woman feebly crawls toward an overturned stroller just down the way. There's no sign of a baby.

It only takes a moment for Hannah to assess the situation. She looks over her shoulder and damned if she doesn't take off her tank top. "Help her." she instructs Oz, and reckons her Personal Ninja will assess and deal with any extrenuous issues. As she advances on the pair of figures, she transforms - the shift is surprisingly quick, though not instantaneous, and by the time she's behind them she lets out a roar in their direction. One should know better, the other is a stranger, and definitely unwelcome. GET OUTTA MAH TERRITORY, BIZATCH.

Its a blur at first, like an errant flutter of moonlight before bursting into full form amongst a downpour of flower petals. A second fox, attired in the traditional rather bright billowy red and white outfit of a Noh theatre kitsune. -CLACK-CLACK-CLACK- goes the percussion, of hard wooden blocks smashed together. Then comes the chorus, just as the new fox draws his sword to advance on the two stray wolves!

E-Z meanwhile, cut a sharp turn earlier and dove into the brush along the far side of wherever this little confrontation is taking place. Working silently to position himself discretely,and upwind of this maruauding pair. A long weighted wire left to hang from his paws, a rare opportunity to utilize a more exotic weapon should never be overlooked afterall!

Oz gives a succinct nod to show the instructions are understood, watching for just a moment as Hannah transforms and Ezekiel does, well, his thing too - and then Oz starts off, skirting along the edge of the chaos, attempting to reach the woman without drawing the attention of the beasties in their direction. "Hey," he offers in a quiet greeting, perhaps reassuring in how calm her can remain in all of this - or that's his hope, at least. He might not be one with an outpouring of reassurances for the poor woman, but he's quickly swooping in to help her up, assuming she's in any shape to stand even with his help.

The woman is not in much shape to stand alone, but with Oz's help, she's up on her feet — or foot. One leg has been savaged and is bleeding rather faithfully. Spotting the empty stroller and lack of any sign of the child, she turns to Oz in a panic. "My little girl!"

The pair of werewolves immediately cease their shredding of the man when Hannah announces her presence. The smaller of the two crouches and cowers, bares its teeth in a snarl, and skitters back and away — not openly defying, but not obeying entirely either. It seems confused. The larger of the pair turns and issues forth a roar right back. It is largely unfazed by the kitsune's illusion; instead, it turns suddenly, snaps at the smaller wolf, and leaps backward into the brush — and yanks from it a toddler, which is held in front of its chest like a shield. The smaller wolf turns and takes off down the trail, deserting both comrades.

Hannah starts to growl, claws flexing, showing her teeth. This is decidedly Not Good, but obviously she's self-aware enough to battle her instinct to see the child as prey. She pads forward a few steps, not outright attacking, but making it clear the other beast is not welcome. She holds back from calling the others…for the moment.

Ezekiel frowns, well he was rather expecting to have to distract one of the bastards. Now this is a three on one, he dispells the phantom and takes a moment to recoil his lenght of wire. Still he cant exactly go poof now, so instead he filters back and out into the open a little off to Hannah's side. He turns his head partially away as he widens his stance a touch, resting a gloved hand on the hilt of his sword. Offering Oz no small amount of attention mind you, if only because Hannah seemed to do the one on one thing well enough without his meddling.

"We'll find her," Oz promises with grim determination as he casts a glance at the overturned stroller. Yeah, that's not looking good. His options are limited right now though, since he doesn't exactly want to abandon the woman to fall right back over again and bleed out, either. Indicating first with a nod of his head, he attempts to lead her a little further from the action, just far enough so she can sit without being in outright danger. Focussed on that first, he hasn't yet had the chance to learn that 'finding' isn't going to be the problem so much as 'saving'.

The low growl is returned right back — but it's almost crooning (mocking, even) in nature and soon tapers off into a low 'woooo'. This one is self-aware as well. Uncannily self-aware. It wraps one massive arm around the child, pinning her to its chest, and proceeds to back away in the direction the other wolf had taken, continuing to fluctuate between a low crooning growl and the odd 'woooo-ooo' sound. Is it laughing? It dips its head and runs its tongue up the side of the child's face.

The woman is very pale and sags heavily against Oz. With some effort, she's led a little further down the way and eases herself down into a sitting position. Over and over, she sobs about her daughter and shivers. Shock is setting in.

For each step the enemy takes, Hannah advances, but no more, no less. The tranq guns are in the cave, but she has no way of communicating that to her compatriots, so she just keeps on advancing. She'll do it all the way to the end of the park if she has to. The other is either going to bite the child or release it, and she can't do anything either way. Not yet.

In a flash of steel, Ezekiel produces that sword with the characteristic sound swords are -supposed- to make. "My name, is the Demon Fox of Hokkaido. I will see that child set down immediately, because if you dont I will see to it that you do not leave this park alone. I will follow you, and wait out the moonlight. I will watch you, and when the time is right I will see fit to destroy everything in your life. You do not deserve the cost of silver your slaying would require, so decide."Up comes the sword, to point at this marauding wolf. "Are you a fool, or merely foolish then?"

Oz shrugs out of his jacket as soon as he's got the woman sitting, offering it in sacrifice to serve as a very crude bandage. But he's picked up enough first aid over the years of fighting evil to know that leg should probably not keep bleeding that much. And the jacket at least has handy sleeves which can be tied tightly if the woman allows. Meanwhile, he also takes this opportunity to look over at the action. And yep, there's the kid. Well, the search was easy, at least, but could ideally have gone better. He's torn, instinct wanting to help, anger and emotion becoming something the Zen lad isn't all that used to feeling these days. But seeing as there isn't much he could do that the other two aren't doing already, he tries to keep himself calm, focussed on attending to the woman, while watching the action out of the corner of his eye, trying not to tip her off that there's anything going on over there. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

And the distraction seems to work for a few moments. The woman is so caught up in the pain and bleeding of her own leg and Oz's ministrations that she doesn't notice the commotion occurring over yonder — that is until there's the sound of the drawing sword. She glances up and lets out a cry, then tries to lurch onto her feet and limp after the wolves and kitsune.

As soon as Ezekiel tugs the sword, the larger wolf's teeth wrap around the child's neck, fully engulfing it, and the crooning growl takes on a much more vicious edge. Its eyes remain locked on Hannah and the kitsune, and the message seems clear: put it away or there will be bloodshed. All the while, it continues to back up, heading for the park's exit.

Hannah makes an 'away' gesture at EZ with her claw, she continues to follow the other were, though if he doesn't leave the child at the park limits, she'll spring, regardless, because it's the point of no return.
Ezekiel frowns behind his mask, but this isnt his shindig. So with a moment or three worth of hesitation he snaps the blade in a flourish before sheathing it with yet more of that hollywood sound, but by now he's become intimately aware of how very useless he is right now. So he filters slowly back, letting a mixture of shadow and brush hide him. He'd play it cool for a moment at least, doubting the silver nitrate he carried would do much of anything against a wolf.

Oz reaches for the woman's shoulder, trying to keep her sitting with a light staying hand, but he's a little too slow, what with being so distracted with what's going on with the sword and the wolves and the child endangerment. So he's quickly returning to his feet as well, intending to get in front of her, keep her from rushing into battle and becoming collateral damage here, which he's hoping shouldn't be too hard seeing as he's not the one limping. "Please, you have to stay back. We'll … We'll fix this," he promises in a quiet voice, trying to sound firm and secure in that.

Adrenaline-fueled though she may be, the woman's lost blood and is no match for the non-limping, non-bleeding Oz. She doesn't get too far, clings to his shoulders, and watches in horror.

Once the larger wolf reaches the park border, its growl softens back to the mocking 'woo-ooo' and its teeth slide off the child's throat. It once again gives the little girl a lick upside the face — and then with lightning swiftness bites down into her shoulder, drops her to the ground, turns and rushes not out of the park, but down along the border. It's damn fast and moving at full-tilt on all fours.

Hannah checks to make sure the bastard didn't break the baby's skin, in as much as she can without scratching. Frustrated, she scoops the baby up and bounds back to the original point of confrontation, stopping to skirt around so she's at the woman's back. Gently laying down the baby, she backs away, yips once to get Oz's attention and indicate the baby, before she disappears, heading off into the brush toward their original meeting point before the encounter. Now that she's changed, she won't change back again until dawn, and she has a second werewolf to be concerned about.

Oz is quick to swoop back in and offer the woman support before she collapses, even as he's craning around to try and see what's going on with the baby. He doesn't even realize he's holding his breath until the baby is dropped to the ground, when he suddenly lets it out in a rush. He doesn't miss Hannah's unspoken message as she brings the baby around to them before taking off into the woods, hoping he can get the woman to stay on her feet under her own power long enough to pick up the little girl. "We should get you guys out of here," is noted, even if the threat seems to have passed for now.

The teeth did indeed break skin, as is evident by the blood swelling from the wounds. The child is deathly silent, petrified with fear, and makes no noise when she's picked up and dropped off again. The woman stays standing long enough for Oz to get the girl and lets out a joyful cry when she spots her daughter. She reaches to take her from Oz, though she's really in no condition to hold her. At the mention of getting out, she starts digging about in her pocket for her cell phone. Some shaking makes it hard to dial, but she manages to press the right buttons for 9-1-1.

The larger werewolf veers off out of the park and away, but Hannah is certainly right in being concerned for the second werewolf. They're not the only shifters about. Junayd had followed the larger specimen into the park and then lost him again, only to pick up the trail at the screams. He's been tailing the second werewolf since it made its dash to escape. The full moon is not his shift phase, so he doesn't have the extra boost of muscle and senses, but he's got weapons on his person — weapons with a distinct purpose. The second werewolf has been chased down into a clearing where it ferociously rips at the carcass of a freshly killed hare. It won't take much time to make work of it, but Junayd doesn't need long to bring the crossbow to bear and steady himself for a shot.

Hannah of course, does have the extra benefit of heightened sense and muscle. She makes short work of picking up the trail of the second wolf, one of her own, a would-be actor of some barely twenty-years by the name of Corey. Why yes, the Feldman/Haim jokes often fly, why do you ask? She doesn't even bother hesitating when she busts out of the brush and tackles him with a roar of rage. Let me remind you who the head of your pack is, sonny. She's so intent on her target that she does not sense Junayd's presence…for the moment.

Its unlikely that Junayd would hear Zeke coming, heightened senses and all its an aerial approach. A delicate roll, before all but noiselessly hitting the grass between Hannah and Junayd. Immediately he rises, his gaze fit to nearly glow from inside that mask of his. "This is your end, cat." is all he cares to say, as he prepares to no doubt snatch that crossbow bolt.

Oz doesn't hand the girl over, figuring the last thing he needs is both her and mom falling down, but he does readjust his hold delicately so that mom can be reassured the kid if okay. Or, well, as okay as can be expected, since Oz doesn't fail to notice the swelling blood that suggests the skin was broken. He'll be sure to leave the woman with a calling card for Angel Investigations and an invitation to call them should she have any questions in about a month.

Paramedics are astonishingly fast to react, but then there's not usually anyone in the park this time of night, considering it's closed. With flashing red lights and plenty of medical help for all, they're soon swarming over the woman, child, and the mutilated corpse of the man. The woman pockets Oz's card without much thought and a few grateful words. She'll be in touch, no doubt.

Corey does not pick up on the presence of others until Hannah's bursting from out of nowhere to tackle him. In the split second of surprise, he reacts as any fearful animal would: by fighting back. It doesn't even last long enough for him to get a bite in, however, because the familiar scent and sight and sound is enough to remind him who this is. Hannah's roar is accompanied by a high-pitched series of terrified cries as Corey goes on his back and offers his throat placatingly. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

And behold Junayd's luck! He's got two for the price of one, here. As he readjusts his stance to take the second werewolf into account, however, he catches a familiar scent on the wind and freezes. Goddamn it. His grip on the crossbow falters. Just kill her. She's just another one of them. But he doesn't — and this decision comes just half a second before Ezekiel drops from the sky. Junayd springs back with astounding fluidity, out of reach of the kitsune, and allows the crossbow to drop in favor of the light saif on his belt. This is drawn swiftly and brought up in a defensive posture, and the cat sneers. "I should've known she'd bring her little bodyguard," he grunts.

Hannah's jaws clamp down on her young mentee's throat - she knows his memory will be hazy, but when she tells him, it might be punishment enough. The moment of calm gives the opportunity for the scent of cat-man to waft its way to her, and in addition, fox. Her head snaps up, and she postures for Corey to STAY PUT. There's significant threat of hurt should he disobey her, and she crouches low, scrambling on all fours toward the brush where the two men are.

Ezekiel shoots foreward with a rush, a burst of speed that accompanies a now silent blur of bright steel. As he draws that sword with truly supernatural speed, it whips around in the same clean motion. That deadly sharp edge cutting through the air at Junayd's kidney, as his free hand drops down to grasp the hilt of his sidearm though for the moment this is a one sword attack.

Once the mother and baby are handed off to paramedics, the gratitude remarked with a simple nod, Oz makes quickly off in the directions the others had gone. Moving at a quick jog, he uses his own heightened senses to lead him to where he needs to go, pausing only once or twice to check the wind and course correct. Of course, when he comes sauntering out upon the current scene, it's enough to give even the stoic a moment of pause, his eyebrows going up.

Corey remains frozen to his spot, emitting high whines and whimpers and squirming about like a pup trying to assuage the anger of a parent. It's a bit ridiculous to see it in a huge hairy werewolf. When she bounds off, he rolls onto his belly and stays cowering there, even when Oz makes his appearance.

Junayd is not nearly so complacent. He leaps to the side and away from the attack, though his coat does not get away unscathed: there's a clean slice in the lapel near his stomach. He does not use the sword in defense as his getaway was clean; it remains in his hand and ready for whatever might come next. He, too, is fast and completely focused on Ezekiel.

Oh, this is riduclous. Showing what may be a surprising amount of self-awareness, the she-wolf makes a sort of raspy, exasperated snuffling sound, and gestures at the fox-man and cat-man. It's almost like a shoo-gesture, and she growls at both. You two need to back off. She whirls to face Junayd, and very deliberately moves so his view of Corey is blocked. Get the message, kitty-cat?

Ezekiel frowns hard enough to almost break his mask. This was shameful, and entirely humilating. Still, this isnt his park. So with a sigh, he gives his blade a firm snap before sheathing it for the second time tonight. "Take her mercy and leave, before I consider it a question of honor. Go home to your mistress, June bug."

Oz takes another step forward and then stops, far enough to show his support and help him figure out just what the hell happened in the two minutes he was away from this pair. But not so far as to stir things up if they're starting to calm down, is his hope anyway. Though his expression is only slightly more alert than usual, physically he's at the ready, keen gaze scanning the people and critters gathered here. The whimpering werewolf is just noted with a slight shake of his head.

Junayd, however, keeps his sword out and at the ready, the saif's blade glimmering with what could only be a light coating of silver. He takes a step to the side to turn himself just enough that he can be aware of all those present: Oz, Ezekiel, Hannah, and yes even the cowering werewolf blocked from his view. He bares his teeth in a cold grin, eyes snapping from one to the other. "I'm not going anywhere," he growls, and though it's addressed to Hannah, it appears to encompass all. "In case you missed it, that thing— " he indicates Corey's general direction with a twitch of his head "— tore someone apart back there. He's a bad dog."

Hannah can't change back once she's committed, but she'll make it abundantly clear: if Junayd wants Corey, he'll have to go through her. Considering him a moment with a visage that is shockingly calm, she suddenly lifts her head and howls, and moments later, corresponding howls answer her. The pack is coming, and Junayd will have to fight them all if he wants to get to the young ne.

Ezekiel has begun almost pouting, before neatly pulling his swords from his belt and sitting plainly on the ground. With a whole pack of wolves, its not like he has to worry about the june bug. Hannah has made it quite clear, that she doesnt want him going 'will it blend!' on anyone so theres frankly no need to get involved any further. Internal politics.

"Think she's got it covered," Oz finally speaks up in a calm and diplomatic tone, jerking his chin towards lupine Hannah in case it's not clear just who 'she' is. And since he's now more or less committed himself to be a part of this, as if there was ever any doubt, he takes another few steps forward, but slow and steady, hands clearly visible to show there's no obvious threat. But if sides are being drawn, he's clearly with the wolves, anyway.

Junayd considers his options, taking in the distance of the howls. He could try to kill not only Hannah, but Oz and Corey as well — but the kitsune has already proven loyal and fast. There's no way he could get away with a mass kill before backup arrives, and there's no way he could effectively take on numerous werewolves at once. The Israeli fixes Hannah with a cold glare, then sheaths the saif and picks up his crossbow. "Do yourselves a favor and put him down," he utters as he starts to head away. "It's what we do with dogs that attack people."

Hannah chuffs in disgust at the departing man's direction, and then carefully pads over to the man in the mask. Gently, with the back of her hand, she brushes against the mask's cheek as a way of showing her thanks - licking might be seen as either gross or an overture. As the other members of the pack arrive, Hannah then approaches Oz, leaning down and if her permits, it, presses her wolven cheek to his. That breath, guh. Those teeth, ooh scary. But the nudge is gentle, also meant to convey her thanks.

Ezekiel growls amenably, before he reaches up to give Hannah a little squeeze in return. He wasnt happy but he didnt dislike her for it, his frusteration wasnt her fault. Just was. "I never introduced myself"he offers, leaning his head back at an angle that might snap a man's neck. Peering upside down at Oz, almost as a feline might. "I am the Demon fox of Hokkaido, but if you are a friend of Hannah then you may call me by my true name. My friends, call me EZ."

Oz watches Junayd carefully as he starts to move off, not willing to take his attention from the man until he's pretty sure the threat really has passed. And then he has something else taking up his attention what with the werewolf cheek being pressed to his. Again, caution is the watchword, but he accepts the gesture, just giving a small nod to show he understands the unspoken message. And then as Ezekiel does that rather uncommon introduction of his own, the redhead just gives him a look and a nod, like Demon Foxes introduce themselves everyday. "Oz," he offers simply, along with a hand to shake.

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